Sunday, 28 August 2022


Throughout this blog I have railed against all civil servants for their laziness, incompetence and sheer nastiness. For they and their masters, the Politicians, ruined my life when they ruined my livelyhood-my business. I try to have as little to do with any civil service department, but that sometimes is impossible to do in any modern country.

 Like recently I had to renew my driving licence through the DVLA. Also recently after having been shat on by that dreadful Yanky mob known as Ebay and their banking arm Paypal, I decided to try and report what they had done to our Financial Ombudsman- another civil service shower. I think I have opined elsewhere in this blog that ALL OMBUDSMEN, SO CALLED SERVICES, IN THIS COUNTRY ARE A CON ON THE PUBLIC. For our politicians do not repay we citizens by providing us with such services that we can use when we are shat on by other government departments or even large companies and even Multi-national companies like the wretched Ebay mob. 

 I have over the years tried to get various Ombudsmen to protect my rights as I did over the way my business was trashed etc. You can all read how they ALL let me down-in this blog. Well the latest farce came about because I was stupid enough to try and sell two items through Ebay that I could not shift through local advertising. Since my car manufacturing business was trashed I have kept sane by continuing my love of cars,especially sportscars, by carrying on-hobbywise, the restoration of British classic sportscars. Two years ago I bought a Daimler V8 250 model saloon, with my son and daughters money so that I would have something to do. Same shape as the famous Jaguar MK2 saloons of the 60's that did well in car racing, but were a beautiful shape loved by all. Jaguar bought out Daimler in the late 50's and used their great little V8 engine in the MK2 car and gave the interior a better more luxurious finish. 

The Daimler cars were extensively used by the British royal family which also gave the 250 Vs saloon an air of exclusiveness. Anyway the car I bought was a very low mileage car, previously owned by two women who hardly used it at all. But it had the original old fashioned crossply tyres, two of  which were almost new. I changed them for modern radials and the two almost new ones I tried to sell on, to recoup a little cash. One can still order these tyres but at a cos- almost £300 each. I simply could not sell them locally so reluctantly decided the only was to try on Ebay, so as to reach all of the UK. Surely someone else restoring a Daimler or any other classic with the same size tyres, would snap them up for only £80, and £80 is worth it for a pensioner like me who has been put into penury by bloody civil servants !!!!

Someone did and Ebay notified me that they had already paid the £80. Those of you that know how Ebay works will know one does not get the £80, as it is paid by the buyer online to Paypal, the banking arm of Ebay. You are told to send the tyres to the buyer and when he confirms receipt then  you get your money. Fair enough, but here we are dealing with this dreadful Yanky incompetent and greedy shower called Ebay/Paypal !!!!!!!! What did these ARSEHOLES DO??? Only a bloody Yanky and huge company could do what they tried on me.

My advert stated they had to be picked up from me as they were too big for me to be bothered wrapping them into a parcel and finding a carrier to deliver. The buyer contacted me and told that DHL (another Yanky company I believe) would pick them up-they did not do so and the idiot buyer did not sort that out. As the tyres had been taking up room in my flat bedroom, I had had enough of them by now, so decided to just junk them at the local garbage tip....which I did straight away. I then get this dopey buyer threatening to do me over as I had not delivered the tyres he'd paid for, and he wanted his dosh back !! You cannot make this up, as he ran a car parts business, so would know that Paypal was sitting on his money and not me-you would think?

So after these threats I contacted Ebay (and to do that Folks is a nightmare to do-you may know) I managed to talk to a Steve in their Head Office in Dublin, and explained it all and was told not to worry as I had not done anything wrong and it would be sorted. Including them stopping this buyer from carrying on using Ebay because of his threats (which in fact never happened) Plus nothing was EVER DONE going forward despite my sending many letters to their CEO at their London HQ. But what was done to me going forward, again you could not make up- They sent me demands for me to repay them the £80 PLUS £14 fee for them handling A COMPLAINT MADE AGAINST ME BY THIS OAF OF A BUYER FOR NOT DELIVERING SAID TYRES OR PAYING HIM BACK HIS £80-THAT IN FACT PAYPAL HELD !!!!!. 

I obviously refused to pay and complained again to their HQ but was ignored again. SO WHAT DOES EBAY/PAYPAL NOW DO???? Again you simply cannot beleive this utter shit Yank company and what they did now!! For ever since then, which was in March this year, they sent it to a Credit collection company to harrass me into paying up this money they said I still owed Ebay. So I explained to this compnay with documemntary evidence that in no way did I owe Ebay a CENT !! They agreed and sent it all back to Ebay.....BUT EBAY ARE STILL DEMANDING MONEY OFF ME NOW IN AUGUST.....WHAT UTTER INCOMPETENT AND NASTY ARSEHOLES THEY ALL ARE BUT TYPICAL OF YANKY COMPANIES AND I SHOULD KNOW AFTER MY BUSINESS THERE IN LA UNTIL I COTTONED ONTO WHAT YANKY COMPANIES ARE ALL ABOUT.....THE MAKING OF THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR AND AT ALL COSTS & FUCK ORDINARY PEOPLE ESPECIALLY IF THEY STAND UP TO US AND FUCK AROUND WITH US !!! THUS PROMPTING ME TO FLEE TO AUSTRALIA.

 Now the story doesn't stop here, for now it is all about once more, how our civil servants are on the same shit level of YANKS and how they behaved when I went on to report Ebay/Paypal had behaved over all this. This was to our FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN who can investigate such goings on AND EVEN HOW YOU ARE BADLY TREATED. So I made out a report in which I described Ebay/Paypal as a typical bad Yanky company.....then further on I in another email described the civil servants dealing with my application case, in a disorganised and 'WOKE' way and would they just get on with my case. For earlier I had been rung by a young woman with a strong foreign accent and speakinf at a high pace. So much so that not only was \i not able to catch her name, but could not understand much of what she had said. As it could have been important I emailed in and said; "I have been rung by a foreign sounding young woman who I could not undestand so could you tell me what it was she said" You would think I had said that the Queen is a whore, because the reaction I got from some jobsworth civil servant woman, was to give me a long lecture:-

1/ "I can see that Ciara also mentioned the use of some language in your emails and how this was considered 'unreasonable behaviour' "

2/ "Our staff shouldn't have to experience unacceptable or abusive behaviour as part of their role. This includes derogatory terms-such as 'Yanks or Woke'"......" 

3/ And I need to make you aware that noting that staff you dealt with are 'foreign' is unacceptable" 

4/ "I ask you to refrain from using language of that nature.....we may decide not to communicate with you in the future...(over my case).


1/ By using the word 'language' this is tantamount to saying that I was swearing or ranting or other such behaviour, in the words that I used. When all I was doing was talking and using normal English words to be found in any dictioanray. They were not swear words or words of a ranting nature and definitely not racist.....just straight forward English words. Of course in Todays World the WOKES that now abound everywhere and always are young uneducated oafs, behave in this way by castigating anyone & everyone who uses even normal every day English words.....if they have in their modern woke way decided they mean things they do not like for any reason, then they can have a go at you. Accusing you of unreasonable behaviour. How can just enunciating normal words be seen as 'unreasosbale' and it's they who are being totally unreasonable AND WOKE !!

2/ Now they escalate it even further, for now my perfectly acceptable words and a sentence, now is 'Abusive'You cannot make this up ....what planet are these people from?? How does saying something is 'Woke' or calling a company a Yank company become abusive???? Or saying you cannot understand someone who speaks poor English is also being abusive?? THIS IS THE STATE OF OUR CIVIL SERVICE THAT IS BEING RUN? BY CHILDISH YOUNGSTERS THAT THINK THEY HAVE RIGHT TO LECTURE ANYONE ON SUCH MATTERS.....AND SOMEONE WHO HAS COME TO THEM FOR 'HELP' IN THE MATTER THAT WAS MY CASE....GOD SAVE US ALL AS IT WILL NOT GET BETTER AND YOU WILL SEE WHY SHORTLY.

3/  What I actually said was they had a foreign sounding accent and why is mentioning that as a matter of fact and the reason why you could not understand what they were saying, a heinous act? The word 'foreign' is being used all the time in newspapers and on TV News. It is another manefestation of the Wokery that is taking over our lives and put out by brainless and brainwashed youngsters.

4/ This constant referal of me using 'language' again shows the state of their minds when all that is being done is the use of normal English language.

BECAUSE I was so enraged at all this I decided to use their complaints facility to report this lecturing of myself by the staff instead of them getting on with my case, which I knew they would do nothing about, anyway. I just wanted to be able to show that yet another Ombudsman wasn't fit for purpose. For the amount that I was unlawfully being chased for wasn't high was the principle of how Ebay/Paypal treats people and the abject incompetence of their website etc. You can register a complaint to a person they call 'The Independent Assessor'.Sounds grand but I knew it was another con and so it proved.

I decided that I was only going to complain about the way the two young women had treated me over the woke nonsense, so in went a shortish letter to this so called independent woman a grandly named  DAME GILLIAN GUY. I concentrated on only three points:-

1/ My rights to freedom of speech

2/ I was rung by an employee who could not speak in clear enough English to be understood and that showed the Ombudsmans office showed scant regard for the public when they were quite prepared to allow staff that would not enable the public to be able to understand their staff when on the phone. How unproessional was that?

3/ It was not the job of civil servants to lecture the Public but to do their job of dealing with the cases put to them.


This waste of space Assessor just ignored every point I made (3) and her 'REVIEW'  of only just over an A4 sheet was two paRAGRAPHS OF WAFFLE then dealt with how the case was handled and NEVER said a word over the three points of complaint I'd made IE Nothing about the word 'WOKE' nor how a civil servants speaking with a memebr fo the Public couldn't talk in a way that couldbe understood. Or anything about ones RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH.....OH NO! Or civil servants lecturing members of the Public instead of getting on dealing with the case in hand.



She then went on to further dig it in by saying "The case handler was polite and professional and expected the same in return" So yet another incorrect reading od what I said throughout and another set of black marks against me IE I was unprofessional (yet aremembers of the Publics expected to be PROFESSIONAL rather than the other way round???? Then "I can see why steps were taken to address your comments" This all adds up to a total dismembering of me as a person and a full protection whitewash of their staff. 


Saturday, 9 July 2022


Wouldn't the Pantomime goings on of the past few months, culminating at last to the demise of that overweight bumbling ex Etonian oaf Boris, tell you all what you need to know about all politicians??

It also tells you how every one of them is only interested in themselves because if you watched the ones who fancy themselves, demeaning themselves & the office of being a politian, as they all scramble over each other to get to be PM. Talk about back stabbing. Whoever we end up with as the new PM-it won't make a scrap of difference as non of them are fit to lead this country, let alone ever sort out the mess it is now in. Plus we may even get to be a part of the Indian Empire! For that mess has come about over the past 50+ years of crap Parliaments slowly wrecking our once great country.

 Mind you it is exactly the same in the USA, but even worse because there where the poor are made even poorer by the way the rich run the place for themsleves and in effect they tell the useless politicains what to do, so as to make their own lives even better and richer. Why would you want to live in a country that consistently elects the most crap people to run the country. Plus their insane way of running the place with their mad election system. I mean, just look at that geriatric Biden a bumbling oaf even a bigger one than Boris and they vote him in the run the place?

On top of that you have the biggest collection of fruitcakes running around the place of any country I've ever been to and or lived in (56). Add to that all the criminals infesting the whole country, many of them immigrants of all sorts who many of get involved in crime. If that wasn't enough, the place allows the biggest collection of guns to be owned, so the fruitcakes and criminals can slaughter as many as they like. 

So I suppose we Brits should be glad we only have our small collection of idots in power and our criminal can only generally resort to knives instead of guns. Eventually if only the Public would wake up and have a big riot to get rid of our useless system of governence which simpy isn't working, we may at some time get the place running like a Rolls Royce engine. Thus being able to build the place back up to where it should be in the World. Then we would be able to afford to run the services we all deserve, but now cannot afford.

Then on top of all that, we in the West are having to put up once more with Russia who we have let over many years get away with murder...AGAIN & AGAIN. This because all the politcians in the West are pretty much cowards and useless and would not stand up to the Russians right after the second World War when it became evident what they were truly all about. We even handed on a plate enough of out secrets to them so they could build their Nuclear bombs etc and their fighters with copies of Rolls Royce engines.....and so on. IT IS ALL OUR FAULT THAT THE WORLD IS IN THE STATE IT'S IN, FOR IT'S NOT ONLY RUSSIA WE APPEASED BUT CHINA TOO........ARE WE ALL DOOMED??

I will not be around too much longer so I may miss it kicking off, but my kids and grandkids may all get wiped out. so you should all get your prayer mats out, not that religion will save you...but you know what I mean.

Wednesday, 8 June 2022


 I have just recently spent many hours viewing two Netflix documentaries which showed how the US justice departments everywhere in the US, are second to the Russian government & their so called justice system, in how they treat ordinary Americans and especially their poor.

One is called "Staircase" and the other which is even more horrific is called The Making of a Murderer",called that because the State through firstly its police and then the justice system, made an innocent man into a murderer. Not content with that they then made his nephew a murderer too. Both were entirely innocent, but belonged to a low class family the local Police and people did not like. So when a local woman went missing they immediately began blaming one of the men of that family. 

Low and behold the womans Toyota SUV was found on the families very large car wrecking lot, which was accessible to all. Later on they roped in the families young 15year old schoolboy who had a very low IQ and this by two policemen harrassing him in an interview without any lawyer present or his Mother or even a responsible adult. By manipulation they got him to confess to having raped and murdered this woman, along with his Uncle and then setting her body on fire.

The point is that in the ensuing investigation the police stitched them both up for this murder despite there being not one shred of REAL evidence murder weapon, no blood, no body...NOTHING!The courts and Judges allowed the Police and justice systems to lie and lie at every court appearence over many years. The Uncle got life and the youngster got a long sentence. All appeals also failed as it was absolutely clear that despite obvious failings of every sort by all the authorities, the Judges at all levels simply did not want it seen that massive corruption had taken place with both defendents cases. Too much to explain simply have to watch this incredible documentary. It will stagger you and take your breath away at what you will see in the US so called justice system and is capable of getting away with .

Now why I tell you all this is because this happens here in the UK and no doubt does throughout Europe too. Whilst here in the UK there are things that were allowed to happen in this story in the USA, that could not happen here. But innocent people here are regularly stitched up and jailed AND our Police also stitch up innocent people for all sorts of things......I KNOW AS THEY HAVE DONE OR AT LEAST HAVE TRIED IT ON..... TO ME, AND I WAS A VICTIM OF CRIME NOT A CRIMINAL PERPETRATOR-YOU WILL SEE THAT THROUGHOUT THIS BLOG AND IT WAS FOR THIS REASON I STARTED THIS BLOG.... IN ORDER TO EXPOSE THE BASTARDS...NOT THAT IT HAS DONEME ANY GOOD !!

For instance, here whenever anyone is interviewed by the police there has to be a lawyer present.....ESPECIALLY WITH JUVENILES. To advise you do not talk to acop without a lawyer present, when they they are accusing you of anything ! So in essence some of what went on to happen to these two unfortunates and at all times, could not happen here. But the attempts of the US Police to stitch them up with lies and tainted evidence etc, can & does happen it happened to me..... ....AND AS A VICTIM !!

As I am educated and have a much higher level of intelligence than the two Yanks in this story, I was able to thwart what the UK cops tried on me, which in this NETFLIX story-the cops tried on and all the time too. In the Yank story because they were poor, the state lawyers they were assigned in the first cases in which they were both found guilty, were not really upto it. So that is why they failed there. However as the appeals etc went on, other lawyers came into the story on Pro-Bono and whilst they were better I could see they were not really up to it, when they were fighting the might of the State.

Now here I want to point out that at least in the States lawyers do Pro-Bono much much more than our greedy lawyers do. Our lawyers only take on pro-bono work if they are up against big companies or say the NHS, where they know if they win they get big payouts. Yet it was still difficult to get pro-bono lawyers even in my case where had I early on been able to get them into my case against the State, they could have won millions against the UK State. For the State ruined my life and business and was responsible for putting me into penury-until I die. All that because the UK State, like in the US case, simply did not want to admit their evil wrong doing. Plus here, our clas system came into it as all those at higher levels like the evil Barrister QC came form our Public School system and they are renowned for covering all their mates arses....come what may.

So whilst the two Yanks to this day are sitting in a Yank prison, one until he dies and the youngster who was 17 when it kicked off will be 59 when he comes out. And the big point here is that well into the case there appeared the top lawyer in the States for getting innocent men out of prison and released,but even she couldn't shift those corrupt Yank judges even at the Supreme Court level! Mind you I thought even she made a lot of mistakes in how she went about it. She spent far too much time going over every part of the evidence that was built up over months and years when had she concentrated on two crucial evidence factors that did for the Uncle, by proving they were corruptly manufactured. Also by proving who actually did murder the woman, then obviously the case would have collapsed.

She did practically prove right at the end of her trying to get the Uncles case thrown out, to see that two near relatives to both were 99% guilty. But by then it was too late as she'd used up all the avenues of appeals. When I was in biz in LA I did fairly quickly see that the USA was a thoroughly corrupt country and their police were a shifty lot. Also on one court appearence when a customer took me there, being as all Yanks are very much after suing you for anything, the whole case was a farce and very much a cowboy court, where any car dealer/garage man was automatically guilty. I wouldn't visit the States now for love nor money as any little problem you may get involved in-you could end up in clink for the rest of your life.

Saturday, 4 June 2022


 Since my last post we have all seen just what Boris and his rotten government are capable of and that is as serial liars and twisters. Just like the civil servants and their treatment of me along, with how Boris and several of his Ministers, including the arch posh tosser Tobias Ellwood, refused to correct the corruption & criminality of a Barrister QC. Boris refused to answer my request for justice. 

Now over the 'Partygate' episodes we could easily see how our ruling classes - mostly posh knobs ex Public schoolboys, who thing they are so priveldged & above us all that they can do what they like. Boris over that period and upto right now has carried on in his self obsessed, priveleged ways where he thinks he can say & do anything and because he is so high above us all that we will not question his lies and actions.

However, now the British Public have got so browned off with him and all his mates cocking a snook at us all, that his days surely are numbered? He is so up himself that he now thinks and is saying to us, that he is so good at his job and has done so well for us since becoming a PM, that we surely cannot do without out him....."Pass me the sick bag-quickly"! Problem is that these days the quality of ALL politicians now in government is so low that who is there who could step in and take over and do a good job? The Labour Party are only a rabble of mostly working class idiots with now, a stack of  women of dubious backgrounds, that it would be an even bigger disaster if they got in-because of basically, the fault of Boris and his antics and uselessness.    

Monday 6th June. So today the inevitable has happened and at last the Conservative poshboys have decided enough is enough and have the right number to force an elecation as to keeping him on as PM. However what is the betting that enough will have the courage to vote him out? Too many have been sucking up tohim and proabaly will fear that a new PM will sort them out. Certainly all those in his cabinet will know that their cushy jobs are now on the line......and good riddence to a lot of them-too.

Even if he goes and there is a new PM I cannot think of one person who stands out as having what is needed to sort out all our ills-including sorting out the EU bastards once and for all. Especially that anti-Brit Frog asshole and Brit hater-Macron. A typical effete Frog if ever there was one, but here's hoping. ....MUST GET ONTO MY MAT AND HAVE A BIG PRAY TO MECCA!!

Saturday, 21 May 2022


 Well the past month or so has seen  a never ending litany of corrupt actions from Boris and his mates in government. What they have been upto over so called 'Partygate' you couldn't make up. How that posh twerp has got away proves that the corruption in his government knows no bounds, for he could not have thought he could have all those parties without thinking that he get away with it as he had the power to do so.

And so it has proved for all he got was a miserly £50 fine for only ONE party when he was at 6 of them. No one in the country believes that he didn't pull strings to get away with only that one fine. Then there is the forthcoming disclosure of the big investigation by that woman top civil servant. He meets her  a little while ago ostensibly to discuss how the document of her investigation will be disclosed .....pull the other leg. For he no doubt laid it out to her how he wanted the wording to be, and how it should whitewash him and all the rest....we will see.  

Reading between the lines it is plain to see that the Met Police were being soft on him and in doing so showing they are soft on law breakers when they know what side of their bread is buttered. For the likes of us peasants they hit us right inbetween our eyes with big fines during the pandemic even for the smallest of breaking the laws that Boris and his mates made up.

Then there were all the MP's who were after his blood, who now are all strangely quite silent, for they sussed out that should he go and the Tories collapse, so would all their soft cushy jobs and they would be all out on their arses. The whole shebang was and still is, nauseating.

Sunday, 3 April 2022


 I put onto this blog a post in June last year, to do with the infamous murder case where a private investigator in South London was murdered in the car park of a South London pub. I did that as it dealt with the endless incompetence and more importantly the corruption of everyone involved in that case. Also because my case at one stage had the Met involved and I too was faced with endless corruption.

So you can imagine that when I saw that on the TV streaming service of All4 they had a documentary film on that murder case called ' Murder in the Car Park' I was bound to watch it. Even if you had no grouse about how shit the Met Police are as I have, you will find this film an eye opener even if you were so ignorant and nieve as to how corrupt the Met Police have been for decades, you will find this documentary riveting. 

In my post of last June I outline exactly what the Met did to me and through the Dorset Police, who acted on their behalf. What I did not show was how the Met when I tried to get from them copies of the emails or phone call notes between them and the IPO they told me a pack of lies and even insulted me. I was absolutely sure they contaced the IPO after I gave them my dossier, to ask them questions about my revelations. Well of course the excuses and lies they came out with can also be seen in their tactics in the Morgan case. His family kept up a never ending fight to get at the truth, especially his brother and Mother. Of course they got the EXACT same treatment from everyone they went to, as I did.

However unlike myself they did manage to get a TV company to do this investigation documentary into the 30+ year year old case of pure incompetence and corruption by the Met. Of course the fact that someone ended up with an axe in their head gave the story a gruesome aspect to it. Any death will get those who want justice much interest from the press even when they are not getting justice. But the brutal fact is that even so, they NEVER EVER GOT JUSTICE OR ANYONE CHARGED WITH HIS MURDER-LET ALONE ANY APOLOGIES FROM ALL THOSE THAT LET THEM DOWN ! With myself, well no deaths and I am just some old man who does not deserve justice-by the looks of it. Plus someone (the brother I think) has written a book on it and he also does a podcast on the whole story. So that family bless them, are still trying for justice even now and good luck to them, but I doubt they will ever get anywhere, judging by my experiences.

However my point is this; even with a horrific case such as that, when the Police, the press, and government departments are involved, you are fighting the Establishment and they have a bottomless pit of money and time to fight you, for they simply do not want all the facts to get out. If you do not believe me, there are many such cases in recent years that have meant innocent members of the public have resolutely been denied justice over Establishment incompetence and even corruption plus ineptitude investigations by our useless police. The Jill Dando case, the Tony Martin shooting case, to name but two more.

Wednesday, 9 March 2022


 I have long railed at British civil servants and their utter incompetence and laziness and you will see that throughout this blog, for it is they who had a big hand in ruining my life. Now with the actions of Putin that have predicatably kicked off, you can once more see just how useless they and our politicians are.

For they are quite happily welcoming the trash of the world illegally arriving on our shores via the Channel and in huge numbers, spending tax payers money to intercept their rubber dinghies with our Border Force vessels together, with our Lifeboats (which by the way are funded by the donations of the public and many who use boats and donate huge amounts) who are only supposed to rescue bona-fide sailers and not potential criminals. Then the Police and a whole host of do-gooders in Kent welcome them with open arms into Britain where they are quickly put up in hotels and given money etc.

Now contrast that with how these useless twerps have reacted to issuing visas to GENUINE refugees wanting to come to the UK-usually as they have family or friends here. Of course we know full well just how useless the Home Office is and has been for umpteen decades, at dealing with anything. For as I have repeatedly said CIVIL SERVANTS COLLECTIVELY, ARE ALL USELESS LAZY INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE A DRAIN ON THE PUBLIC PURSE. They are all responsible for making every government department in the land utterly 'NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE' and it's not just me who thinks that, but quite a lot of politicians who have opined that over the decades.

What with that useless woman Priti Patel (Pretty Awful Patel) who I cannot understand why she is still in her job, has proved once again to be a politician who is all talk and no action. Much like her useless boss Boris. He probably likes her because she is like him-all talk and no action! Compared with how the Europeans involved who have let the poor Ukranians in without any fuss or need for Visas. Our pollies and servants have said we need to make sure all these unfortunate Ukrainian women & kids are not terrorists or criminals.....Oh just like you did when over the decades you have allowed the UK to be flooded with such people. Just like-how such people seem to be able to just walk into the UK even after they have been kicked out. For to them, the UK is a gold mine because they know we are so useless at stopping their criminal ways so they can make so much money here at our expense.

Truly the British are ruled by oafs and incompetents and because of this we are too stupid to see that we could do as the Europeans are doing-let them all in unapposed and check up on them once in. DO only a quick check on their ID over in France. But of course those of us with more than two brain cells can see that to check them here, would mean our civil servants would have to get ORGANISED to do that. What one sees now is pathetic, no checks able to be made at Calais, but send the poor wretches back and over miles to Paris or Brussels where they will still face utter incompetence and few staff anyway, meeted out to them by our useless civil servants. As if they haven't already had to had to endure travelling over many miles.

Then you have to heap a whole load of blame onto all the politicians who are supposed to be running as Head Managers and the Ministers responsible, of all these departements. However many Minister are also useless and have no ability to understand and run ANY DEPARTMENT. You see that over & over especially when they make an utter balls up of all they do and are then shifted to shaft another department (like Miss Balls-up Patel). It all makes me want to lose the will to carry on living. 

Thursday, 20 January 2022


Anyone who has seen all the corrupt antics over the past weeks from not only Boris but many of the shower to be seen in his government and in the party in general, would have to be thick not to see that all the lying amounts to CORRUPTION. The dictionary states that corruption is "lacking in integrity and being dishonest" How better to describe what he has been doing not only lately, but ever since becoming PM. Of course a lot of what he comes out with is pure BULLSHIT, which when he is caught out, he then resorts to lying in order to deny his dishonesty, etc.

You will if you have read back posts, know I have no time for him or his poshboy type who infest our politics. Of course even the non ex Public schoolboy types in politics and elsewhere are also mostly in it for their own selfish ends. We peasants in the general public don't matter. Then there is the time I asked Boris to instigate an investigation into the criminality of the Barrister QC, one Hobbs QC who committed criminal acts against me. Of course I was clutching at straws because no way is a posh boy like Boris ever going to see that a fellow public schoolboy like him, is ever going to be investigated and jailed.

So we will have to carry on putting up with all this corruption being carried out at our taxpayers cost and whilst the country goes to pot. If you believe all the bull Boris throws us about how well we as a acountry are doing under him as compared to other countries, then you are a fool and deserve himand his ilk. For those with the ability to see the wood from the trees you will see that since 2006 I have had to suffer from the same levels of Establishment lying on a huge scale. The upper classes of this country are trained to lie just like Boris does, for they think they are so much more intelligent than we are, so they can get away with it because we are too think to be able to see it. Then if we do see it and accuse them as were are now doing with Boris, they like him are so intelligent they can easily think up excuse after excuse to fool us. 


Tuesday, 14 December 2021


Well right through this blog I have raged against the corruption of our governments including the Tory's and many of their MP's and PM's. For most of my adult life I could see how incompetent our once great country was now being run, by useless and incompetent civil servants and politicians.

So the revelations hitting our newspapers of late are of absolutely no surprise to me and I would like to see them all in HELL!! When are our supine and wet members of the Public going to wake up and force all the bastards out of office and vote for a clean & competent party into power, who will then go on to sort the whole mess out?? Probably a dream that will never come about.

In the last week I have read two articles by female writers; Jan Moir and Pippa Crera on highlighting what I have just said about the state of our country. But trying to contact any journalist these days is a futile act. All newspapers hide their journalists contact details and isn't that utter madness?? For if the public cannot get in touch with journos, how can the Public with stories like mine, ever get them out into the Public Domain?? Over past years I have written in to every newspaper about my experiences in as seen in this blog. Not one has even acknowledged receipt of my letter. So being able to speak directly with a journalist you can see could maybe take on such a story, is a must. Yet why do newspapers now block such approaches. OK some tell you to write into their 'NEWS DESK' email address, but doing so has never elicited a response. Not even letters directly to any Editor gets a response.

All that makes me wonder if the government has put me on a black list they have sent the media, telling them not to entertain any approach from me. Nothing these days would surprise that this is done, for why does the media ignore a story like mine that can categorically show with proof, that our government is corrupt, that our justice system is rotten to the core and definitely isn't the best in the world, which they constantly trumpet it is. 

Look at how the Establishment has treated Julian Assange. Both the US & the UK Establishments, that is. He exposed how the US Establishment was corrupt and look how they have ruined his life and it seems now that the Brit establishment is now going to help the Yanks put him away for life. My experiences in the US quickly showed me just what a corrupt nation they are and how their so called Justice system is a sick joke and that was in the 70's and since then it has got a whole load worse.

Then we have now recently more growing evidence almost on a daily basis on just how incompetent & corrupt all our Police Forces are. But especially the Met Police who you will see in this blog, how they dealt with my requests to investigate criminal acts. They did EXACTLY the same just recently over their responses as to them not wishing to investigate the 'political party scandals' But even worse, how they dealt with the recent murders of the 4 gay men plus of course other cases where they either refused to even start an investigation or cocked many up. Of course in this blog you will also see how they investigated me in the corrupt and criminal way they did.(And you should know that I was no criminal but a victim of one person and the government department-the IPO) How my efforts to bring them to justice was thwarted by the then IPCC. How they helped a criminal try to put me away so he could steal my business and the products I had designed, and how they wanted to help the IPO (a Gov department) get rid of me.



Thursday, 25 November 2021


PCC'S = Police & Crime Commissioners. My experience of these waste of spaces goes right back to when they first appeared. My local one was predictably an ex copper who had a somewhat clouded police history and no doubt saw this as a golden opportunity to earn a soft cushy and well paid job he could exploit and build up an empire he could extol in and  expand. Which is exactly what the swine went on to do. But looking after the public who vote him in was further from the front of his mind as I quickly found out.

For when I put to him the evidence that Dorset Police had 'perverted the course of justice' by one of their lowlife PC's altering a witness statement, they in effect were refusing to act against that lowlife copper. They should have sacked him but only told him off. 

Well the PCC predictably did nothing when this was reported to him and went on to do just this AGAIN over two more efforts to get him to do his job over two further instances of the DPS acting corruptly. Wind forward to just recently when this PCC's tenure came to a welcome end and a new waste of time appeared. I bumped into him when I was cleaning my classic car in my street and he and his wife appeared and took up a converstaion about classic cars, which mine was. It didn't take long for this bighead to tell me he was the 'New PCC' by the name of David Sidwick.

I told him that I hoped he wouldn't be as corrupt as the last waste of space. Of course he went on to assure me he would be the epitome of a fantastic PCC.......CLEANER THAN A SHEET WASHED IN OMO POWDER (If you remember their ads) Turned out he lives in the next street to me. Anyway eventually I sent him a letter offering to fill him in on what Dorset Police are really like, with some evidence that would shake his confidence in them. I told him he should know all that I could tell him about exactly what the DPS had done with me, so he would know what they are all really about. For they refused to investigate serious acts of perjury committed over 200 times in all the hearings over my IP and as seen in this blog on previous posts. How they lied and threatened me. Of course I got no reply so I resent it again and again got no reply. WELL PAR FOR THE COURSE I THOUGHT, AS ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO WORM THEIR WAY INTO SUCH CUSHY JOBS, ARE ALL ATTENTION SEEKERS, INTENT ONLY ON FILLING THEIR POCKETS WITH EASY MONEY AND GETTING INTO THE PUBLICS EYE BY MANY PUBLIC APPEARENCES ON TV ETC.

Now to show just what he really is about, today in our local paper there is an article on the fraud. In it he tells the interpid reporter just what a fanstastic & good PCC he is going to be. Amongst all the boasting he makes, he boasts he will be urging the Local Residents 'to speak out if they have concerns about policing matters.' Now isn't that just what I did.....ONLY TO BE IGNORED.!!!!!!! So this Joker is just another self interested money grubber, racketeer!! All talk and no action. He claims to have already had many face to face meetings-presumably with residents? BUT NOT INCLUDING MYSELF, AS HE PRESUMABLY KNEW I WOULD BE NO PUSHOVER TO BULLSHIT HIS WAY THROUGH ANY MEETING. 

It never ceases to infuriate me - these parasites who always seek out these easy civil service or political jobs and then they spend all their time making more money on the side and building up contacts in civvy street and doing as little as possible in their alleged full time job-at our expense! This so, for when they decide to leave public life having made a mint or even got the sack for inompetence, they just easily and quickly are seen to slide into another cushy well paid job set up by their previously made contacts and fellow parasites. Prime examples of this are Cameron & especially Blair-his predecessors. They all live in a circle of like minded frauds and they all look after each other in this way, covering their backsideds along the way. I hate them all !!