Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

FORTHCOMING HEARING. A DUAL HEARING ON MARTINS APPLICATION TO RECTIFY THE BUSBRIDGE REGISTRATION AND ROBERTS APPLICATION TO MAKE MY REGISTRATION INVALID. 28th January 2010. 9.30. London. The Public can attend so those of you into I/P can come and see how the IPO work their devious ways.

At last we are at a position were both I and Martin MAY get justice at last? Firstly Martin can get to see the fraudulant application to register a Trade Mark that did not legally belong to the Busbridges, and made in his name without his knowledge, get reverted to being listed at the IPO as having been made in the partnerships name and not as Robert Busbridge was able to fraudulantly get changed by perjury to only his name. Then the Landau decision at last enacted and the Registration will not be allowed to be renewed and will fall by the wayside.

If that happens then Roberts cheeky application to have my legal registration made invalid, will automatically be thrown out.

On top of this there is the perjury committed by Robert, not once but dozens of times, in order to gain registration. I as you will know if you have read this blog from the beginning, I have complained about his blatant perjury to the IPO and they said they would deal with this at this hearing.......WE WILL SEE, but as I now have an expert lawyer representing me this time, maybe the IPO will now see that they will not be able to continue with their blatant disregard for justice and for not following the laws and rules. However I cannot help wondering if they even give a stuff, and will just go on blundering ever deeper into their cover up of their past injustices and maladministrations. For if they do find for me and Martin then they will be admitting that they made mistakes in the past. Those of you that understand the mindset of civil servants will know they JUST HATE ADMITTING THEIR MISTAKES AND WILL DO ANYTHING TO GO ON HIDING THEM. So watch this space for maybe a miracle will happen or maybe it will be business as usual?
I will want to see Robert Busbridge charged with PERJURY & PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE and if the IPO refuse to do this, then I will push the Police to do it. I am absolutely determined he is not going to get away with it, especially when he wasted over £100,000 Of Public money, in having me charged with forgery and perjury, this by fraud.

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