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Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Before I cover the decision of the alleged assignments, I have to mention what was going on with the still never ending farce of the Invalidity action. From mid 2004 to the decision at the last quarter of 2005, Busbridge continued with his futile action of trying every trick in the book to admit as much damning accusations against me, of a personal nature. Of course due to the absolutely convoluted and snail like way the PO conducts all its business, everything takes an age and is incredibly complicated. Whilst I have no sympathy with Busbridge as he took this path because of his vexatious litigant ways, it is the same with all British so called Justice. As far as I am concerned British Justice is deliberately made more difficult, slow and overcomplicated, so that all the twats in it can make a nice cosy living out of it. All the lawyers make millions out of it because most of it cannot be understood by mere mortals. The longer it drones on the more money they make out of it. If the paths down which you are forced to go, resemble a labyrinth, then again they will take ages to get along and that equals more money again. It just makes people like me livid and extremely "Raging Mad". Others are more apathetic and supine and let them get away with it.
About October/November 2005 the decision was eventually made known. I must say that this was the only time I ever felt really vindicated, in all the time from 1992. The official who made the decision (he was a hearing officer but thankfully not Reynolds) was a fellow called Landau. God Bless his cotton socks.
What he had to say in one way, as I said, vindicated everything I had ever said, about this whole sorry saga. But in another way I have to say that what he did say should have been said right back in about 1994, or earlier. For what he said was this:-
1/ The original application to register was made in the name of Robert and Martin Busbridge (a partnership) trading as Cobretti Engineering.
2/ The partnership broke up and what should have happened LEGALLY, is that if Bob Busbridge wanted to continue the business, he should have got his brother to sign over his half of of the business. This never happened and I know that Martin probably would have died first rather than do it.
3/ So any alleged assignment could not have taken place as was claimed as it was done only by Bob, and not the two.
4/ The company went bankrupt so no Trade Mark could be awarded to it.

So in effect Busbridge now was stuffed. and all I had demanded over the years was now being said to be right all along. Don't they make you mad? Why couldn't the PO HAVE HAD A MEETING WHEN I BROUGHT UP THESE POINTS IN 1993/4 AND COME TO THE SAME CONCLUSIONS? They would have saved me a great deal of trouble, money and time. My business would have prospered and no doubt I would not have suffered a heart attack. I would have ended up at retirement with enough saved to have a decent retirement instead of what I have now. Frankly I could go to Cardiff and **** all the ****** to Kingdom come. Now you would think all my troubles were going to be over, wouldn't you? But we are dealing here with stupid incompetent civil servants and their mindless never ending bureaucracy.

Of course the British establishment has to show everyone how fair it is to everyone so the PO just had to show this lying, cheating piece of robbing shit called Busbridge, a chance to appeal that decision.
Now this does as usual not happen anytime soon. Busbridge can get to appeal, not by having to go to the High Court like I did with his registration opposition loss, no because the decision was made in 2005, even though it concerned what was done in a case held under the 1938 Act. How do you square that with logic and common decency and thought for JUSTICE????? I wanted to appeal that original registration opposition decision and I wanted to do that in 2004!! Yet they did not say to me "well OK Mr Cook as it is 2004 you can do that cheaply through the PO, using an independent QC" Which is what Busbridge was allowed to do with his appeal he'd now put in to appeal the Landau decision that found for me.There simply is no Justice and when I complained I just get brushed off.

The hearing of that appeal was heard late 2005, and I was not allowed to be present. More petty fogging injustice. I never got to hear what was said or anything. The outcome was that Busbridge was said to me to have dropped his appeal, by dropping his appeal about the assignments. It looked suspiciously like this QC and he had a good old chat, Busbridge puts on his severely hard done by, little boy who is so good, he wouldn't say boo to a goose act, and gets free advice to apply now for "an adjustment to the records and to now change the PO records to show that the application name was changed to just Bob Busbridge applying for Registration" Can you believe it? Well of course you can in this country were justice always seems to come second to giving in to all the cockroaches and crims.

Now the really annoying thing is that after the hearing with the QC, I had to wait for nearly two years to even find out what was going on. I kept emailing the PO as to what the hell was going on. All I got back was shoulder shrugging and "well it is out of our hands as we cannot dictate to a QC what to do" Thanks a bunch you useless *****, who made up these rules in the first place. Why didn't you think about that. Even my MP couldn't get an answer, but he did eventually get one off their CEO and it was a pack of lies. ( later on when I get my case notes out of transit from abroad I will update this with same hard facts) Whatever it was he said turned out to be a lie.

I had had enough of all this by now, and I thought I would have another go at reporting the PO to the Ombudsman. I knew they would do nothing, but a lot of new complaints were now in the arena, especially their CEO lying. I put a full report in.......have a guess how I got on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes your right.....I got ****ing nowhere again. I will not go into detail here detailing every point they made as again I have to wait for my documents. However I wasn't going to have it with this pushing aside of my complaints so I appealed to them and listed 12 complaints on how they failed to deal with my original points. I do have their reply to that one , on me, so I can quote their reply:-(after a full page of meaningless waffle)
1/ They had no grounds in which they could investigate the PO.
2/ "We can in principle investigate complaints about administration actions of the PO. We investigate in cases where a complainant has suffered because they received a poor service or were not treated properly or fairly and the PO had not put things right and we believe that an investigation by us would resolve matters. While I appreciate your strength of feeling, I can see no evidence that an investigation would resolve matters"
I do not know about you but all those lies and deceit just make me want to be sick. This because of the never ending complaints I had to make to the PO over 16 years and none of them rectified. How their original ignoring of my complaints over bankruptcy etc led to much hardship and loss of money by me, how I had shown how unfairly I had been treated at every turn. Of course they can see no reason to investigate, because they do not want to see anything.
3/ They then go and say that they cannot investigate matters were the complainant can appeal.
Of course it matters not one jot that the appeal they are talking about is a High Court appeal. Now I did not complain about the decision of the hearing officer re the opposition to Busbridge application to register.(I couldn't afford to) I complained that we should never have got to that stage. So those remarks are a cynical ploy to muddy the waters. Even so how can one have a right to appeal if one has to be rich in order to make that appeal? But in this case it had nothing to do with my complaints. So another blot on the so called justice system we have to suffer.

Back to the waiting for what is happening to the appeal,by Busbridge, I heard in about March 2008 that Busbridge had in November decided to drop the appeal and concentrate on getting the records changed. An abuse of the system if there ever was. However my first complaint was why did the PO at around that time not tell me he had dropped the appeal. Why did they tell my MP through their CEO that they did not know, nor could they find out what was happening. When all along of course they knew. They even had given the bastard Busbridge three months to come up with evidence to back up his application, and this included having to find his brother and to get out of him a statement saying he gave up his rights to the mark and the business. I do not know about you but this is just horrific. The Patent Office is now saying that they are willing to ignore the findings and decision of their own hearing officer that came to, as to the legalities that were not adhered to by Busbridge back in 1992/3. Now 16 years later they would bend over backwards and allow this lying,cheating and manipulating toerag to just like that, change history and the books. All he had to do was ask to change the records and put himself as being the applicant of that original registration application. If you read the decision of Tuck he clearly states that he can come to no other decision, as the law was the law, and that's that. His hands are tied. Yet now the PO apparently seem to think they can ignore all that. I feel sick just thinking about it.
So I am once more in the never ending roller coaster of Busbridge submitting statements full of lies and irrelevant crap and my having to make counter statements to refute what he says.
They even show their bias by after three months to give him another six months to find his brother. Of course he doesn't find him and will probably never find him as he has been out of his brothers life since 1993 and I am absolutely sure that the break up was so bad he just has never wanted to see him again. For all I know he may dislike his brother even more than I do, and that says a lot, doesn't it.
So Busbridge doesn't get his statement. He plows on regardless filling up ages and pages of irrelevant waffle. Cutting through all his shit, it basically comes down to the following:-
1/ After he went bankrupt he carried on trading even so, and always used the Mark and he always called his company Cobretti. He supplies endless copies of adverts over years and none of them show he used the trading name of Cobretti Engineering (this is important as he is trying to say there is a Status Quo situation here)
2/ I point out that when he says that he hasn't dropped his appeal, so that means the case must revert to the original decision to strip him of the Mark, he is lying as I have it in writing from the PO CEO. He still says he hasn't.
3/ He lies when he states he has used the Cobretti Engineering trading name extensively right through to present date. Trouble is none of his adverts show this.

I obviously replied knocking down each and every lying assertion he made. I cannot believe that the PO would believe all the feeble efforts he has made to lie his way through this, yet here I am six months after his last statement and mine, still waiting for the constipated PO to make a decision.
I wrote to the Head of their Law Section? a Mr Colombo ( a very apt name) but he's not a patch on the real one. Probably has his hands tied. I complained about Busbridge making perjurous statements about him dropping his appeal. A letter was sent in April telling him that he had dropped the appeal.....end of story. The application to rectify the register was being heard by a hearing officer. (That was 9th April, here we are at the 21st June not far off three months later and still no word from PO) Willing to take bets as to what they will say at the end game???? Keep watching this space.

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