Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

For some 13 months now I have been trying to get our wonderful Police force to charge the liar conman with multiple counts of perjury. The IPO over the years since 2002 have steadfastly refused to even look at perjury for reasons which I think I know why, but of course proving it is my next big job. Anyway I gave my local plod idiots an official notification of all the counts of perjury and all the documentary evidence that proved it had been committed.
What do they do, they get straight on the phone to the IPO and they talk them out of doing anything. I can imagine the tale they span them, like I am a nutter hell bent on causing trouble and everything had been dealt with by them and there was no problems to be dealt with etc, etc. They came back to me, and this was last August and said that the IPO were best placed to deal with it and I should give them the chance to do that at the last hearing that was coming up.
The one last January.
Well of course as you will have seen they did not deal with it, and so in August when I found that out, I went back to them. They messed me about for weeks and weeks and it seemed that they were not going to do anything. So I kept pushing them by giving them a concise list of each and every act of perjury, forgery and perverting the course of justice committed since 2002, plus the documentary evidence to back up each allegation. Still nothing, then after complaining to their Inspector that nothing was happening, I was suddenly told after three months of being messed around that they will not do anything. Their excuse being that it was not committed in their area. This completely ignoring the fact that they charged me with perjury on a bunch of perjured lies from conman, back in 1999 and for alleged perjury committed in London. It is so clear that they have been brainwashed by the IPO.
So folks if a murder you know has been committed in Hampshire it would be a waste of time going to our Dorset Dickheads because they won't want to know! Well I suppose that is what you get with a load of country bumpkins acting as coppers!!!
I also had to put up with these raving corrupt dickheads saying that the IPO had said that it was impossible for conman to have committed perjury, as all the statements had been heard in a tribunal where no oath had been taken. Another example of corrupt excuses from the IPO as we all know that statements made to tribunals come under the same Perjury Act 1911 (amended).
They think you are so stupid that you will believe this lying shit.
So the fight goes on in a number of fresh ways and it is nowhere near over yet, so Lying Conman Busbridge if your reading this I will get you in the end, asshole! One way or the other,legally!
Now I have also reported the corruption committed by the corrupt Judge Hobbs QC at the appeal hearing by conman in 2005, which I have reported way back in this blog, to Kenneth Clarke. This as he is the Head of the Judiciary. Of course this blubbery, scruffy oaf, didn't even have the decency and nor did his staff, to acknowledge receipt of my complaint. So that necessitated getting my MP to act once more as a postman and deliver a second copy of the first one and in person. A month has gone by and still not a peep. I am taking bets as to how that will end up.
This is so far, a never ending campaign by the Establishment to cover up for each other. Not one department has EVER dealt with the criminal acts of this conman.
I urge anyone reading this blog to read an excellent book by a David Fraser called "A Land Fit for Criminals" Now immediately the title says it all and I have only read a few pages and already he has come out with some statements that are so parallel with what I think. I quote:-
"Every year 30 million people are victimised by criminals.
The book is aimed at the general public to help them understand how and why our justice system disrupts and disadvantages them, rather than the CRIMINALS!
It identifies the justice systems preoccupation with the offender.
They are driven by ideology and cost saving and are no longer interested with the protection of the Public.
It highlights the harmful effect of crimes on its victims and the lack of recognition by Parliament, civil servants, and criminal justice practitionersof its corrosive effect on the standard of life and general well-being of millions of people.
Alienation of the public by the police and the jusicial system in general....and the failure to provide justice and retibution for victims.
All spoke of their total failure to get local politicians, MP's, criminal justice officials or indeed anyone to take any notice of their desperate situation."

You can apply all those statements to my case with this conman and all the assholes in the civil service that I have been forced to deal with. It is 10 years since he wrote those words and as the very same situation is still here with us, that shows that nothing changes and never will until the Revolution, as they say.

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