Saturday, 8 September 2018

Corrupt Ministry of Justice - Perverting the course of Justice

You may wonder if you follow this story, why nothing has been reported since May. Well it's not because I've kicked the bucket, but the way all our government departments take FOREVER to reply to anything you send them.

In my last few posts you will have seen I went to the very Minister who should be in charge of the MoJ, but who just passed back to them, my complaint. Obviously they tried to get rid of it by passing it onto the government department that deals with Courts & Tribunals and so all I got as load of waffle and lies off them.

All this took months and I was then prompted send to the Ministry a letter called an official 'Formal Complaint' Now any government department HAS TO DEAL WITH SUCH COMPLAINTS SENT THEM BY A MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC........ What did the MoJ do????? COMPLETELY IGNORED IT....... THE GALL OF THESE PEOPLE KLNOWS NO BOUNDS. So after giving them time to respond (more untold weeks) I could then take it to the PARLIAMENTARY OMBUDSMAN.
However this mob is as big a con on the Public as all other government bodies.

Now officially before you can go to this useless mob, you are obliged to have gone through the COMPLETE complaints process of the government department you are wanting to make a complaint about. If they do not satisfy you with what they may have done with your complaint, after the last stage 3 of the bureaucratic process, they are supposed to tell you that if you are still not satisfied you can take it to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. The bureaucracy is mind boggling and it's all an attempt to get you absolutely fed up with all the obstructions and time taken and will give in....not me tho'.

Can you see that because the MoJ ignored my Formal Complaint, I had no such letter-so, you wonder if any attempt to use the P/Oms will be rebuffed? I thought that I should in the first instance ring their enquiries department and pose this question. I spoke to a Helen Marshall and she said I had sent my Formal Complaint to the right section of the MoJ and she would send them an email asking them why they have ignored my complaint. After two weeks no contact from her....another phone call and another promise to chivvy them up. Another two weeks she does not as promised keep me informed, so ANOTHER phone call to her and this time I tell her this cannot go on. She begs to to let her try again, but incredibly she then writes to me telling me that she had at last spoken to one of their lying goons who sent her a copy of my original complaint and told her (lying of course) that they had responded to that and sent her a copy of that too.

Now here you will see what devious bastards I am dealing with and they completely fooled her into thinking my complaint had been dealt with which of course it had not been. I emailed her and pointed out that I had indeed received that letter months ago AND HAD REPLIED TO EVERY LIE IN IT.....TO THE WRITER AND HAD RECEIVED-NO REPLY.....HENCE WHY I HAD TO COME TO HER !!!! She told me that I would have to REPEAT MY COMPLAINT TO THEM....

So I had to go along with that, because if you don't they just use that as an excuse to kick you once more. So on the 28th August in went my SECOND FORMAL COMPLAINT and I will have to give them yet another month and if no reply or just more lies, I will have to either go to a stage 2 complaint then a stage 3 and then back to the Parl/Oms. I do not for one minute think that the MoJ will ever admit that they are not the squeeky clean department they ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE,  but are as corrupt as any of Putins Ministry for Justice...if indeed he has one!  Nor do I think that the Parl/Oms will ever do anything.

If that eventually eventuates, then I will try my own MP, the posh-lad Tobias Ellwood, the very Hero of the terrorist attack on the Houses of Parliament........if you believe all that crap they said about him. You see I want to go to absolutely every corner I have to, to enable me to show that in this country we have a government that is so devious (you only have to see what the devious bastards are doing to the Brexit process, in order to scupper it, and that shows their utter disdain for democracy) that a member of the public like myself, stands no chance.

That brings me to just how useless our British Press is. For as I have said before, I have tried to get them onto all this and GOT ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE. Are they all in the pockets of government? - I wonder. The so called Premier newspaper of the land .....non other than the Sunday Times, who boasted several times how they fear no one in government and will investigate them too if necessary. Well all BULLSHIT as I have written TWICE to their Editor about all this AND HE TOO HAS IGNORED MY LETTERS.....SO MUCH FOR OUR PRESS AND THE WAY THEY BEHAVE - WITH ACTIONS OF THE LOWEST ORDER.

When I get news of my Formal complaint I will put that into the next post. 

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