Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Of course it was a foregone conclusion that I would mount an appeal against the perverse decision by Hearing Officer Foley, last year. The reasoning he used to allow the rectification of the Trade Mark Registry to amend their records and show that R>Busbridge owned the Trade Mark Viper, was flawed in a number of areas.
Firstly saying that a bankrupt person need not lose an application made to register a T/M is perverse, especially when you have their own CEO saying they would. Secondly saying that in a partnership that breaks up, the partner that continues with the business would automatically be said to have legitimately taken over the other partners 50% share of the assets, merely by giving a indemnity against any future problems, even though no such legal document exists to prove that took place, is also perverse. So here we go again in this 17 year fiasco of incompetence and snail like progress that you can only get with British civil servants, thus forcing me into another legal fight.
This time it will be an appeal by me in front of what they call "An appointed person" who is supposed to be independent, but who in reality, really is a servant (indirectly) of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) I have a 6th April date in front of a Professor of Law at a university, who takes such appeals. I do not have much faith that they will be truly independent. QC Hobbs who heard the appeal by Busbridge in 2007 turns out to be a big wheel with the IPO and used by them all the time, and this showed in this case when I got the transcripts of that hearing. It was just a biased hearing which turned out to be no more than a "free advice session" to advise Busbridge on how to stuff me up and get round his legal problems and the decsions that went against him. In my case this person happens to be a woman and by the sounds of it may be Asian. (if Annand is an Asian name??) So we shall see, but I am not holding my breath.
To get a Judicial Review you have to exhaust all avenues to get your justice, and after this appeal I will have done that. So then it will be a matter of trying to find a lawyer who will take my case on, as in this wonderful country of ours where only the criminals and immigrants get unlimited free legal aid, white indigenous Brits like me who are not criminals, can go fuck ourselves. Only the rich get justice as they can afford it. On top of this lawyers these days are only interested in heaps of dosh and people being able to access to justice, is a foreign field to them. Will I be able to find an enlightened lawyer.........place your bets now!!

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