Thursday, 23 July 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Since my last post re the IPO, I had emailed them again and got a reply from the boss of the Tribunal section a Mr Allan James to the effect that I had been answered....go away. So I decided to reread the transcript of the appeal Busbridge made to an appointed person, back in 2006, against the Landau decision that he should lose the registration. Something was nagging me about all that was said and it was a pretty long winded document of 40+ pages.

The fact that no one since that appeal was dropped and the Landau decision was never thus carried out has rankled me and enraged me. On reading it again it suddenly came to me what was going on here. Why the IPO simply refused to answer me, they were deeply involved in a sham of an appeal hearing. It wasn't an appeal hearing at all, but a cosy get together between the IPO in a MR James, Oh yes, the very same bastard who was refusing to reply to my pertinent question, and it was becoming very clear why.

You see if you read this document and all the waffle in it between James and Hobbs ( who by the way is very heavily involved in the IPO and therefore NOT INDEPENDENT AS HE SHOULD BE) discuss how Busbridge can circumvent the Landau decision by taking certain steps including dropping his appeal. They said that if he did that he would be able to get the registration in his own name and hey presto.
The IPO as you know from my past posts, then spent a year telling me and my MP lies as to why they could not tell me what was happening re this Hobbs decision, when all the time they knew full well, they were present and knew what they had set in train and giving Busbridge time to try and find his brother to try and get him to sign over his half of the business, so he could then go to the IPO and say 'well now I do own all the business, register it' Fait accompli!!
So now I had to complain to the CEO of the IPO and I also as you know have my MP on a warning basis. I have compiled a 5 page letter to the CEO and also a 5 page complaint to the Treasury Solicitor as they run these appointed persons QC's. If I can copy them onto this blog I will do so, so all can see what I have said and get a fuller grasp of the story of how the IPO and the QC have stitched me up.
I have no faith that the CEO will do anything going on past complaints to past CEO's, (they change their CEO's as fast as the rotten politicians change their ministers. So then it will be down to making yet another complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, and we all know how useless they are. My MP has just got to get involved and do some pushing, but how can you have any faith in that useless lot. All they are interested I is filling their pockets. I have never got any help at any time from any of them. Truly the man in the street is treated like shit in this country, only the crooks and immigrants get anywhere.

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