Saturday, 2 March 2019

Corrupt MoJ & Government Legal Dpt

In my last post I told you that because the MoJ did their usual 'Not us Guv' act, I decided to go back to going after the very department that had employed Hobbs QC, the very man who was instrumental in conniving with the IPO in setting up and carrying out their plan to nobble me because I had won the last round and had this frustrated their obvious attempts to wrestle off me my legally gained and registered Trade Mark 'Viper'.

When this department was named the 'Treasury Solicitors' they had when I complained, used the usual brush off lies by telling me I had to complain to various complaints bodies (protection racket ombudsmen and complaints bodies in various gov legal departments ). This I had done with the inevitable brushing under the carpet results from every one of them and which took months and years.

So off went my complaints document/letter to this renamed mob and that went by registered post and was received on the 26th Feb by a 'Mark' drone employee. Now on the GLD website they arrogantly and incorrectly state that anyone sending in such a complaint (of any sort) can expect a reply within 10 working days (two weeks to be correct) and that if they have to say they have not been able in that time to finish any investigation etc (that's if they have ever done an investigation) they will still reply and tell you when you CAN EXPECT A DEFINITIVE REPLY TO YOUR ALLEGATIONS ETC.
Well folks that time is well and truly up and guess what? NOT A WORD FROM THEM!!!!!!!!

Well this is entirely to form, for all these civil servant assholes from whatever government department the wretches work in. So I'm not surprised one bit. So will give them another week, then it is a 'Formal Complaint' to them for not complying with their very own 'Policy Standards'. No doubt they will use the excuse if they ever do reply, that Brexit is to blame! Even though I fail to see how their department can be affected by Brexit as they are supposed to be dealing with our very own justice system etc and not anything to do with Brexit.

This is what one has to put up with from all our utterly wretched politicians and the departments they are supposed to control, when the truth is no Minister has a clue how to manage any government department. This can be readily seen just now by that grinning and useless Transport Minister idiot-
Chris Grayling......say no more.

Stay tuned for updates on what the Bastards do or don't do.

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