Monday, 17 May 2010

Corrupt Police & IPO- How they aided a crook.

Well I got this decision at last but only after chasing the bastards. Give you all ONE GUESS AS TO WHICH WAY IT WENT.................You may remember in previous posts and indeed in my last post, I said quite clearly that I doubted it would go my, way because for the IPO to agree with my arguments would be to admit they had been incompetent.
I have to say I make a better clairvoyant than a fighter of incompetent civil servants, because their decision document is an absolute disgrace in every way. It is even more brazenly arrogant, biased against me, deliberately ignoring 75% of my legal arguments AND the legal arguments of my lawyer, than I believed it could be. In fact EVERYTHING that my lawyer put forward in writing and verbally at the hearing, was TOTALLY IGNORED. It is like I never took on a lawyer at all. Every legal point he put forward to show how the IPO had taken wrong decisions and what the law actually said, was IGNORED. They even had the cheek and arrogance to say that they only allowed him to speak in my defence at the hearing.......'as an indulgence' by them. It must be pointed out that he only spoke for me and not for Martin Busbridge, who represented himself.
It was intimated by the hearing officer, one George Salter, that I was forger, that Martin was
consumed with hatred for his brother, that obviously everything he said could not be believed.
Plus a whole lot more which I am not listing here but will in time be shown, by putting a link to this document, in due time.
Unbelievably they did not mention ONCE our complaints as to the persistent perjury that Busbridge was guilty of, and which they said before the hearing they would deal with. These poxy civil servants are so consumed with covering their arses from all the incompetent mistakes they have made since 1992, that they are willing to lie and cover up for a person who is nothing short of a CRIMINAL. However in my opinion they did slip up by ADMITTING THEY ALLOWED ME TO HAVE THE REGISTRATION OF VIPER (my trade mark since 1986) IN 2002 AND IN VIOLATION OF THEIR OWN RULES. Now if they are correct in this and I believe they are not, you have to then take it that since 2002, I have spent 8 years locked in legal battle with Robert Busbridge and the IPO trying to put right the wrongs of the IPO, all for nothing. You have to ask the IPO, if I was not even legally entitled to my own trade mark, then why did they allow me to fight FOUR hearings which took up an enormous amount of my time and cost me at least £10,000? The reptiles even charged me £500 last year to renew my registration that I should not have even had. (according to their latest pronouncement) Not to mention the huge costs I had to pay for this latest hearing when all along they say they MADE A MISTAKE IN ALLOWING ME TO HAVE REGISTRATION. SO THAT MEANS FOLKS, I WAS MADE TO PAY TO DEFEND A REGISTRATION I DID NOT REALLY HAVE......... for they pronounced that my registration now stands as if it had never been made. Get your head round that!!!!!!!!
My laywer is on honeymoon and is not back for another week and when I get to talk with him over all this, I very much doubt he will be at all pleased at the IPO and their crooked antics or the arrogant attitudes they have towards him. You can rest assured I will NOT BE APPEALING TO ONE OF THEIR CROOKED BIASED APPOINTED PERSONS.(who are no more than secret employees of the IPO of the likes of Annand and Hobbs) No it will be through other means to be discussed between me and my lawyer.
As I have said before in this blog, if either the IPO or that little shit Robert Busbridge, think I am giving up on this one, they have a big think coming. It will not be over until the fat lady sings, as they say. There are more ways to skin a cat, as they say.
So the battle continues as I thought it would have to and so keep watching this space. After my meeting with my laywer I will make a new post to announce how I will go forward.

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