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Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

I turned up at a building just off the Embankment at around 10am for this hearing that I had waited for for some two years. Of course His Highness the King of Lies of Sutton was there with one of his henchmen. A Copper ( my favourite species of worm) who certainly worked for him whilst I was using him as an agent. Certainly he would have been in on Busbridges scam of ripping me off. I wondered why he was there as he would not be allowed to be part of anything. Maybe Busbridge was scared I would give him the hiding he deserves.
The hearing got under way under the directions of this hearing officer Reynolds. Can't say I liked the look of him as he seemed a miserable git. My instincts were right. The hearing took all day,
and as I have no minutes of it I cannot give you a blow by blow account. I can give you the outlines and they are this:- I cannot remember if Busbridge kicked off with his verbal account or I did. It doesn't matter as we both went through what we wanted to say over our respective evidence that we had both put in. The evidence consists of a number of statements you make, they are replied to and you then make yet another statement covering what the reply said. This goes on until you both run out of stuff to say. These statements have documentary evidence alongside them to back up what you have said.
I obviously outlined the history of my usage of the Mark from day one. How I had taken Busbridge on and what he had done to me regarding stealing my business.. I referred to many parts of the 1904 Trade Marks Act to back up any assertions I had made as to laws that Busbridge had not kept to. I pointed out the many lies he had told, how his words could not be relied on, how he had traded dishonestly and so on. I stressed about the illegality of the alleged assignments, how I should not even be fighting this case as the PO should have thrown it out when they knew he had become a bankrupt, how the application had been made in the name of a partnership and trading name that did not even exist now.
He obviously trotted out all his lies about how I never owned the Mark anyway as the Limited Companies I owned had owned it (no evidence given to back this) and how I had stolen customers money when BRL ceased (again no evidence) and so on. All the usual guff and lies he had used before with the Chrysler action and all his statements made at the forgery case etc etc.

I think he cross examined me, and I certainly cross examined him, but I cannot go over any particular subject the cross examining covered, as all my case notes are not with me right at this moment. So I cannot remember what all the subjects and details in depth were. But they were things I thought was very important to discuss and get across.. I sensed all along that this hearing officer was pro Busbridge, who did his usual little boy lost act, and anti me the hard headed business like, no nonsense person. ( I know that many Brits guys do not like my type of personality. This I put down to the fact that many Brits blokes are wets, spineless, bleeding heart Liberals and soft as shit) This is especially so amongst the so called elite of Brit life. Those in the so called professions. But I say it is because of these bleeding useless twats that Britain has fallen so far down during my lifetime, so that I no longer am proud to be British. Of course most of the politicians and civil servants fall into this useless category. This hearing officer fell into the category of useless ***** that I hate and here I was not being judged on the truth of what I had said and shown in documentary evidence but on how this bugger saw me as a person. I of the type he obviously did not like, (isn't it funny that the Judge in the forgery case behaved just like this hearing officer and I ad the same feelings?) and indeed that is how he came to the decision he did as you will see. He made comments to me that were so obviously out of irritation, yet he was as nice a pie to Busbridge, and when I got to the stage that I wanted to go back to taking up a subject with Busbridge, he refused to allow me to do it. Therefore denying me the right to conduct my case the way I needed to. What was his excuse for doing this.....he said the case had gone on for much longer that would be normal for such a case, and that only one day had been set aside for it, it was getting on (it was about 4pm) and he had to wrap things up so he could get away and get his train. I could have killed the little useless *****, but what could I do. If I spoke out I would seriously get up his nose, even more than I may have already done. This is so called British Justice!! and this was my business life, indeed my whole life, he was messing with.

I was not hopeful really, but I thought "How can I lose as the case Busbridge put forward was so weak and full of holes" When I got the decision I was absolutely gob smacked as his reasoning was so biased, muddled, and defied logic or sense. I HAD LOST and this meant that Busbridge would be able to register the Mark, eventually. For the PO in all its glory in past years had decided that under the 1938 Act if one lost a hearing, the only way you could make an appeal was to go to the HIGH COURT. Now this was no sweat for a big company like Chrysler, but for any small business or a one man band like me, that was TOTALLY OUT AS WHO CAN AFFORD TENS OF THOUSANDS TO DO THAT???? So I had to let it go as I could in no way appeal. It really irks me to think of Busbridge and all his celebrations he would have made that night. Plus his gloating.
Reynolds reasoning that I should lose was this:- I had abandoned the Mark at the point were I took on Busbridge as an agent. As I had let him advertise the Mark Viper that meant I had abandoned it. Quite how he came to this I will never know. He obviously lives on another planet and is oblivious to business practices. In his World, if Ford who manufacture cars, let dealers sell them and thus advertise them in all sorts of ways, this means the dealers own the Mark and not Ford (or any other big manufacturer). He point blank refused to believe me when I told him of the cars I was making for the London guy, the export of one car in 1991 to Holland, ( All the cars I ever made had manufacturers plates attached to their bulkheads clearly stating Classic replicas as the manufacturer and boldly stating VIPER...Chassis Number etc) the Cobra parts I advertised and sold, the advertising I did for fully built cars, the orders I got from Busbridge for kits where even some of the orders stated for a Viper kit and so on. As far as he was concerned Busbridge was just able to take over, just like that, my Mark. What a travesty of Justice. I believe if I had had the money to take on a top IP lawyer, he would have been able to wipe he floor of this perverse judgement.
There was however a glimmer of hope, for at least he had listened to my assertions about the alleged assignments. He decreed that there should be a separate hearing to decide on them and their legality. He also decreed that the Mark could only go to the company Cobretti Engineering,
and the partnership of R & B Busbridge. Well he couldn't decree otherwise could he? This because it was they who applied in the first place. Well I think this just shows up what stupid bastards all these people in the PO are. How can you award a Mark to a defunct and bankrupted entity, one that ceased 12 years prior???????????? They all live in cloud cuckoo land as far as I am concerned. ANOTHER CASE OF USELESS INCOMPETENT CIVIL SERVANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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