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Corrupt Police & IPO-how they aided a crook.

IPO = Intellectual Property Office.

This is the thoroughly corrupt mob of unmitigated bastards, who prompted me to start this blog way back in 2008. In 2010 after they helped a criminal steal my Intellectual Property off me, in the form of my Trade Mark applied to a sportscar I manufactured and thus ended that business. I went to the equally corrupt Dorset Police to try to get them to investigate the massive amount of perjury that the IPO refused to deal with. All perpetrated by the crook called BUSBRIDGE.

I knew that the DORSET POLICE had spoken at length to the IPO and also sent and received emails about me. I saw one of them, when the thick cop mistakenly sent me a copy. So under the Freedom of Information Act, I requested all copies of all letter and emails that went betwen the two of them. Plus details of phone calls. As is usual with ALL our corrupt institutions they only sent me a couple; one of which was the one already sent me by mistake by plod.

Now today I was looking through my records and came across those they disclosed and you should  think on them, for they show the mindset of not only the IPO, but of course our wonderful Dorset Police. It also show just what I was up against during ALL my dealings, not only with the IPO but then the Dorset Police. I shows just how corrupt all these bastards are and how it is impossible to get justice against them.

First I got a copy of what they call a 'File Note' and this raises the question of:- My dealings with the IPO started in 2002 after Chrysler threw the towel in, after I'd won against their trying to steal my Trade Mark 'Viper'. That meant the IPO now had to give me registration of that. Before that, ALL contact with the IPO was through firstly my Patent Agent and then a lawyer AND NOT ME!!. So direct contact started in 2002 when the IPO, minutes after giving me registration told me they were allowing Busbridge my crook ex agent, who tried to sell MY TRADE MARK to Chrysler for £1/2M saying they owned it !!!! and now the bastard was trying it on through the IPO. Obviously I was very annoyed with the IPO for they knew full well who he was and that he had no legal ownership of that T/M, as he'd been a witness for Chrysler and his involvement with me and the T/M was given in my evidence. Yet here they were allowing him to oppose my recent registration!! WHAT WAS GOING ON ??

After I got his statement of facts, as to why he thought he and not me had ownership of this T/M. I was predictably 'MAD AS HELL' as it was full of lies and forged documents that they had allowed into evidence knowing, given the past history and evidence at the Chrysler hearing, full well it was all lies and not backed up with REAL LEGAL evidence. So on that score I rang the IPO to complain and this is what some jumped up clerk noted about my call:-

Headed "Copy of a filenote Jan 04"........"There is a great deal of history between X (Busbridge my ex agent and a crook).....MR COOK CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT" !!!!! Just get that will you!!!!.If you stand up for your rights against ANY government department civil service shite, you are immediately classed as 'DIFFICULT'. No you should shut-up and say nothing.
For a start how did the IPO know anything about any dealings I'd had between myself and Busbridge before that note was written??????? I had had no direct dealings with Busbridge from 1992 to 2004 as all dealings were through my Patent Agent or a lawyer and they were not endless, so why say 'a great deal'? One wonders if they had dealings with Busbridge behind my back and had listened to all he had to say about me and no doubt slagging me off, or of course, did Chrysler have things to tell them and to try and influence them against me? I would not put that apst them.
As the only dealings to then, that the IPO had with me, is when in 2002 I dealt with their CEO a woman called Brimilowe, when I made a formal complaint that they were allowing Busbridge to oppose me, given what I've noted above. All within my rights to do so. Yet here we see that already the IPO was viewing me in a very negative and personal way. They are supposed to be scrupulously independent

I was also given another ' file note' this time dated July 2010 and that was after the IPO has successfully stuck the boot well into me, by taking my Trade Mark off me and don't forget what was said when they did that. For the hearing officer at that time said this :- "It will be as if Mr Cook had NEVER ever been given registration !" and that tells you EXACTLY what the IPO thought of me and how they had manipulated events from 2004 onwards, as recorded in this blog and to get to the position that they could kick me in the teeth and take what I'd previously and legally proved I owned. So you have to read these comments in the light of all that.

For now, they in an email to the Dorset Police who had contacted them (and why did they do that?) when I asked them to investigate all that perjury that the IPO had refused to ever investigate. So they go running to the IPO and they all get together to facilitate the demolition of myself. So they said:-
" Please see the attached document below as requested" (one has to ask why did the DPA ask for my blog details and who told them about it.....the IPO of course and WHY?)," a link to Mr Cook's blog. Some of the entries I found extremely shocking and offensive, so be aware if you do read it" !!!!!!!!!! Incredible!!!!!!

Now all that just shows you how the corrupt DPA and the IPO worked together to demolish me and my corrupt is that?? First of all just how did the IPO even know I wrote a blog which up to then was entirely on how they had behaved corruptly and had forced me to go to the police. All is there for one to read if you wish so read all entries before July 2010 and ask yourself....'is any of this shocking and offensive'???? Obviously the IPO are sticking the boot in and intent on making me out to be a MONSTER, because I attacked them and of course in typical civil service attitudes, we have no right to defend our rights and positions!!

What are the IPO were doing here and only God knows what they discussed with the DPA in telephone calls between them? But it is very clear that as I say, they were intent to get the Police not to investigate, by slagging me off and it worked. For the Police TOLD ME THAT THEY WERE AWARE OF MY BLOG AND WHAT WAS IN IT, AS IF I'D BROKEN THE LAW. THAT SAID TO TELL ME THEY THOUGHT I WAS NOT WORTHY OF GETTING AN INVESTIGATION AND INDEED THEY TOLD ME THAT THE IPO HAD SAID THAT PERJURY HADN'T BEEN COMMITTED AND IN ANY CASE IT WAS A 'CIVIL MATTER'.WHICH IS A GROSS LIE!! Thus the Police after slagging me off in a very aggressive manner, refused to investigate......all documented in this blog.

But what I am trying to get over to you after having re-seen these filenotes and comments, is just how corrupt the IPO and Dorset Police of course, are and that they stopped at nothing to take my legally owned trade mark off me (that I'd had to prove TO THEM, that I did legally have rights to it, that back in 1996), knowing full well I could not fight back by taking it to the High Court and to stop the Police from arresting Busbridge for CRIMINAL OFFENSES.

The Dorset Police and the MET Police who also spoke to the IPO over all this, with the same results for me. But worse still, is that I knew full well that there were masses of documents to do with me that they never gave up and they say that they were entitled not to give up certain documents so you wonder what was in those? Many would hold personal comments about me that if I'd seen them could have proved beyond doubt that the IPO were behaving corruptly and were determined that for some reason, they did not want me to ever own that Trade Mark. I have my thoughts as to why that is but will I ever be able WITHOUT THE HELP OF OTHERS, TO GET INTO THEIR RECORDS ON ME AND THIS CASE, AS THEY HAVE THWARTED ALL MY EFFORTS TO DO THIS LEGALLY, AND WITH IMPUNITY.  My efforts to complain about this to the ICO got nowhere as all Ombudsmen are a CON ON THE BRITISH PUBLIC....and that has been the subject of newspaper articles on this corrupt and expensive mob....the ICO.

As an aside I believe that Chrysler had a great deal to do with how the IPO behaved towards me from day one. At the time they were the 3rd largest car manufacturer in the World and we all know how corrupt large Yanky corporations are. They stop at nothing to get their way and pay off anyone they feel they have to, to get their own way. When they bought out their big 'Viper' sportscar, they wanted to sell it all over Europe and poured a huge amount of money into setting up a sales and marketing efforts Europewide. This included setting up a 'single car model, race series' all over Europe. They had successfully registered the Viper name all over Europe and here was a'pipsqueek' little company like mine stopping them registering it here in the UK. That meant the races they held here could not  even mention the word 'VIPER' in all the build up and marketing. They could not even call their cars 'Viper' here in the UK (which of course they even tried on until I put a stop at that) and at all those race meetings. Knowing bossy Yanks, how do you think their mindsets would be towards me?????

Now being rich they used the biggest IP Law firm to represent them, that was around in London. The IP World is a small one and all the big IP lawyers know each other well, as do all those in the IPO. Do you seriously think that the big lawyers representing them, had nothing to say to the high up managers in the IPO law section??? They probably all belonged to the same posh clubs, went to the same Public schools and played golf in the same clubs. That is how the ESTABLISHMENT works all the time. I firmly believe that it was a set up from the beginning, but somehow the Hearing Officer at that hearing when I won against Chrysler, either forgot his script lines and how he was expected to find the case or was an 'honest Joe'. Think I'm dreaming.....then open up the transcript of the Hobbs QC hearing and go to the comments he made about that hearing on pages 33 line 25 and 34 line 1-7.........."I have looked at, as you know, the Registry record. You can get them off the internet with all the case details, the case history.....the long sordid history" Busbridge replies, "I have a couple of those"
Hobbs..."Only a couple, I have the history at the same time relating to Chrysler on a mark (trade) and this looks like a complete and utter mess to me"  
Now reflect on all that for what Hobbs is saying- he has looked at the 'history' and what he is in fact saying is that he has looked at all the papers and decisions made, when I opposed Chysler and won, then when Busbdridge opposed my registration which he corruptly won, but I forced the IPO to look at the legality of some his evidence and another hearing heard all that and by a Hearing Officer; Landau, which  I won. This phony appeal hearing Hobbs was supposed to be hearing, was against the Landau decision.
He is saying that it was all 'a mess and sordid' and it is clear that he thinks that my involvement was 'sordid and a mess' (or maybe he thinks the decision by the HO in 1996 -Chrysler which I won, and the Landau decision which I won was also 'sordid and a mess') It is therefore clear that something here is going on that is very corrupt and ILLEGAL!!

One has to wonder why Hobbs said all that, but I am convinced he had been got at by the IPO and it was all worked out between the IPO and this well known IP lawyer/Judge QC. This phoney appeal hearing was not 'bona-fide', as Busbridge gave no legal grounds to even get an appeal. The IPO needed to act in a way that turned round the Landau decision and how to do this? By setting up a phony appeal hearing where they could give Busbridge all the advice he needed to carry out actions that would allow the IPO to turn it all around. That would then appear to be all kosher. That is exactly what happened and if you read this blog (or the attached book 'Justice denied') in the relevant areas, you will see how Busbridge carried out all the advice that he was given and I eventually ended up in 2010, stripped of my T/M

One should also remind yourself that Hobbs was the biggest I/P Appeal Judge, hearing IPO appeals and cases, where an alleged 'independent appeal officer' would officiate. If you research his case history, he has heard more such cases and big ones than any one, which makes him a person the IPO would be intimately connected to and this phony appeal hearing shows this when you read the way he and James of the IPO talked to each other. Like a pair of close ex school buddies, they were practically having sex with each other!!!!  

Of course all my protestations at what had gone on and my official complaints, were ignored and got nowhere. As my complaints made through the Justice Ministry were swotted down by lies about how any decision made by a Judge could not be altered or complained about. That's a lie for a start as appeals against stupid Judges happen all the time, but here NO DECISION WAS EVER GIVEN AS THE PHONY APPEAL WAS 'DROPPED' BY BUSBRIDGE on Hobbs advice and all he had to do was carry out all the 'advice he'd been given by Hobbs and James helped him do all that, with all the results that can be seen in this blog....BRITISH JUSTICE AT WORK HERE!!!!The justice Ministry when that was pointed out ignored me.


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