Thursday, 25 March 2021


Reading today in the newspapers about the five fishermen who were stiched up for crimes anyone with more than two brain cells could see could not have been committed by them. From day one I have thought they could not have been guilty of importing a huge amount of drugs and that all of the alleged evidence against them was highly circumstantial.

For a start the organisation required to set it all up would have meant that there would have been evidence of them being in a gang and having the time and money to set it up. Not a shred of evidence that was the case was ever shown. They were well known fishermen and anyone with knowledge of boats and navigation of same and sailing in the waters of the south of the Isle of Wight as I have, would see it was all made up by the police and CPS and what this is all about is similar to what I suffered from our justice system. In other words the system needed to stitch someone up and they were handy to do that to. The so called evidence was organised to fit what happened and apply to this unfortunate crew who happened to be in the vacinity of the drop off of the drugs found floating in containers, presumably waiting to be picked up by a gang.

Today they lost an appeal against their long convictions and their defence lawyers bitterly complained about that appeal, that ignored radar evidence that they could not have have been close enough to the container ship that allegedly dropped it off, to be picked up. (The defendents never went anywhere near the floating drugs and no drugs or evidence of involvement was ever found on their trawler or homes) They also complained that the prosecution withheld evidence that would have helped the men to be exonerated. This is all par for the course in British trials and has happened to me in a minor case when some woman who wanted to sell her car and get it tarted up, accussed me of scratching it and that enabled her to get it resprayed. When I bitterly complained to the CPS, the way they treated my complaints and the way was I was treated and dealt with was on a par with this case.

 My point is that our justice system and all in it are corrupt as hell and will do ANYTHING to hide the real facts and thus get away with their corrupt and criminal behaviour. THEY SIMPLY WILL NEVER ADMIT TO ANY FAILINGS. A lot of which are also down to their staggering incompetence. Their lawyers did not hold back on their scathing remarks about our Judges and the CPS and the whole UK Justice system including the appeals system was refreshing to hear and mirrored exactly what I have long thought and said and can be seen in this blog. 

They also point out that justice in the UK can only be BOUGHT by rich people which also applied to me. You can see over the years many other examples of all this in all the cases where other poor unfortunates have suffered at the hands of our corrupt legal entities and system. HOW NICE IT IS TO HAVE TO LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE THIS HAPPENS WITH SICKENING REGULARITY AND KNOWING IT WILL NEVER END, AS OUR RULING CLASSES HAVE IT ALL STITCHED UP LIKE A KIPPER.    


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