Monday, 2 March 2020


Anyone reading this blog especially if the whole blog has been read, will have seen that it is 'civil servants' that I have attacked amongst others. I have opined on a number of ocassions that there isn't a government department that is  'FIT FOR PURPOSE'.

This isn't just me saying that, newspapers for years have been reporting on one department after another, that is a nightmare. So this kerfuffle that's just kicked off with Priti Patel is symptomatic of what any Minister of any department is up against, with these loathsome civil servants who want to run this country their way even tho' no one has voted them into their jobs. Problem is,  that Ministers who are supposed to run these various departments have become weak and the civil servants within have become ever more bolshy and unruly to the point that now they are ungovernable.

Ms Patel is obviously a politician who is organised, knows what is needed to be done and will not brook any nonsense from these bolshy servants of the people? and expects them to do exactly what she orders them to do. If they don't, they get a dressing down. I ran my companies in the same way....but unlike civil servants, my workers knew that in the end, if they behaved like these useless entities who are rebelling now, they would eventually get the sack-after warnings. It's a pity that there aren't more Ministers like her.

All the problems I have faced from these utter bastards who seem to not only be unsackable, but as a
member of the Public, 'IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET JUSTICE AGAINST' You will see in this blog how they behaved and lied wholesale, cheating, obfuscating, denying everything and making it absolutely impossible to get anywhere. Even the politicians also deny you any justice as they are hopelessly weak to stand up against those they are supposed to be in control of. Add to this, is of course the fact that now most of our politicians are only in politics to serve themselves, instead of the people of the UK. So standing up against civil servants presents to them too much of a hassle to bother.

This makes it an even bigger problem for any MP who is like Ms Patel and is willing to battle those not doing their job, for as she is in the minority, she will come across as not normal and therefore they think they can slag her off in the way they have and to try to get rid of her. So I hope that Boris will back her to the hilt as the Home Office has been for far to long, able to do as it likes and is also answerable to no one. That could easily be seen when that hopeless case, one Mrs May, was never ever in charge and look at the mayhem that transpired, especially with immigration which became a joke and still is.

So good luck to her and I hope she fights them all off, with the backing of Boris. 

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