Saturday, 5 October 2013

Corrupt Police & Incompetent Civil Servants

Plus Politicians. Today I read that wonders of wonders, I am not a lone Brit that thinks our country is run by total incompetents, for  two academics have written a book that some of you may want to read. Its is by a Anthony King & Ivor Crewe and is called "The Blunders of our Governments".
Apparently it lays bare the long list of ways our useless Pollies have and are wasting Billions of taxpayers money on a variety of ways. I have long been aware that this happens and here are official examples of where I am right, as it were. I have been saying for decades that not one government department is fit for purpose and if this is so this is the reason, along with our useless self serving Pollies, that we have to suffer this. If this country were a business it would have gone into liquidation long ago. Plus all our Pollies would have been barred from being able to practice.
The book also makes it plain that the UK isn't the only country that suffers from this malady, but we happen to be among the worst. So if you want to make yourself even more depressed then I guess this book is their way to do it.
On Thursday I had a meeting with my lawyer about my forthcoming Court appearance charged with the crime of the century, namely scratching someones car. Like me he thinks that the evidence put forward by the Police is a shambles of contradictions and ludicrous assertions. None of which comes up to the high requirements to obtain a conviction in criminal cases. IE: the evidence has to be so strong so as to be without doubt. On top of this he says that the whole court system is a shambles these days and because of that he has heard nothing from the CPS or Police re their evidence, except the shambolic collection of statements already put forward.
This backs up my assertion that this is an exercise by the Police just to stick it to me because I write nasty things about them on this blog.After all it costs them nothing to do this and they will think that it will give me a certain amount of aggro. How the CPS could sanction this weak and shambolic case only makes me believe my assertion that this is only to help their buddies the Police make things hot for me. This especially so when it is being complained that the Police these days are refusing to actually charge crims for serious cases and only cautioning them, so as to save time and money etc, etc and not fill our prisons even more with the scum of the country. Why do that when they can let them run riot out there in the Public, just like the nutters they let out so they can go on and kill again !!!So we will see.   

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