Saturday, 28 May 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

Whilst what I am about to say has nothing directly to do with this story contained throughout this blog, it does indirectly. I am talking about the 'orrible copper that behaved as all thick yobbo coppers do throughout the UK but particularly in the Met. This is the yobcop that pushed over the newspaper seller in London last year.
I am estatic that he is going to have to face a trial over this. Will he ever get a sentence?.....I am not convinced he will.
History tells us that coppers, no matter who they kill or in what circumstances, they always get away with it. He behaved with the same mindset as the execrable coppers at Camden Police Station over my reporting Busbridge for 200 counts of perjury and five counts of forgery. You all know how they behaved as it's all in this blog with supporting documentary evidence. You will also know that I reported the bastards to the IPCC. Now here is the knub of my comments. In my case predictably the IPCC performed as expected and found these cops whiter than white as they always do. Now my complaint did not accuse the Bastards of murder or manslaughter, yet in the case of the newspaper seller, the IPCC again acted to form and initially when they investigated the death, they also found no faults with the actions of that copper.
Yet due to Public and Media pressure, they have had to climb down, but it remains clear that this organisation are "not fit for the purpose" yet again! It is clear that if they cannot even act properly in blatant cases of manslaughter, how will they behave with what could be called "lesser cases" like mine?
In other words people like me stand no chance of all at getting them to act and facilitate me getting justice, in any which way.
Isn't the way members of the British Public get treated by "our masters" the Establishment, fill your hearts with joy and warmth? They are all BASTARDS and over paid ones at that, with our money, just so they can continually kick us in the teeth.

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