Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Corrupt Ministry of Justice & 'Stuffed by the State' Part Two

At last I can now bring you my video-a description of what happened to my efforts to get first, the Minister of the Ministry of Justice, a Mr Gauke MP, to investigate my case that I sent him details of. This after I had tried his two predecessors and been stuffed around endlessly.
Then my efforts to get Saint Teresa May to show me, she is indeed a Saint and MAKE her Ministry
investigate what is a shocking case of corruption by the very ministry that should be whiter than white....I am dreaming again!!
Then there are my efforts to get the British Press to get into this. But alas they are as useless as all of our government and nowadays only deal in CRAP and are an utter disgrace to all Brits with more than 2 brain cells.

Well of course I don't know about you but I have given up on Britain and all who allege they are running the place, for all they are doing is running it into the deck and into oblivion and Anglo Saxon British citizens now can no longer get JUSTICE, but Hey Presto if you are Black or Brown  nd even if you have committed heinous crimes or terrorist acts etc, then you can always get FREE JUSTICE and the Establishment will always be all over you like a bad rash, in their efforts to show they are all 100% running an 'inclusive' society. Let us face it, there is only a clapped out Justice System in the UK now, along with all the other broken and not 'fit for purpose', government departments-hence why NOTHING WORKS IN THE UK TODAY !!
Please have a look at the video which can be seen on the right of the page. I will now be looking at crowd-funding and will report on this in due course.

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