Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

I have now put in my official complaint letters both to the TSol over the hearing in front of Hobbs QC and to the CEO of the IPO whoever that is these days. I have sent copies to my MP, for what that is worth?????

Information has come to light which could blow this case wide open, and I am just waiting for the right time to release that. It will be interesting to see what the IPO then have to say for themselves. Watch this space.
Had I realised back at the Reynolds hearing back in 2004 that if I had used the trial transcript
to show that Busbridge was perjuring himself, I may have been able to get those oafs, the IPO to see that Busbridge's evidence was flawed and not reliable. However this just shows that when people like me who cannot afford to use expensive IP lawyers, we end up not getting justice thanks to the way the IPO runs itself and it's stupid laws and rules.

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