Monday, 19 April 2021


Well this latest example of just how corrupt our politicians are can be seen throughout this blog I started 13 years ago and is corroborated by the documentary evidence I have supplie in it. Yet while our press media have constantly ignored my pleas to expose my case, they are happy to bleat on now about Cameron and all that, as if they have just realised how all of Westminster is as corrupt as hell. Not only Westminster but also the whole of our civil service AND our so called Justice System are riddled with corruption.

I wrote to Cameron when he was PM and gave him details of what his government was allowing to be heaped upon me  AND WHAT DID HE DO??.....TOTALLY IGNORED MY LETTER. ......TO BUSY  LINING UP DEALS TO FILL HIS POCKETS AND HE'S STILL AT IT. BORIS IS NO BETTER EITHER.

The sickening thing is, is that so many thousands of poor Brits are ignored by our overpaid and useless Politicians. When we go to them over us being walked all over by the Establishment and having our lives ruined by corrupt and incompetent politicians and government and not forgeting our justice system that is absolutely broken as well as self serving and corrupt and ignores we who fund it.

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