Thursday, 17 June 2021


 Many of you will have read in the papers and seen the TV news about this long running case, where a private investigater got an axe in his head in a London car park and some 30 odd years ago. There have been various TV documentaries on the case over the years. 

This case shows beyond doubt just how corrupt the British so called justice system and all of our Police are. I wil not relate all the details as they are long and you can look them up, but what is striking is that what the Met did is somewhat simliar to what they did to me. Plus in my case they connived with my local Police, the Dorset Police. All that is chronicled within this blog and detailed in my book'Justice Denied' which is on this blog.

To refresh your memory; my ex London agent (Busbridge) in his effort to steal my car manufacturing business and specifically my Trade Mark 'Viper' and sell it to Chrysler for a cool £1/2M posing as the owner of it. This started around 1991/2 while I was out of the country building a race car in Winterthur. At that time he employed on a part time basis a serving Met Police officer. Later he left the Met and worked for my ex agent, full time..

This toad used his connections within the Met to get them to investigate me on the trumped up charge that I forged the agency contract we had together. Quite why the Met would believe that had happened as why would I need to do that? It was a well known fact he was my agent and he featured in my car magazine adverts as such. It is obvious his friend used his connections to get them to act because early on in 1992 my ex agent went to the Met to ask them to investigate me and they gave him at that point, the bums rush. Yet later on in the 90's they suddenly changed their minds, thus making it obvious why they did so-the ex cop obviously got someone in the Met to give in to their request.

So in 1999 they passed the case onto the Dorset Police to charge me, but quite why they did that as the contract was served upon my agent in London and signed by him and his brother, there. No matter, they obviously colluded along the way with the Met and it was obvious to me that Dorset Police were acting on their behest, for they made sure that they worked the case, using corrupt methods, to nobble me.

They did that this way:- At that time I was still naive in that I then believed that basically the UK Police were honest in the way they would investigate such a case. For I asked myself why would they wish to nobble me using corrupt and criminal acts? So I co-operated fully and gave the officer investigating it the name of my best witness who would confirm that during my time abroad in 91/92, they put into operation their  plan to steal my car designs and try to sell my Trade Mark to Chrysler. They used the employment of this witness to manufacture a copy of my chassis, as he was an engineer and ex MOD, so well experienced to do this. He saw what else they were up to, over their acts to complete their high-jacking of my business etc.

I knew this man and on my meeting him in early 92, he told me what they were up to and that he would act as a witness for me if needed. He was then living in South London and near their factory unit.  So I obviously naively gave the investigating constable his name and address and told him that he would confirm that my ex agent was highjacking my business etc and that he knew they were my agents, which of course the ex-agent always denied they were. I high lighted to that constable, that this witness was my No 1 witness and his evidence would trash their case as their evidence could not be relied on!!

What did the Dorset Police then do, which in reality was a case of perverting the course of justice. They found he had left London and had gone to work in the West Country at Bideford. They visited him and I believe they threatened him in some way to disappear. I called at his flat and his place of work and indeed found that he had done just that.....overnight..... he packed it all in and disappeared from sight. Since then I have NEVER BEEN ABLE TO TRACE WHERE THIS GUY IS. ( TREVOR SANGSTER-JONES) The Police refused to divulge where he had gone and merely said he had refused to act as a witness. So what they did perverted the course of justice in a number of ways, I am sure you can work out what they were. 

Another way both the Met & Dorset Police carried on their criminal acts to stop me ever getting justice, was how they acted in 2010 after I had reached the end of the road with dealing with the criminality of the Intellectual Property Office. During the many Tribunal cases that I had to deal with from 2002 to 2010, my ex agent put in sworn statements of evidence to all those tribunals, that were absolutely full of lies and forged documentary evidence. Despite my protests to the IPO about all that, they just ignored whatever I said and even proved with evidence. So after the last fruitless Tribunal case of 2010 I put together a comprehensive dossier of all the over 200 cases of perjury committed. I set it all out with accompanying documentary evidence and in such a comprehensive and easy way to follow that even the thickest policeman could follow it all.

What the Dorset Police then did was pure corruption and criminality and they colluded with the IPO & the Met to do those illegal acts. The IPO told them no perjury had been committed and in any case perjury was not a criminal act......which is mind boggling in itself. So the DP used that as an excuse not to investigate and even also said  "In any case it all happened in the London area so nothing to do with us" When I protested that perjury indeed was a serius criminal act. I was threatened by the investigating officer, but of course he conveniently got one of his crony officers to sit in on that meeting, who predictably denied I had been threatened.  

So I then took that dossier to the Met Police and told them they have to investigate it al as it had taken place in London, but guess what. I got the same treatment from them and I got nowhere. Of course I complained to the then IPCC and I also got nowhere with them (they were proved to all be ex coppers on that mob of bastards) and it was all thus covered up and brushed under the carpet. All very similar to what went on with the Morgan case and all very similar to what went on with the Hillsborough case. The only difference is, that in those cases people lives were lost and in my case I am still here. But get this:- I came very close to losing my life over the stress of it all, especially after the 2000 forgery trial when I knew I could have gone to jail for at least 4 years. It was only because a Jury saw through it all as the Judge was definitely in on it all as he was obviously anti myself, so they lost. That gave me the massive heart attack in 2002. So in my case no one is interested and no one gives a shit in the whole justice system....right up to one ROBERT BUCKLAND QC THE CROOKED JUSTICE MINISTER AND EVEN TO BORIS THE CLOWN PM.....JUST LOOK UP WHAT THAT FAT BASTARD DID, BY READING THE POSTS ON HIM AND WHAT HE SAID IN HIS LETTER TO ME.


Monday, 31 May 2021


 Anyone who saw him speaking if only on various news programmes and also saw all the lies and personal abuse he got from all the politicians and pro government hacks and if having more than two brains cells, you would see just how corrupt it all is. The politicians, the civil servants, the pro gov media and all the deranged people who for some unknown reason just decided to hate Cummings.

Of course many belonged to the hordes of 'The Establishment Jills & Johnnies'. They viewed in Cummings, that he was just a working class usurper trying to muscle into their cosy protected lives. Trying to wreck things for them by exposing their uselessness, their hopeless incompetence and so on. They couldn't see that he had more brains and common sense than any of them, so they set out to wreck his life by any and all means.

He was wise to realise this and get the hell out of it all and I don't blame him one bit for doing that. Pity that while he was alongside the prats of the government and Cabinet, he did not make sure he secretly recorded and where possible videoed all the nosnsense that was going on around him. For that would have shut them all up in the aftermath and would have proved beyond doubt that what he told us was absolutely the truth. 

They of course tried to blacken him by constantly referring to his mistake of going to his parents place, but that was all they could dredge up. In doing so they completely ignored all the MP's who also broke Covid rules and the many in the Public who did as well. It was convenient for them to make it look like he was the ONLY one in the whole of the UK who committed this henious crime, which I would have done, had I been in his place and under the same strains as he was.

I sincerely hope he has more damning revelations he can come up with, in the future. Plus writing a comprehensive book of what he saw and heard whilst in government with if possible, documentary evidence. He should help to bring down Boris for he is truly the epitomy of the scourge we have to suffer in the UK-OF THE STRANGLEHOLD WE SEE,THAT THE POSH EX PUBLIC SCHOOL PRATS THAT INFECT ALL AREAS OF THE GOVERNANCE OF THE UK HAVE ON US. NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEY ARE ALSO SEEN HOLDING MOST 0F ALL HIGH OFFICE POSITIONS IN ALL BIG BRITISH COMPANIES. PLUS OF COURSE IN ALL OF OUR FORCES HIERARCHY.

I have seen this lot take my once great country down a never ending spiral dowwards to becoming a country run by idiots that have ruined almost everything that made it once great. Ruined our once great industries (that can be proved by just seeing how Germany who are a organised country and who quickly rebuilt up their industry from the ashes of WW2, to now be way ahead of us). Ruined our education systems, allowed our infrastructure to wither, along with our Armed Forces to the point that Russia or China could just walk into our country with the minimum of opposition. So we now have a population mostly uneducated and too stupid and apathetic to see all this, thus allowing it to go on. Their stupidity has been aided by the onset of the internet as this enabled others to infect young brains with nonsense. This latest spat with Cummings etc only shows those of us who have the brains and foresight to be able to see how hopeless it all now is.

Friday, 14 May 2021


 I came across this website recently and saw that at least one person has the guts and capacity to take on the ESTABLISHMENT and all their corruption, illegalities and criminal actions, plus how they get away with it. Much of what you will see exposed on the that site, by reading the various stories of other peoples experiences of being stitched and stuffed up by our thoroughly corrupt governments (Tory & Labour),plus civil servants and our hopelessly useless and corrupt justice system, can also be seen in this blog. For what they did to me in all the various ways they employed, you will see they employed exactly the same practices against all the subjects exposed in the various stories on this site.

However the question is WILL SUCH STORIES EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE?? For I came to the inescapable conclusion some years ago that the only way we the peasants (this is what these bastards think we all are) can ever do away with all those who choose to enter into all avenues of governence in order to live a soft cushy life filling their pockets with our cash, is to govern our country in a different way to how it is now. But after a life time of observing the British Public is that too many are hopelessly apathetic and lazy, to rise up against it all and force a change.

We are constantly bombarded by the Establishment that we should be proud to live in a DEMOCRACY, and that the UK is the cleanest and oldest DEMOCRACY in the World. If you believe any of that utter guff .........YOU ARE HOPELESSLY DELUDED AND NO DOUBT BRAINWASHED !! What we members of the 'British Peasantry' have to live in is absolutely not true democracy, for we are helpless to change anything for if we rage on at the bastards as I and others do, we get nowhere. For they have such a hold on us that they are impregnable. The BASTARDS know, as they have done against me and those highlighted in the stories seen on 'Intelligence UK' that they have such a hold on how this country is run, that they can do exactly what they like. Ignore our protestations at will for what can we do?? Even those who do have money-enough to take their cases to a court, can still get nowhere for the Judges  and the whole of our justice system is also hopelessly corrupt. 

The way I see it there is only one way any country can ever be governed cleanly and mostly corruption free, is to have a system that is run by the PUBLIC. That party politics is done away with and Parliament is made up of MP's that we can still elect to do OUR bidding. One can see that the system that is employed in Switzerland where I lived for a while, has a system partly along these lines and I can tell you that country is governed far better than we are-hence why it is the richest and cleanest country in the World. In other words MP's would have to go to the Public and ask what WE WANT DOING AND HOW!! by way of many referendums. It would be possible to design such system and if done it would do away with party political politicians as they are now, afraid to carry out actions for fear of offending their followers and them losing votes from them. Anyone protesting about actions taken in any area of governence could then be told that 'the people have spoken and this is what they want done'....end of story.....of course that will never happend as it would take away from th so called ruling classes as of now, the ability to go on shamelessly lining their pockets a la Cameron et al.

Saturday, 24 April 2021


 No doubt you have read what he said about his fellow Politcians who he had to work with when he was in government as an advisor. He slated them in no uncertain terms and in doing so was echoing exactly my thoughts on the rabble. He showed them up for what they mostly all are....a self serving, lying, untrustworthy RABBLE led by a fat slob of an ex Public school poshboy who lies all the time and isn't fit to run a whelk stall let alone this once great country. A country brought down to its now low levels by a mob of idiots who couldn't run the proverbial piss-up in a brewery, including a so called Justice System that is absolutely broken.

A so called Justice System that has just brought the curtain down on Britains worst example of an injustice ever seen. Whilst what it did to me isn't on the same scale, I personally have suffered in much the same way as many of those Postmasters have. Luckily for them as they were attempting to obtain justice against a COMPANY, namely the Post Office, so were able to find Barristers willing to take on their cases on Pro-Bono. I was attempting to get justice against the very Justice System itself. SO IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO FIND ANY BARRISTERS WILLING TO TAKE ON THEIR OWN BOSSES AND A SYSTEM THEY WORKED WITHIN. ALL TOO SCARED OF LOSING THEIR JOBS OR WHATEVER. 


Monday, 19 April 2021


Well this latest example of just how corrupt our politicians are can be seen throughout this blog I started 13 years ago and is corroborated by the documentary evidence I have supplie in it. Yet while our press media have constantly ignored my pleas to expose my case, they are happy to bleat on now about Cameron and all that, as if they have just realised how all of Westminster is as corrupt as hell. Not only Westminster but also the whole of our civil service AND our so called Justice System are riddled with corruption.

I wrote to Cameron when he was PM and gave him details of what his government was allowing to be heaped upon me  AND WHAT DID HE DO??.....TOTALLY IGNORED MY LETTER. ......TO BUSY  LINING UP DEALS TO FILL HIS POCKETS AND HE'S STILL AT IT. BORIS IS NO BETTER EITHER.

The sickening thing is, is that so many thousands of poor Brits are ignored by our overpaid and useless Politicians. When we go to them over us being walked all over by the Establishment and having our lives ruined by corrupt and incompetent politicians and government and not forgeting our justice system that is absolutely broken as well as self serving and corrupt and ignores we who fund it.

Thursday, 25 March 2021


Reading today in the newspapers about the five fishermen who were stiched up for crimes anyone with more than two brain cells could see could not have been committed by them. From day one I have thought they could not have been guilty of importing a huge amount of drugs and that all of the alleged evidence against them was highly circumstantial.

For a start the organisation required to set it all up would have meant that there would have been evidence of them being in a gang and having the time and money to set it up. Not a shred of evidence that was the case was ever shown. They were well known fishermen and anyone with knowledge of boats and navigation of same and sailing in the waters of the south of the Isle of Wight as I have, would see it was all made up by the police and CPS and what this is all about is similar to what I suffered from our justice system. In other words the system needed to stitch someone up and they were handy to do that to. The so called evidence was organised to fit what happened and apply to this unfortunate crew who happened to be in the vacinity of the drop off of the drugs found floating in containers, presumably waiting to be picked up by a gang.

Today they lost an appeal against their long convictions and their defence lawyers bitterly complained about that appeal, that ignored radar evidence that they could not have have been close enough to the container ship that allegedly dropped it off, to be picked up. (The defendents never went anywhere near the floating drugs and no drugs or evidence of involvement was ever found on their trawler or homes) They also complained that the prosecution withheld evidence that would have helped the men to be exonerated. This is all par for the course in British trials and has happened to me in a minor case when some woman who wanted to sell her car and get it tarted up, accussed me of scratching it and that enabled her to get it resprayed. When I bitterly complained to the CPS, the way they treated my complaints and the way was I was treated and dealt with was on a par with this case.

 My point is that our justice system and all in it are corrupt as hell and will do ANYTHING to hide the real facts and thus get away with their corrupt and criminal behaviour. THEY SIMPLY WILL NEVER ADMIT TO ANY FAILINGS. A lot of which are also down to their staggering incompetence. Their lawyers did not hold back on their scathing remarks about our Judges and the CPS and the whole UK Justice system including the appeals system was refreshing to hear and mirrored exactly what I have long thought and said and can be seen in this blog. 

They also point out that justice in the UK can only be BOUGHT by rich people which also applied to me. You can see over the years many other examples of all this in all the cases where other poor unfortunates have suffered at the hands of our corrupt legal entities and system. HOW NICE IT IS TO HAVE TO LIVE IN A COUNTRY WHERE THIS HAPPENS WITH SICKENING REGULARITY AND KNOWING IT WILL NEVER END, AS OUR RULING CLASSES HAVE IT ALL STITCHED UP LIKE A KIPPER.    


Tuesday, 19 January 2021


You will have seen in recent previous posts that I asked my useless MP, one poshboy-Tobias Ellwood to ask this Justice Minister, why Hobbs QC has never been acted against re his perverting the course of justice. To give him my written outline of the facts of my case and the transcript that showed all the illegal goings on and ask him to investigate same.

You will also see that he lied through his back teeth, right throughout his reply letter. You will also have seen how my useless 'Tobias the Hero' MP failed to stick up for me and complain on my behalf when I pointed out to him all the mistakes and lies in Bucklands reply to him-obviously he didn't want to blot his copy book with the Tory Heirachy and spoil his chances of advancement etc. Then, he in as many words told me to bugger off and stop annoying him.

I then was forced to send 'His Majesty Buckland', a letter outlining all his mistakes and lies. I had to do that as really, the arrogant bastards who are Ministers like to have you write to them via your MP, as they are too high and mighty to directly deal with mere peasants like me !! As 'Tobias the Hero' obviously had banished me, I couldn't do that. So my first letter to 'His Majesty Buckland' was sent on the 12th Feb 2020 outlining all of his lies and mistakes......PREDICTABLY IT WENT UNANSWERED......AS DID THE 2ND REMINDER LETTER OF THE 28th MARCH 2020......AND THE 3rd LETTER OF THE 20th SEPTEMBER 2020.

Well as you should now have gathered, all this is par for the course with our wonderful and CORRUPT politicians, as all they want to do is hide all their transgressions and those of their buddies in arms in the REST OF THE ESTABLISHMENT- TO HIDE THEIR CRIMINALITY AND CORRUPTNESS ETC.


 This letter from Buckland  to 'Ellwood the Hero' was dated 7th October 2018. NOTE THE HANDWRITING APPEARS QUITE CHILDLIKE....Is this the level of this individual, who is don't forget......the TOP Justice man in the UK ??? 

ALSO NOTE:- This letter is in reply to my several pages precis of the case facts AND a 46 page Transcript  to show him what Hobbs QC did AND the 6 page legal opinion paper of a criminal Barrister I got to study all the goings on in that hearing, as seen in the transcript.....YET ALL WE GET FROM THIS TYPICAL MEMBER OF THE ESTABLISHMENT, IS A ONE PAGE LETTER FULL OF LIES AND MISTAKES. 


Robert Buckland MP,

Secretary of State for Justice,

Ministry of Justice,

102, Petty France,




Dear Mr Buckland,



I am being forced to send you this letter because the letter you sent me via Tobias Ellwood my MP, dated the 7th October 2019, showed me that either Mr Ellwood fed you information that was totally incorrect, or more likely, someone in the MoJ has deliberately fed you a doctored account in order to get you to write a reply, to fob me off. Mr Ellwood knew what the correct facts were, as I gave him documents showing them all- A TRANSCRIPT & A BARRISTERS OPINION DOCUMENT ON ALL THE UNLAWFUL ACTS COMMITTED BY HOBBS PLUS A BRIEF RUNDOWN ON THE RELEVANT FACTS. For what you have said bears absolutely no relation to the true facts. I am determined that you will see the true facts, so at this stage I will just comment on the inaccuracies of all that you said in your letter. If you tell me that you will investigate what the MoJ and the GLD have failed to do, plus the acts of Hobbs, I will send you the full facts and copies of the backing, irrefutable documentary evidence.

After wasting 9 months of my time during which Ellwood in effect achieved nothing, he has seen fit to engineer excuses to now tell me that he refuses to handle my requests for answers, despite initial promises he would. This by accusing me of abusing and threatening him, but he has not supplied me with any evidence of this, despite my asking for that.

I would hope that you, especially after recent remarks you have made to newspapers about the justice system in the UK, will have the decency to look into my complaints. For all the departments that you are responsible for have over the years since 2010, denied me JUSTICE, again and again, by lying on a grand scale. Their behaviour and willingness to brush serious criminal behaviour by one of their own, under the carpet, is absolutely outrageous. I am determined to expose all this if you carry on the same way. What has happened to me has driven a coach and horses right through the UK Justice System and makes a mockery of oft repeated statements like those made by you and other politicians. Like the recent one made by a Tory MP, that we in the UK have the best Justice System in the world- what a sick joke. Today it is an absolute shambles as you well know and because of what it has been done to me, I now know it is full of corruption too.

I will now, paragraph by paragraph, comment on all the statements you made in that letter that bore no relationship to the complaint I had made to the GLD and the MoJ, starting at the end of 2018.

I have numbered the paragraphs so you can easily identify my comments.

The first mistake you made is in the heading - “COURT CASE”, because there was NO COURT CASE and you repeated that mistake in Para1 by saying “about his court case.” I did not have a court case !!!

Para 2. You say “He is unhappy with the handling of his case” and “court staff at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court based at the Royal Courts of Justice”

THE TRUE FACTS: All my complaints have been about what went on at an alleged Tribunal Hearing held in the IPO’s London Office situated in Bouverie Stand in 2006. Even though what was supposed to be discussed at this ‘alleged’ Appeal, concerned a Trade Mark registered to me. The ‘alleged appeal’ was brought about by my ex London business agent and was officiated by a barrister (Hobbs QC) acting as an ‘Appointed Person’. He was supplied by the Treasury Solicitors/GLD (who deny they supply A/P’s to the IPO-one of many lies told me by every justice department you oversee, even in the face of an email from the IPO confirming this fact) You must note that I was refused attendance at this hearing even though it discussed matters that were about a Trade Mark registered to me !! That was unlawful, as was what the IPO did, after the event.

Para 3. The whole of this paragraph is totally inapplicable, because no appeal hearing actually took place as IT WAS DROPPED !! So no decision of any sort for you to comment on, nor any decision I could appeal!!! (which in any case, would one be able to appeal a decision made in an alleged hearing, one never took part in???) My Trade Mark was eventually taken from me in 2010 (unlawfully) and what went on at this bogus appeal hearing was responsible for that eventuality. Thus making it a ‘pivotal point’ in my battle for justice. I call the hearing, bogus, as what it was IN FACT, was no more than a cosy meeting between my ex agent, Hobbs QC and Mr James, a law officer from the IPO, where they discussed how Busbridge, my ex agent, could circumvent a previous hearing (By a Mr Landau) which went against him and this meant I had won that hearing.

The transcript of that bogus appeal hearing shows that Hobbs unlawfully gave Busbridge legal advice (46 pages of it) as to how he could circumvent that judgement that went against him. And he made scathing remarks about me when I was not in a position to defend myself. THIS IS ALL UNLAWFUL.

Para 4. The whole of this paragraph is yet another is a prime example of the unmitigated chicanery and blatant lies that I’ve had to endure coming from from EVERY justice department I’ve been forced to have to turn to. The whole of Mr Collins letter is a farrago of lies and he constantly makes statements he knows are lies. He had the true facts, because I had given the true facts to Mr Guake. Once again he knew THERE HAD BEEN NO DECISION and he knew that I had no money to take anything to any Court, especially the HIGH COURT. Hence why I wrote to Mrs May and then to Mr Gauke.

I replied to Mr Collins dreadful letter, full of garbage and lies, with none of it remotely to do with what I had complained about. I completely demolished his letter by stating all the mistakes that amounted to deliberate lies and I gave him the true facts. Needless to say Mr Collins did not even reply, hence why I wrote to Mrs May and then to Mr Gauke.

Para 5. Given what I have told you above, it is clear that all that you said in this paragraph is simply inapplicable and is so far from what actually happened that I wonder how you could have written it. You haven’t seen that I only went to the PHSO AFTER the MoJ had acted in exactly the same way as every justice department and manager within them had, that I had gone to. This by lying, twisting the facts to read a different story, passing the buck onto yet another department, sweeping it under the carpet as they don’t ever want this to see the light of day. In effect treating me like I was an idiot that couldn’t see what they were up to. Which was and is; to get rid of my request to investigate the criminal acts of one of their own. It is as bad as the Police investigating the Police or solicitors investigating themselves and so on. Are you going to carry on this cover up ?

Paras 6 & 7 These show again, that either you were never given all the documents containing the FACTS or you chose to ignore them. For I had, in the documents given to Tobias Ellwood, explained that since 2007 I had gone to EVERY entity in the justice system with my case and my complaints and had given the TRUE FACTS and this obviously has taken years to do, due to how slow every one is. So it follows that all the suggestions you gave for me to take note of, had long ago already been done. Of course all the outcomes have been the same. Namely outright refusals to look into the case, denials that they were the correct people to approach, lies on a monumental scale and so on. All that OBVIOUSLY took years and meant that in the end I had to approach the GLD, the MoJ, and various Ministers including the PM Mrs May, but the outcomes were always the same. Brush it under the carpet, deny everything as he’s probably too stupid to know what to do and hope he will eventually give up and go away. They picked the wrong person to do this to.

Well I am not stupid, but an intelligent man of 79 who has seen more of the World and business, as an engineer, than most have. So you can take it that I am not going to be fobbed off and WILL get this exposed one way or another, if it is not dealt with. Hobbs QC who has a very high reputation in his field, but what he did puts all that and UK Justice into disrepute AND SHOWS THE LEVEL OF CORRUPTION THAT IS WITHIN IT. You are the last entity on my list, so I look forward to seeing that at least there is someone within the UK Justice world who is honest…..for a change and you can prove this by stating your willingness to see that what Hobbs QC did, is investigated and he gets what he’s due for his criminality. To remind you there is no time limit on investigating criminal acts...this is used as yet another excuse. If you tell me this is what you will do I will then provide you with copies of all the irrefutable documentary evidence, as I’ve already said.

Yours faithfully,



Robert Buckland MP, House of Cormous, London, SWIA-OAA. 

28th March. 2020. 

Dear Mr Buckland, 


I wrote this letter to you expecting that you of all people would reply. I enclose a copy of that letter and I still expect a response and not one where you, like all before you, show that all you wish to do is fob me off, so the problem I am presenting you with ..... will go away.

 I will not go away and if this problem does again not get dealt with, it will be to the British media I will go to report the whole thing to. IE how the British Justice & Polical Establishment has and is using it power to shut up a member of the public in order to deny him JUSTICE. Maybe you have trained your staff at the Ministry of Justice to intercept such letters so as not to bother you over such piffling matters and in order to hide their own disgraceful behaviour in these matters. Hence I have sent you this letter to Parliament rather than to the MOJ address. Will it make any difference I wonder??

Yours faithfully, 




Robert Buckland MP,

House of Commons,



20th September.2020.

Dear Mr Buckland,


Last year I sent to you via my MP an explanatory letter, copy of a transcript and copy of a Barristers opinion. Or at least that is what Tobias Ellwood should have given you, but he would not advise me as to exactly what he did give you. I wonder why?

I was asking you to investigate or at least order an investigation into the criminal actions of a well know Barrister, Mr Hobbs QC. I told you that EVERY avenue of complaints procedures with EVERY justice system avenue I could approach had only resulted in lies, lies and more lies as the Justice system attempted to defend one of their own. With the obvious intention to brush it all under the carpet…...”Oh we can’t have the British Justice System shown to be CORRUPT”

You, a person responsible for our justice system in all its forms, one of two top people in the system, behaved lamentably. You wrote a letter to me via Ellwood MP, that was FULL of lies and did not deal WITH ONE of the many facts I gave you. It was clear to me that rather than dealing with it yourself you merely pushed onto one of your minions in the justice system and it ended up on the desk of a Mr Collins in the HMCTS, when the case had nothing to do with any court case that had actually taken place. Collins some time before when I had written to Mrs May, had also been given the task of fobbing me off with lie after lie, as if I were some cretin unable to see what you were all up to. So he merely repeated on your behalf all his previous lies and misinformation. He refused to answer my then letter to him about all his lies-predictably !

I thus wrote to you on the 12th of Feb this year outlining all the lies and misinformation in your letter, fed you by Collins and asking you to deal with this….YOU KINDLY IGNORED THIS !!

So as this letter had been sent to you at the MOJ, I knew some toe-rag will have waylaid it. So I sent you a follow up letter on the 28th March which AGAIN YOU KINDLY IGNORED.

Because of COVID I reasoned that it was probably a waste of time at that time trying further. HOWEVER your hypocritical announcements to the press in the very recent weeks about how you could not stand by and see Boris break the law over his fight with the EU, has made me so angry that I am now back on this case and re-doubling my attempts to get this sordid case exposed or at least investigated (But then who can I trust to investigate it, when for 10 years plus, all I have see and received, is lies and corruptness from EVERYONE in all the various departments within your justice system?????? Well you certainly were willing to stand by and see the law broken again and again-in my case……..but then I don’t belong to the Establishment like you do and I never went to Public school either…..I AM JUST A DOESN’T MATTER, FACELESS MEMBER OF THE BRITISH PUBLIC!! Someone you can shit on all you like.

Well I am not going to give up on this and if there is again no action from you, it is to the media I am going and as you have been in the media a lot just recently, maybe they will sit up and take some notice? Take your pick Mr Buckland. Copies of relevant letters you have ignored-ENCLOSED.




" Time and again victims tell me they feel let down by the system" 

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT- The arrogant bastard says that, yet when I am trying to get HIM to do something about how I have been TOTALLY LET see how he handled that.


Of course the only blessing I can say is that, were I in Russia I would have been eliminated long ago....