Thursday, 14 September 2017

Corrupt Police & Incompetent Justice System Again

Once more the sheer incompetence of the Justice and Prisons Systems, shows how useless they are. Again we hear how people have been given sentences and quite often small ones, so obviously the crime was not a huge one, then the prisoner ends up still in jail decades later. This time a story about a bloke who was in his early 20's who had mental problems and got 10 MONTHS jail for something-they don't say, but probably he'd been better off in some sort of mental health place being sorted out.

Now 10 years on he's still there and there are hundreds in prison like him who should not be there and THEY ARE CLOGGING THE PRISONS UP AND GOING MADDER BY THE DAY THEY ARE THERE. WHO WOULDN'T BE I ASK. I think if I were in their situation I would be going beserk at the injustice and going off my head. This has been going on for years now and NOTHING IS DONE.....INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS AS WELL.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Corrupt Police & Useless Justice System-Again

Yet another pearl of an example of our broken Justice system and utterly useless Judges re sentencing.

I gave some examples lately of where lame tossers on the Bench are failing and protecting us from career criminals. Now an even more astonishing example seen this week. A woman who made a career of nicking stuff from gym lockers and in hotels. She has been done for 218 acts of theft yet on her latest some soft twat of a Judge let her off. (maybe she promised him something?) Now 218 no less is only what she got caught for.

Is it because being a woman a male Judge is soft on her. For I have seen time and again this going on wher women get lower sentences or no sentence at all. Women who are married to career criminals obvioulsy they know what their husbands/partners are up to and benefit from tehir criminality. Yet when they appear in court on some collective charge they either get let off or a very much lower sentence. Oh to be a woman and they complain about how hard done by, they are. I've always thought women lead charmed lives in comparison to men.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Corrupt Police & NHS Incompetence

Good Programme by Panorama on the box last night highlighting that the NHS are still a bumbling mess of incompetents. It concerned how they regularly fail to see patients are getting sepsis which is a new fancy name for BLOOD POISONING. Of course Doctors these days seem utterly incapable of diagnosing anything. Their incompetence these days knows no bounds and I constantly fear ever having to have to be in their hands.

The programme dealt with several cases where patients had died who would have lived had it been diagnosed immediately. It all reminded me when in 1990 I accidentally pierced my hand with a needle which obviously had dirt on it. A small wound which quite quickly looked as if things were not quite right. So I went to my local Docs and saw him telling him I was concerned. (this at a time whem you could actually get in and see your doctor pronto) Being an engineer I was always getting wounds and knew when one was looking as if it were becoming infected. I knew one had to keep an close eye on them to avoid blood poisoning

He looked at it and told me to get my backside down to Poole Hospital right away which I did. I was put into a single bed room and hooked up to a constant flow of anti-biotics. I stayed there for days on this until they decided emergency was over and unhooked the supply. Seems that today they are largely incapable of acting like this let alone recognising sepsis is likely to be kicking off. So people either end up losing limbs and other parts of their body or die and quite quickly too.

I find that in these days, this is outrageous that such a simple thing is beyond the whit of any Doctor to know about and look for in any patient who may contract it. IE anyone who's just had an operation
or anyone who has had any part of their body damaged and wounded.  BUT THAT IS THE NHS FOR YOU THESE DAYS.....the list of their incompetence is endless and they have the nerve to boast that it is the best health service in the World!! Bullshit and tell that to the umpteen thousands of relatives that have lost loved ones through their utter incompetence

What really riles me is when you hear their Managers when confronted with questions about a specific deaths, they and their Trusts apologise which seems to be the norm these days whenever civil servants are confronted with their incompetence. They seem to think that by apologising that will make everything OK with all those who have been affected. If I were in the position where I was being apologised to, I'd be telling them to stick their apology where the sun doesn't shine and sideways too. The thing is I've never heard any of the people being apologised to, losing their temper and telling them where to go. They just stand there and take it all and make no comment and this is one of the big problems with a lot of British people is that they are too meek and mild and do not rage at all to the useless gits, who heap all the problems upon us with the sheer incompetence. That makes it difficult for Brits like myself who do that for we are looked upon as trouble makers etc and who don't know their place! We should take it as a fact of life and keep quiet.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Corrupt Police & too busy-Again

Another crap story about how our wonderboys again show they are a waste of space and they leave we in the population of this illustrious country, bereft of any protection from CRIMS. Again and again we are seeing stories of how they now either point blank refuse to come out when crimes are EVEN IN PROGRESS!!

Today it is a story of an unfortunate businessman who ran a garden furniture business. Over the weekend when he was obviously not there, two crims broke in and stole 26K of furniture and on the Monday his excellent CCTV showed the two and their getaway van. You could see the van number plate and their faces nice and clear. Wonderful you would think and those two would be charged and some of the spoils recovered in quick order when he sent it all to his local waste of spaces.


It is now at the stage where it is utterly useless to expect your local Police to do anything about crime committed against you......YET IF YOU DARE TO TAKE ACTION YOURSELF THEY CANNOT ARREST YOU QUICK ENOUGH AND THROW THE BOOK AT YOU. Also today the story which shows yet another failing of theirs when a lady living in a small block of flats when watering her flower basket inadvertently splashed water and a bit of soil onto a parked car underneath. What did our heroes in Hi-Viz do? IMMEDIATELY SENT ROUND TWO PLASTIC PLODS TO REMONSTRATE WITH HER. I WOULD HAVE REFUSED TO EVEN TALK TO THEM AS IT WAS NOT A CRIMINAL ACT. TO BE SO IT WOULD HAVE TO HAVE BEEN DONE DELIBERATELY AND TO HAVE ACTUALLY DAMAGED THE PAINTWORK.!!!!!!!! What oafs and similarly as I pointed out a few posts back at other incidents the SWAMP THE DAMN PLACE WITH SO MANY OF THEM AND THEY ALL THEN HANG AROUND WITH NOWT TO DO.
Yet when it suits them....'Oh we are too busy and your prob isn't worth the effort'

LIKE I'VE SAID BEFORE WE SHOULD SACK A LOT OF THE TOP BRASS- clean up the oafs in the ranks including all the Fatties and a lot of the diminutive women who are hopeless....and start again with upper ranks that instill discipline and good practices. They could also start with the terrible uniforms they mostly seem to wear that makes them look like Fred Karno's Army. Certainly not Police who you could look up to and have faith in.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Corrupt Police Investigating Heath Again

Well I have commented before on this useless ex Prime Minister who did back in the 70's a totally shit job on running our country, but here goes again. For it is reported that the Fuzz are having another go at sticking it on him after having failed before. Wonder what has prompted this further effort and really will they be any better seeing as they totally fucked up on the investigations on Bramhall and Brittan, both of whom who I commented on recently.

I positively disliked Heath as he was an unmitigated Nancy Boy and a Kiddy Fiddler of reknown. Around Fordingbridge where he had a house it was well known what he got up and that it was pushed under the carpet. Another case of our Establishment Johnnies protecting their own. So now the Police are having another go.

What gets me about the British Establishment is just how many Willy Wooftas and Kiddy Fiddlers they throw up. Its almost as if ALL males in that lot come under those headings and it probably starts in their private schools they all go to who seem not only to teach boys academic studies but how to become first class sex perverts. The country has long been awash with never ending exposures of their depraved behaviour. I often wonder if in other civilised countries they are awash with these loathsome creatures as we are, who always seem to gang together and to promote each other into high office?

So I await with baited breath to see if they get anything to stick to him this time. For he made a good job of messing up Gt Britain PLC in the 70's and always giving us his ghastly grinning mugshots on TV.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Corrupt Police & rotten justice system Pt 3

When I related yesterday to you, about how two top Establishment figures who had been fingered by our illustrious out of control and thoroughly corrupt Met Police for having allegedly been purves, I forgot there was a third victim of this sordid saga. His name is Harvey Proctor even though I've never been a fan of him what he's had to endure is worse than the other two.

For they seem to not have had to endured as much as poor Harvey, like losing their jobs as both were long retired and very well off etc, However Harvey not being rich, apparently had to still be working. So he's lost his job, and his house and is penniless......well join the club old boy.....I know all about that feeling, but no one on TV ever let me go on some news programme to bemoan what's happened to me, as they did last night on TV News. Poor lad was almost crying at his predicament and apparently must have enough money hidden somewhere, for he said he was instructing 'His Lawyer'-to start suing the Met.

Well good on him and I hope he stuffs them well and truly. But my point is that people like me cannot go to any lawyer and get our justice over very similar injustices.....also no one gives stuff about us. Yet him, once part of the Establishment and in Maggies government as I think a Minister etc, apparently even tho' you say he's penniless, can afford a lawyer. Or maybe you are going to draw on all your 'friends' who will pay your bill and wait to get it back after you get awarded a packet??

While I'm on about our positively crap Justice system and all in it, yet another unbelievable story about yet another 'on a different planet' Judge. Another story about where a poshknob Judge lets off
a woman who beat up her little girl giving her wounds on her face and a black and bloody eye. (How any Mother can do that, is beyond me) What does this git of an idiot Judge do????? Lets her off jail by saying 'well the wounds will heal-wont they?' Why don't we have a system where there is an independent body made up of people from all walks of life, who can look at ALL sentencing in ALL cases, and deal severely with oaf Judges like this. Or at the very least, deal with reported cases like this that well meaning observers can report to them?? Then we will over time get rid of all these utter burks and eventually the penny will drop with all Judges to get their act together and they will then give out 'proper' sentences we can all agree with. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Corrupt Police & No Justice at Rotherham

The corruption and covering up knows no bounds in the whole of the UK. Hence why this blog says what it says in its heading about civil servants. CIVIL SERVANTS IN THIS COUNTRY, ABSOLUTELY HATE BEING EXPOSED AS INCOMPETENT AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO HIDE THEIR INCOMPETENTCY.

Hence why after this recent report that was made on children's abuse scandal in Rotherham when Pakistani Muslim men abused underage children, has resulted in NOT ONE COUNCIL OFFICIAL
So once again another example of what they will do and readers of this blog will have seen how for many years I have tried every possible avenue to get justice over civil servants who deliberately set out to ruin me and my business. How every other civil servant that I had to go to to try and get justice and action, only covered up for their cronies. So what we see at Rotherham is just another example of this endemic corruption in all avenues of governance in the UK.....HOW CAN WE EVER STAMP THIS OUT........I FEAR IT IS IMPOSSIBLE UNDER THE WAY WE ARE GOVERNED.

Think about how we are governed in what these detestable members of our Establishment describe as being DEMOCRACY!!!!! DREAM ON I SAY, FOR IT IS NEVER A DEMOCRACY, as we will only be able to call it true democracy if we the people are able to call the shots and what we have now puts all power into the hands of our MP's.

Our system was started way back in the 1700's and maybe a bit before that and that was by the then ruling classes. They wanted all the power in their hands and out of the hands of the then peasants. It may well then have been the best way as the peasants were juts that...uneducated peasants unable to
run a country. In the times going on from then all that has changed to where now the power still is in the hands of the Establishment AND THEY WANT TO KEEP IT THAT WAY. The only way we can have true democracy now is to scrap out Parliamentary system we have now and start a system similar to that in Switzerland where I have lived and been in biz. We make ALL the big decisions via Referendums and done in a way that we do not have to suffer what the Establishment is trying to do to the recent one we have just voted on.....and that is to scupper it. And the Rotherham Council civil servants scupper Justice by making sure no one ever gets what they deserve for their corruption and incompetence. Couldn't happen if WE were in charge and not the Establishment Johnnies.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Corrupt Police & more broken Justice System

If my last post wasn't enough to make you mad, here's some more examples in todays news.

Apparently someone has done research on how many crims are actually geting jail for the crimes they committed. Here is the BAD NEWS:-
One prolific crim who had 77 convictions which included 45 burglaries on his latest did NOT GET JAIL!!
Another charming peice of excrement with 191 anti-social orders against hi,m broke his last order and STILL DID NOT GET JAIL !!
Yet another waste of space who has been caught for 26 joyriding offences and yet another - STILL NO JAIL. And they are only what he got caught for!
One individual who must be only a starter as he only had 6 burglaries against him (no doubt many he got away with we didn't know about) Did not get jail.
There was said to be a long list list of such like examples, but I lost the will to live and record them all, but you get my drift.

My point once again is that we have Politicians that are so weak, that they stand by and let this happen with monotonous regularity and do nothing against WEAK JUDGES. Then there are all those weak Judges who I have commented on before and as you will have seen in my posts recently, JUDGES are beyond the law and are ALL A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES.......SO WHO IS ABLE TO  SORT THEM OUT???? And boy do they need sorting, for they are utterly useless and weak on doling out the right levels of jail terms that fit the crimes and ESPECIALLY THOSE SERIAL OFFENDING CRIMS WHO MUST BE LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF AT US ALL AS THEY COLLECT THEIR DOLE AND OTHER SOFT PAYMENTS THEY GET FROM UK SOFTY TAXPAYERS.

Corrupt Police & Useless Justice System

Another horror story about how absolutely broken our so called justice system is. You could not believe this story let alone make it up. A couple who owned a small farm had a cottage on it in which they lived, obviously had that place for many years. Running past that cottage was a unmade narrow lane leading to nowhere much it appears but maybe into the surrounding countryside.

Then and get this; 58 YEARS AGO their local council classed this track as a 'Public Path' then the Ordnance Survey people on that, put it as such on their maps. So from then on they had to suffer endless folk tramping past their cottage and windows....much intrusion into their home spaceand privacy. Not wishing to put up with that they start complaining to the council about it. The article does not explain why for 58 years they got nowhere or what the reasons were that the council would or could not just admit the mistake and it get it rectified.

So this very rural type couple who did not have the werewithall to actually fight this themselves and obviously did not have the money to take on lawyers to do it for them, thankfully found a local woman who seemingly had the nouse to be able to fight on their behalf FOR 58 YEARS ...........
for Gods sake..... had they used lawyers how much would that have cost?? This angel of a woman stuck with it and now in no less than the HIGH COURT, a Judge found in  their favour and now the maps will no longer give trampers the rights to be on it at all. (Couple now departed of course but maybe they are clapping in their graves !) Hurrah you may say but the facts are that, why should such a simple problem take this humongous amount of time and what were the reasons for it taking so long?

I think that Judge should have castigated all those who made it so and in no uncertain terms. Apparently not a peep out of him on that. What a barmy place we live in and THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF HOW WE BRIT PEASANTS ARE PUT UPON BY A BROKEN JUSTICE SYSTEM AND COUNCILS THAT FRANKLY ARE THE PITS FULL OF LITTLE HITLERS WHO OBVIOUSLY LOVE KICKING THE PEASANTS OVER ANYTHING THEY CAN THINK OF. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Corrupt Police & our Gold plated Establishment

God how I hate the way this country is structured and the way the Establishment over centuries have got this country in its tight grip. Making sure they get the best of everything. They get richer by the day while we peasants get poorer and they know its so set up that we cannot do anything about it --except have a revolution. But even there they know the peasants are so brainwashed into accepting their lot and lazy to boot, so that nothing will ever change as they are too lazy to raise the strength to get up off their sofa and set of a revolution. But then what would we end up with anyway-Chaiman
Corbyn and his rabble? So frustrating

Yesterday we saw in the media just how this works. Two poshboys, Lord Bramhall and Leon Brittan were awarded a £100,000 each by the Met Police (Yes those wonderful boys in Hi-Viz who are utterly corrupt and useless) because they had accused those two poor lads of being sex perverts in the past. Whether they were or not is not what gets me, it' how they get treated differently that we peasants. To illustrate this I give you this example:-

7 years ago the Met in the way they always do, arrested a black lad. For what reason I don't know and that does not really matter. What does matter is that lad like so many before him, ended up DEAD! (and it appears that in that report there were other men also killed and so part of that investigation and all their relatives have also had to wait many years only to still have no closure)  His parents had to go through all those years fighting to get justice......and don't I know how all that works in this shit country of ours. They will have got endless lies, obfuscations, brick walls and absolutely every obstacle put in their way. All that to deny any wrong doing and in the hope they will just give up and go away! Of course with many it just strengthens their resolve to fight on...and good on those that do.

Now here is the worst of it all. Of course they went to that shite mob, now run by another craven and useless person....a woman. (Some like me thought she would be better and actually sort that shower out, but no...she's even worse) A report on this case and others like it has been made out, taking all this time and it is going to be gone over by another shower, but the IPCC has decided that it will BE IN SECRET. Now isn't that just typical, for no doubt it will show and highlight all the criminal actions by the Met and its goons AND WE DON'T WANT ALL THAT OUT IN THE PUBLIC...DO WE? For if it was the peasants might revolt. And the worse thing is, is no one will lift a finger to stop that happening...where is Saint Teresa in all this....I ask? For she was Home Secretary when it happened I believe.

Is this family going to get £100,000 without even asking ? No way and in fact they should get a lot more than  that seeing as they have lost a son, who from what I can see was a clean living boy. So they poshnobs get loads of dosh as a matter of course and the peasant get nowt except decades of getting their heads done in with it all.


I got arrested corruptly....TWICE by my rotten mob...the Dorset Police, when they attempted to stitch me up for stuff I never did. First time in 2000 was as corrupt as you can get, for it was all kicked off by an ex Met cop who used his influence to start it when he went to the Met to get them to arrest me for forgery. He claimed on behalf of my ex London business agent AS HE WAS WORKING FOR HIM, that I had forged our agency agreement. (all in this blog if you look it up and why anyone would need to forge such a document is beyond me, as it was common knowledge and in the media that he was my agent) The IPO obviously had a hand in it too as they too wanted me out of the way and this was VERY convenient for them and they no doubt would have stuck the boot in when the police would have interviewed them, as the alleged crime was done in one of their rotten tribunals held in London. Now I was put to over a years stress and a possible 3-4 year clink if I lost. Hence why it nearly killed me when I had a massive heart attack soon after. A good barrister saw them off in quick order, but did the Met pay me £100,000 for criminally accusing me of it all.....NOT ON YOUR LIFE, FOR I AM BUT A PEASANT AND WE DON'T GET ANYTHING EXCEPT CONSTANTLY BEING GIVEN A GOOD KICKING WHENEVER THEY FEEL THE NEED FOR IT.