Sunday, 6 December 2020


 Despite the long silence since my last post I am still here and Covid hasn't yet got me, which is what no doubt, all those I am fighting in the British Establishment are hoping will see me off and out of their hair.

As the Establishment has been set on denying me justice as chronicled in this blog I have had to look at other ways to get people interested to help me get justice, like certain politicians (hopefully ones that have some honesty in them), well known people who spout on about how they dislike our politicians and injustices etc that they see happening. Journalists as well, but everyone of them have ignored all my letters to them. 

Of course British newspapers have in the past been avenues one could go to over injustices and certain TV investigative programmes like Dispatches and Panorama. Over the past few years I have approached all the newspapers and everyone else I can think of, including law firms who say they specialise in peoples 'Human Rights'. EVERYONE OF THEM HAVE IGNORED MY LETTERS!! Those law firms are only interested in stealing tax payers money thro' Legal Aid to aid ' Terrorists' - 'Illegal immigrants trying to get into the UK'- 'Immigrants who are here legally or illegally and who commit terrible crimes and we are trying to kick out'. WE ANGLO-SAXON WHITE BRITS -THEY DON'T WANT TO KNOW US-BASTARDS. (But then they are just of the same mold as Hobbs QC is in. On him, isn't it a good pointer as to what he is about, in that since I started this blog in 2008 and have slated him and called him a criminal etc, he has never gone after me for libel- because he knows if he got me into a court of law I could show it what he did. For he hasn't a leg to stand on-it's all there in black and white)

 So needless to say I have got nowhere and this is the same for many Brits who are subjected to the  illegal treatments heaped upon them by the State. For to fight the State, you need to have boundless amounts of money as they have a bottomless pit of taxpayers money to fight you. However we Brits should be able to rely on our newspapers to expose the worst cases of corruption and unlawfulness by our government and its various bodies INCLUDING AS IN MY CASE THE BRITISH JUSTICE SYSTEM ITSELF !!!  AND LET US NOT FORGET I AM A VICTIM OF THAT SYSTEM AND AM NOT SOMEONE WHO HAS COMMITTED ANY CRIME.

So over the past few years I have written to EVERY National newspaper to try to get them to expose the perversion of justice committed by Barrister Hobbs QC at that fateful hearing I was kept away from back in 2006. Then all the covering up of that criminal offence by the whole of the British Justice system and including politicians-right to the very top....IE our Prime Ministers May and Johnson and lately the very Justice Minister himself- one Robert Buckland QC MP - NOT ONE OF THEM EVEN ACKNOWLEDGED ANY OF MY LETTERS !! Then I read an article by a fairly well known journalist/author in the Daily Telegraph that showed he just may not like our politicians of today anymore than do. It turned out he also worked for the Daily Mail (which is now nothing more than a shade of what it used to be and is now just another redtop RAG!) I managed to get a short message to him via Facebook and strangely he replied and told me to send in a brief run down on what the story was about. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE I THOUGHT AND MY HOPES WERE FALSELY RAISED.

For when I did that to his DM email address that he gave me, but then I thought that he was bound to confer with his Editor and so it was obvious it would go nowhere. Indeed that was the outcome and he made feeble excuses to not take it further. NOW I KNEW BEFOREHAND THAT THE DM ARE RAGING SYCOPHANTIC LOT, WHEN IT COMES TO THE TORY PARTY AND EVEN GIVES IT MONEY. Hence why all my previous letters to its Editor and various journo's it has,I  never even got one acknowledged.!!!!! TALK ABOUT THE BRITISH PRESS BEING FREE AND INDEPENDENT-BULLSHIT!!

Now isn't this a great state of affairs that in this country non of the newpapers will expose stories like mine that show how CORRUPT our rulers are and even our Justice System is. If like me you read all the press and TV news you will see how our rulers and Establishment constantly inflict horrendous injustices on its citizens. And those citizens simply cannot get justice. Recent examples are the case of the bike rider who got killed by a Yank woman who claimed diplomatic immunity. Plus the case of the couple whose baby was killed in a hospital shortly after birth by sheer incompetence which was as usual covered up. They are but two examples, but there are thousands more and too many to go into here and they almost in every case, get away with it.

 I have said it before, I cannot see a great deal of difference living in this alleged 'Sceptered Isle' to living in Russia and under the yoke of Communist Rule. There they openly do their citizens in and here it is all done slyly and underhanded WITH A LARGELY SYCOPHANTIC PRESS.They are more sophisticated if you like or as the French would say, we are 'perfidious'.  (As in Perfidious Albion)  Indeed that is what our rulers are, as they fill there pockets with our money and keep us under the 'Jackboot of their Rule' while they live the luxurious life at our expense.  


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