Monday, 31 May 2021


 Anyone who saw him speaking if only on various news programmes and also saw all the lies and personal abuse he got from all the politicians and pro government hacks and if having more than two brains cells, you would see just how corrupt it all is. The politicians, the civil servants, the pro gov media and all the deranged people who for some unknown reason just decided to hate Cummings.

Of course many belonged to the hordes of 'The Establishment Jills & Johnnies'. They viewed in Cummings, that he was just a working class usurper trying to muscle into their cosy protected lives. Trying to wreck things for them by exposing their uselessness, their hopeless incompetence and so on. They couldn't see that he had more brains and common sense than any of them, so they set out to wreck his life by any and all means.

He was wise to realise this and get the hell out of it all and I don't blame him one bit for doing that. Pity that while he was alongside the prats of the government and Cabinet, he did not make sure he secretly recorded and where possible videoed all the nosnsense that was going on around him. For that would have shut them all up in the aftermath and would have proved beyond doubt that what he told us was absolutely the truth. 

They of course tried to blacken him by constantly referring to his mistake of going to his parents place, but that was all they could dredge up. In doing so they completely ignored all the MP's who also broke Covid rules and the many in the Public who did as well. It was convenient for them to make it look like he was the ONLY one in the whole of the UK who committed this henious crime, which I would have done, had I been in his place and under the same strains as he was.

I sincerely hope he has more damning revelations he can come up with, in the future. Plus writing a comprehensive book of what he saw and heard whilst in government with if possible, documentary evidence. He should help to bring down Boris for he is truly the epitomy of the scourge we have to suffer in the UK-OF THE STRANGLEHOLD WE SEE,THAT THE POSH EX PUBLIC SCHOOL PRATS THAT INFECT ALL AREAS OF THE GOVERNANCE OF THE UK HAVE ON US. NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY ARE ALSO SEEN HOLDING MOST 0F ALL HIGH OFFICE POSITIONS IN ALL BIG BRITISH COMPANIES. PLUS OF COURSE IN ALL OF OUR FORCES HIERARCHY.

I have seen this lot take my once great country down a never ending spiral dowwards to becoming a country run by idiots that have ruined almost everything that made it once great. Ruined our once great industries (that can be proved by just seeing how Germany who are a organised country and who quickly rebuilt up their industry from the ashes of WW2, to now be way ahead of us). Ruined our education systems, allowed our infrastructure to wither, along with our Armed Forces to the point that Russia or China could just walk into our country with the minimum of opposition. So we now have a population mostly uneducated and too stupid and apathetic to see all this, thus allowing it to go on. Their stupidity has been aided by the onset of the internet as this enabled others to infect young brains with nonsense. This latest spat with Cummings etc only shows those of us who have the brains and foresight to be able to see how hopeless it all now is.

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