Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Corrupt Police & IPO-how they aided a crook.

For those who haven't read all of this blog, IPO stands for Intellectual Property Office, which is a thoroughly corrupt British government department that robbed me of my Intellectual Property. It was what they did over a 10 year period that prompted me to start this blog. Their last act of sheer corruptness ended in 2010. All their corrupt acts over that 10 year period are listed in this blog and in the book I wrote about it all, which can be downloaded off this page.

So why do I bring this up again. Well over this holiday period I had much time on my hands, so decided to sort out all my boxes of files to do with those unsavoury 10 years. Get rid of files that no longer needed to be kept and sort out all the IPO files in date order etc. Of course I re-read some of them whilst doing this and it reminded me of just how ILLEGAL all those acts were and how the bastards got away with it.

In 2004 the first of SIX CORRUPT and ILLEGAL acts were committed. This was a hearing that my ex car agent brought about to make my legally gained Trade Mark registration of 'Viper' invalid. The Hearing Officer Reynolds ( a Judge or equivalent of) who works for the IPO and hears the arguments for and against, was so biased for my ex agent, it was untrue. It was very blatant and he decreed that my ex agent should also have registration of MY MARK. This despite not being shown any evidence that he had used that name BEFORE I had. I was accused of abandoning it even though I provided heaps of evidence that I had not and had continued without any break....all of course ignored by Reynolds. In fact my ex agent only ever used it  to describe or advertise MY PRODUCT as you would expect as my agent and then that started some two years after I had started my business and had begun using my mark. After being an agent for 3.5 years he then decided to steal it so he could say to Chrysler that he would sell it to them.  He had hoped to get £1/2M off them for it. He was thwarted by my fighting him for those 10 years as by then they'd lost interest but in the early days they egged him by saying that if he got rid of me they would be interested. Typical Yank company !!

The worst was to come for I brought up the fact that evidence had been put into the hearing that was patently illegal. That was looked at after the hearing by another hearing officer (Landau) who found that my ex agent had no right to the mark. He was allowed to appeal this and at that hearing, I was kept out of it and that was a travesty of justice in itself, but what happened behind my back at that hearing was a blatant case of corruption and illegality that you couldn't make up, let alone believe the IPO would have the brass to commit. For their own law department boss (James) plus the Judge (Hobbs QC) both conspired to GIVE BUSBRIDGE MY EX AGENT ADVICE AND HELP AS TO HOW HE COULD CIRCUMVENT THE DECISION THAT HAD WRECKED HIS ILLEGAL AND CRIMINAL ACTS OF THEFT FROM ME, AND NO ATTEMPT WAS MADE TO CONDUCT THAT HEARING AS AN APPEAL HEARING. HE SHOULD HAVE MADE LEGAL ARGUMENTS AS TO HOW THE DECISION HE WAS APPEALING WAS WRONG. IN FACT HE HARDLY SAID A WORD. IT WAS ALL SPEECH BY HOBBS GIVING (ILLEGALLY) ADVICE.

Reading all that again sent me into another bout of my being 'RAGING MAD' (Hence the name of this blog) For despite my reporting that Judge to all the British Legal departments that one has to use in this corrupt country, they all protected that Judge. I even wrote to Ken Clarke (that utterly useless buffoon of a Tory Dickhead who I'd love to stick my fist into his stupid face every time he gets onto TV to spout his claptrap comments) and of course he did nothing. I also made a formal complaint to the CEO of the IPO and guess what.....ANOTHER WHITEWASH.

After this, Busbridge just carried out all the advice he'd corruptly and illegally been give by this Hobbs and James criminals and eventually in 2010 he was awarded my Trade Mark and it was taken off me, as if 'I had never owned it' Don't forget I had previously fought Chrysler and they had used Busbridge as their one and only witness. Yet with all their money and top legal help, they lost as I had proved beyond doubt that I was first to use it in the UK. So how was the IPO able to just take it off me with that statement 'As if I had never owned it' HOW CORRUPT AND ILLEGAL CAN YOU GET ???? Of course if I was rich, I could have taken it all away from those corrupt bastards in the IPO and to the High Court where maybe one could expect to get REAL INDEPENDENT JUDGES  TO SEE ALL THE ILLEGAL GOINGS ON, PREVIOUSLY.

Why do I keep all these files and evidence? Well the criminal acts committed by the IPO and my ex agent BUSBRIDGE ( who still carries on making and selling the car I designed and gave the mark of VIPER to) will never die with time. If I ever win the lottery or somehow be able to fund a legal challenge to all the above facts, then I will need those files etc. So they and the IPO should all pray every night that I never get to be able to do this, for if I do, the IPO will owe me a great deal of compensation for ruining my life and HOBBS, JAMES and BUSBRIDGE could end put with a criminal record.

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