Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

It has been quite some time since I updated but quite a lot has happened during this time. Things have turned up that will help me to bring the IPO to Justice and to bring one Busbridge to his just deserts. That is of course if the IPO this time do their job, which is always debatable.

Firstly on the question of the TSol and the Hobbs QC bum who showed unbelievable bias towards Busbridge and gave him free advice (not allowed). The TSol to whom I first complained about this arrogant toffee nosed QC ( most of them come from privileged backgrounds as do many barristers....that's why most of them are out of touch, and arrogant idiots) they sat on my complaint for 5/6 weeks and then told me that they were not the ones to complain to. Though of course they sent the Hobbs a copy of my complaint and gave him the opportunity to deny everything. ( why do that if they cannot deal with it?) I had to complain to the Office for Judicial Complaints. The fact that such a department exists to deal only with this subject is an indictment that the Judiciary are not doing their job properly so people are having to complain in big enough numbers to warrant such a department!!!!!!! So off went my complaint to which I got absolutely no response, so many complaining emails later they belatedly acknowledge receipt of my complaint. There it rest for God knows how long.

More importantly about two months ago I got a phone call out of the blue from none other than Martin Busbridge. He being the brother of the hugely nice liar, Robert Busbridge. They split up back in June 1992 because amongst many other reasons, Martin did not want to become embroiled in litigation for the illegal act of pinching all my I/P. (trade mark and designs of the cars) I will not go into all the other info on this split up as its already in this blog. Put simply he was now back in the UK and wished to help me obtain justice over his brother. Hurrah!!!
He could now vouch for many facts that up to now the IPO had ignored when I told them of all the perjury and fraud and forgery that Busbridge had committed. Now it wasn't only just my word (even though I had also supplied evidence).
I found out facts that I had not known about, like Martin never Even knew his brother had even applied to register my Mark, and he had done it in both their names, again without his knowledge and consent.
The fact that Robert had been talking to Chrysler and going for a sale price for the Mark of £500,000. All kept quite.
That the statement on oath that Robert made giving the last known Spanish address of Martin, was totally made up when he knew full well his real address. So even more perjury. It all goes on to much more which I am not going to list at this stage.
What this now means is that the IPO are now going to have to take all this seriously for a change.
I had already complained (see previous recent posts) about perjury made at the 2004 registration opposition hearing by Busbridge. The IPO had said that they could deal with this at the forthcoming Invalidity Hearing, which I was just about to supply my last lot of evidence, especially about the perjury.
Now things have changed completely, because I can now prove much more perjury etc and with Martin as a first hand witness. In the meantime Martin has made a separate complaint to the IPO about his brother and all the perjury and is being given the usual guff and time wasting excuses by the IPO.
So with my official complaint to the IPO CEO, they are now having to deal with things and I eventually got a reply off their CEO which in effect rejected all my complaints (usual for them)
and refused to rescind the registration got by perjury and fraud by Robert in 2004, plus throwing out the invalidity application as that used the same fraudulent evidence as the 2004 hearing. All it came down to was that the IPO would deal with all these allegations at this hearing.

I was going to do this on my own but it has now got so serious that if I cock this one up and do not forget I am up against the lying devious IPO, so they could stitch me up in my ignorance of my rights and ALL THE RELEVANT LAWS. So it became obvious that I should get some serious legal help here. How to afford it. Here I am lucky in that I have a friend who has known me throughout the last 20 odd years as so knows about what I have been up against. So they have loaned me whatever it takes. Wonderful!!

SO I now have a local I/P expert on the job who has read all the records from day one and has said he cannot understand they way the IPO have been behaving over all of the various cases. He has applied now to have three hearings rolled into one... an application made to have Busbridges registration made invalid/and application to rehear the rectification hearing made by Busbridge/ and the invalidity hearing of my registration. Only one has to fall to make all other hearings fall as they are all linked many with the same perjured evidence. So I now greatly look forward to the forthcoming months and hopefully seeing 'THE WORLDS BIGGEST LIAR'
get his just deserts, for his many acts of perjury, alone is worth a few years inside. But we will see as I have absolutely no confidence in British so called Justice. You could not get a more cynical old bastard as I am. Of course if justice is done there opens yet another bag of worms..........Can you guess what that will be???

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