Friday, 14 May 2021


 I came across this website recently and saw that at least one person has the guts and capacity to take on the ESTABLISHMENT and all their corruption, illegalities and criminal actions, plus how they get away with it. Much of what you will see exposed on the that site, by reading the various stories of other peoples experiences of being stitched and stuffed up by our thoroughly corrupt governments (Tory & Labour),plus civil servants and our hopelessly useless and corrupt justice system, can also be seen in this blog. For what they did to me in all the various ways they employed, you will see they employed exactly the same practices against all the subjects exposed in the various stories on this site.

However the question is WILL SUCH STORIES EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE?? For I came to the inescapable conclusion some years ago that the only way we the peasants (this is what these bastards think we all are) can ever do away with all those who choose to enter into all avenues of governence in order to live a soft cushy life filling their pockets with our cash, is to govern our country in a different way to how it is now. But after a life time of observing the British Public is that too many are hopelessly apathetic and lazy, to rise up against it all and force a change.

We are constantly bombarded by the Establishment that we should be proud to live in a DEMOCRACY, and that the UK is the cleanest and oldest DEMOCRACY in the World. If you believe any of that utter guff .........YOU ARE HOPELESSLY DELUDED AND NO DOUBT BRAINWASHED !! What we members of the 'British Peasantry' have to live in is absolutely not true democracy, for we are helpless to change anything for if we rage on at the bastards as I and others do, we get nowhere. For they have such a hold on us that they are impregnable. The BASTARDS know, as they have done against me and those highlighted in the stories seen on 'Intelligence UK' that they have such a hold on how this country is run, that they can do exactly what they like. Ignore our protestations at will for what can we do?? Even those who do have money-enough to take their cases to a court, can still get nowhere for the Judges  and the whole of our justice system is also hopelessly corrupt. 

The way I see it there is only one way any country can ever be governed cleanly and mostly corruption free, is to have a system that is run by the PUBLIC. That party politics is done away with and Parliament is made up of MP's that we can still elect to do OUR bidding. One can see that the system that is employed in Switzerland where I lived for a while, has a system partly along these lines and I can tell you that country is governed far better than we are-hence why it is the richest and cleanest country in the World. In other words MP's would have to go to the Public and ask what WE WANT DOING AND HOW!! by way of many referendums. It would be possible to design such system and if done it would do away with party political politicians as they are now, afraid to carry out actions for fear of offending their followers and them losing votes from them. Anyone protesting about actions taken in any area of governence could then be told that 'the people have spoken and this is what they want done'....end of story.....of course that will never happend as it would take away from th so called ruling classes as of now, the ability to go on shamelessly lining their pockets a la Cameron et al.

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