Thursday, 5 June 2008

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Fighting Actions of Corrupt Dorset Police

72 Proof of how corrupt judges get clean away with their corruption/incompetent actions
71 Shocking 62% rise in police officers being investigated for corruption
70 Have the men in blue crossed the line? The Telegraph
69 Fight for Justice - Letters to and from MPs
68 Fight for Justice - Try to get Attn Gen to investigate 2
67 Fight for Justice - Try to get the ICO to uncover evidence
66 Fight for Justice - Try to get Attn Gen to investigate 1
65 Fight for Justice - Giving the IPCC an earful
64 Fight for Justice - Complaint re Chope MP
63 Fight to get Justice - Attorney General latest letter
62 Fight to get Justice - Proof
61 Fight to get Justice - Parliamentary Ombusman
60 Fight to get Justice - IPCC
59 Fight to get Justice - ICO Complaints re Parliamentary Ombusman
58 Fight to get Justice - ICO Complaints re Met
57 Fight to get Justice - ICO Complaints re IPO
56 Fight to get Justice - ICO Complaints re DPS
55 Fight to get Justice - CPS/Home Office
54 Fight to get Justice - Chris Chope MP
53 Fight to get Justice - Attorney General
52 Evidence of how incompetent the IPO are
51 Criminal passing off by Busbridge
50 How to forge documents a la Busbridge
49 Proof of correspondence between police and IPO
48 How the establishement protect themselves
47 IPO letter proving Hobbs gave advice
46 Relevant pages of cross examination of Robert Busbridge
45 Forged document into police evidence by Robert Busbridge
44 Robert Busbridge police statement forgery trial 2000
43 Copies of evidence of perjury to Parliamentary Omsbudsman
42 Invalidity hearing before salthouse jan10
41 Transcript of invalidity hearing to Salthouse jan10
40a Wallens skeleton argument for invalidity hrg jan10
40 Robert Busbridge invalidity statement 4 jan10
39 Robert Busbridge 3rd statement for rectification oct09
38 Martin Busbridge 3rd statement invalidity
37 Martin Busbridge second statement invalidity
36 Emails Ken Cook to gittings and replies re perjury of Robert Busbridge
35 Emails between Ken Cook and Colombo re perjury sep09
34a Robert Busbridge evidence for invalidity hearing 2010
34 Robert Busbridge statement for invalidity aug09
33 Ken Cook exhibits 1-47 for statement jul09
32 Ken Cook statement for invalidity jul09
31 Martin Busbridge affidavit
30 Complaint letter to CEO IPO jul09
29 Emails and letters between Ken Cook and the IPO
28 Robert Busbridge exhibits for March invalidity statement
27 Robert Busbridge statement invalidity mar03
26 Ken Cook statement of grounds to invalidity
25 Robert Busbridge statement of grounds invalidity appl
24 Decision document of rectification appeal
23 Transcript of annand hearing appeal rectification
22 Robert Busbridge only statement for rectification appeal
21a Exhibits for 2nd statement for rectification appeal
21 Second statement for rectification appeal
20a Exhibits grounds statement 1-27 of appeal
20 Ken Cook statement of grounds rectification hrg
19 Foley hearing decision
17 Statements of Robert Busbridge and Ken Cook for Foley rect hrg
16 Complaint to ombudsman a waste of time
15 Lies from IPO re Hobbs appeal hearing decision
14 Transcript of Hobbs appeal
13 Complaint to CEO apr07 and correspondence
12 Landau decision document
11 Reynolds hearing decision document
10 Robert Busbridge exhibits 35-36 for his stat nov03
09 Robert Busbridge 2nd statement nov03
08 Ken Cook exhibits for 2nd statement opp rego
07 Ken Cook reply statement to Robert Busbridge 2003 stat
06 Robert Busbridge exhibits 1-34 for statement mar03
05 Robert Busbridge reply statement mar03
04 Exhibits for Ken Cook statement jun02
03 Ken Cook 1st evidence statement jun02
02 Busbridge counter statement oct02
01 Ken Cook statement of grounds Reynolds