Friday, 6 June 2008

Intellectual Property Office & complaints about them. The beginning.

Why are you raging mad? You may well ask this, and I aim to show you why over the coming months. How incompetent civil servants can ruin your life with their blithering incompetence and how you can never get them to admit to their mistakes. How you cannot get JUSTICE in this country unless your rich of course. As a mere peasant you stand no chance, and of course they know this and therefore can go on their merry incompetent ways screwing you up, secure in the knowledge they will never have to pay for it. Only the cockroaches of this society get legal aid for their criminal ways, you and me the law abiding can get stuffed!
So stand by for my raging and ranting story that will curl your toes and make you glad not to have had to suffer what I did, or just maybe you too have been stuffed and stitched up by the ruling classes of this once great society. Keep reading and you will learn.

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