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Because the GLD, then the Parliamentary Ombudsman, fobbed me off with lies and refused my requests for answers and an investigation into Hobbs QC, I went back to my MP one Tobias Ellwood.
If you have followed this story of Government corruption you will know that in a previous post I told you that earlier on he promised to help me, after I'd reminded him that his declaring that he specialised in helping veterans and as I was a veteran myself, he should help. I'd said that when my current efforts came to nothing as I believed they would, I would then contact him for help.

So when recently I'd reached that inevitable situation, I sent him a letter dated 30th July 2019 and I waited some weeks without getting a reply (which is normal and why these things drag on for years). Now I know that he has office staff dealing with letters and emails being sent him and so I sent in an email enquiring as to how things were going re a reply and that was on the the 19th August.  So predictably my email was replied to by one of his staff, a Megan Dittoes, dated 21st August. You can see below copies of those letters and emails plus the continuation of our contacts from then on. The wording in them will show you what Ellwoods staff were saying and my replies and they should be self explanatory.

On the 19th August I'd got a letter from the Parliamentary Ombudsman telling me the inevitable, that they were  not going to do anything re the GLD despite all the evidence I'd given them re their refusing to answer a few simple questions re Appointed Persons.You can see the copy of that letter on the previous post.

You can see that Megan Gittoes on the 21st August email to me, is saying I cannot have a face to face meeting with Tobias due to the ABUSE she thinks I indulged in when in an email on the 10th January 2017 (some two and three quarters of a year ago) I had told him off, for failing to help me over a completely different case where a Dorset Police Officer perverted the course of justice by ALTERING A WITNESS STATEMENT TO READ THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THAT WITNESS SAID.  Copy is shown so you can see exactly what I said and decide yourself if what I said was indeed abuse or merely exercising my rights to complain he wasn't helping me as an MP should. But as is now usual in this crazy world we now live in, IF YOU TELL ANYONE OFF AND LEGITIMATELY SO, you get accused of ABUSE.
They don't even know the definition of that word, but blatantly use it to attack you and stop you from being able to meet with the MP, who is supposed to represent you and help you in cases like this. You will see exactly what I said to him in the copy posted below.

So now I have to only, get my case and evidence over to Tobias by emails, rather than doing it all at a meeting. That makes my efforts to get across to him all the evidence and him being able to cross exam me and in a meeting that could all be done very quickly, as opposed to snails pace emails when his staff will take ages to deal with everything.

Then I get an email on the 20th Sept, from a Lizzy Mahon and it is straight away apparent that she
and no doubt Megan Gittoes have misinterpreted some of the evidence I have given them. You will see in the email reply, what I have had to say on that. But it shows you that civil servants do this all the time, and sometimes its deliberate because they want to twist the facts, so they then make your case appear differently and then they can say there is no case and Bye Bye.

I am now waiting to see what eventuates here. But I am not confident because I cannot see Tobias willing to take on the UK Justice Establishment as he will have to in this case. I will post all the goings on as they happen.

Here are the emails that have gone to and from Tobias's office.

Mr Tobias EIlwood.MP, House of Commons, London. SWIA IAA.


Dear Mr Ellwood,


In actual fact, in 2006 I came to you over the beginnings of this sordid history, when I was being lied to by the IPO over the bogus Appeal Hearing they had set up, which set in motion all the corrupt actions they went on to carry out and thus started all my problems.  I had complained to the CEO of the IPO at that time and as he was not coming up with answers, I contacted you. You wrote to him but got nowhere and that was a portent of what would happen every time I tried to get this investigated.

However, since then the IPO continued with their corrupt actions, helping my adversary Mr.R. Busbridge who had been my London agent until he conspired to copy my car designs and use my Trade Mark as well. He wished to steal my Trade Mark `VIPER' in order to trade on my goodwill I had built up in that Mark and which would be attached to his copy of my car. Thus fooling the public into thinking they were buying a car they had read about and from my company. But all the actions that were enacted at the 2006 alleged 'Appeal Hearing' were deliberately set up to make it appear he was getting a bona-fide appeal hearing. But in actual fact he was getting legal advice how to get around the hearing he had lost to me and he was also promised help from the IPO to do this. In 2010 at the last of five Tribunal Hearings, the IP0 made sure they trashed my evidence. (put forward by my I/P lawyer- he said he could not believe how the IPO had treated me and how they had manipulated that hearing and ignored all the evidence we put before them) At that hearing they took away my legally obtained and registered Trade Mark and gave no legal reasons for doing so. I had no money to appeal to the High Court which is what my lawyer wanted me to do.

The stress of dealing with the IPO which started in 1992 and as I say went to 2010, gave me a massive heart attack in 2002 that I was lucky to survive. From then on and to 2010, I was under more stress over their actions, which by then I had no money, which I could use to fight them in the High Court, over the corrupt way they were acting.

The turning and pivotal point actually started at that bogus alleged appeal hearing, held in March 2006. I had just won the previous hearing which my adversary Busbridge was trying to appeal. You will see in my notes and the list of government justice departments I have been forced to go to to try to get Justice and how I have been treated and denied justice. Again, had I been able to afford legal representation, non of this would have happened. You I am sure, will know that British people like me can no longer get legal aid for almost everything.

You will see that just lately I have been trying to get, firstly the Ministry of Justice and then the Government Legal Department to investigate the Barrister and his unlawful and even criminal actions. When they just treated me as if I were an oaf they could mess around with lies and passing the buck etc. That forced me to go to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. But they, as it is well known,
are not really there to help and protect members of the Public, who are being walked all over by a government body, but are there to PROTECT the very people you are complaining about.
I can show you that I aln not making this up, as it is ALL DOCUMENTED. Starting with that bogus hearing and through every stage to just recently. For despite my giving the Ombudsman documentary evidence that the MOJ were failing to deal with my complaint or to answer my legit questions, they refused to censure them in any way.

If that were not bad enough, this despicable exercise by them, was REPEATED when I took my complaints to the GLD who also refusing to answer questions. The Ombudsman just played me about and then cynically told me it would also not deal with my complaint re the GLD. No explanations as to why either, and they are duty bound to give you an explanation.

As there is quite a lot of documentary evidence, about events at the bogus hearing and then all my efforts to obtain justice after that, I am only telling you the skeleton facts along with a shortened list of each approach to each judicial body that I have made since 2008. For I need to know if you will do the right thing and help me to get justice. If you are, then I can show you a document which gives a bigger picture of what has gone on at each stage. Once that is read and you still think you could help (and I see no reason why you could not) then I could show you the full documentary evidence, in order to put you fully in the picture of what all these terrible civil servants have done, most of it unlawful too.

The fact that your wife is a lawyer would mean you would have an independent person who could give their verdict on all. For let's not beat about the bush here. What I am alleging is that the highest IP Barrister in the land (Hobbs QC-Google him) committed not only unlawful acts at that bogus appeal hearing/meeting, but he Perverted the Course of Justice. AND I CAN EASILY PROVE THAT !

Let me make it plain, I am no fool who knows nothing about anything and I know who the Establishment works for in this country and it is THEY who I am fighting. FOR I AM ALLEGING THAT A HIGH UP BARRISTER DELIBERATELY AND CYNICALLY COMMITTED CRIMINAL ACTS, AIDED AND ABETTED BY A HIGH UP LEGAL OFFICER IN THE IPO! ! ! ! I know, and its been proved to me over and over since 2008, that no one in the legal profession and in the Justice Establishment want to touch this ...... "Ooh we don't want to rock the boat here or put ourselves at risk by taking this on, so we must do the right thing by our fellow Establishment members and protect them" So because I have no money to take it out of their hands and get it into the High Court and hopefully have it dealt with by an HONEST AND STRAIGHT JUDGE???? and away from the rats I've been forced to deal with up to now, they have been able to just walk all over me.

SO NOW THE QUESTION IS; HAVE YOU THE DECENCY AND THE GUTS TO TAKE THIS ON AND DEAL WITH IT??? If you have, firstly I would send you the full story, then at some stage we would have to meet so I can go over the full story verbally and show the documentary evidence that is there in bundles. So I hope to hear from you in the near future ..... NOW YOU ARE BACK TO BEING A BACK BENCHER and so now unable to claim you have too much work ! ! Don't forget what you told me in your email of the 3rd May. As an MP you are able to approach the Ombudsman and ask why they have behaved the way they have. Similarly with the MOJ and the GLD and of course that's what I wish you to do. But you will need the FULL info on all this, to do that. Plus don't forget I am an ex Vet who gave the best years of my life to the country-this is my reward!

From:   ken cook (
Date:    Monday,19 August 2019,12:20 BST

For attention of MEGAN.


I find it very odd that a constituent sends you an important letter and you say you have'nt received it. Something very wrong there.

So I am attaching that very letter and I want to stress that I know MP's cannot actually do investigations but they do have the powers to ask government departments why they are doing whatever, which their constituents are complaining about. After all, all government departments have a Minister who is supposed to make sure they run properly and ANY MP can approach them and ask for answers.

I wish now to actually meet with Tobias to go over this whole case and explain the non actions of three departments who are refusing to act and are lying all the time through their back teeth in their efforts to hide the facts of my case because they know if my case gets out it will cause no end of trouble for them.

I hope to be contacted by whoever in order to set up a meeting in Bournemouth, sooner rather than later.

Ken Cook.


 ken cook
 To: ELLWOOD, Tobias


10 January 2017 09:28

ln December I asked you to supply me with the answer to a simple question. You couldn't even do that and spun me a load of nonsense in your reply.

Ever since you became an MP and I was forced to come to you several times trying to get you to do your MP's job and help a constituent, but you have each time that you are nasty, incompetent, only interested in bettering yourself whilst you shamelessly climb the greasy pole in politics. Reading your CV plainly shows what you are all about.

Thanks to you I never got the help I could have, had I had a good MP who was genuinely interested in doing their job for the people that voted them into their cushy jobs. As a result I suffered from a massive injustice heaped upon me by a government department and the Dorset Police. And you did NOTHING.

Now I also asked you a simple question as to who (Minister) was responsible for the Housing Ombudsman and you lied to me in your answer, which I KNEW was wrong. So I rang the HO myself and eventually got them to admit who the Minister who was responsible for them, was. Either you are bone idle or you are stupid .... take your pick.


From:   ken cook (
Date:   Wednesday, 21  August 2019,16:25 BST

I am shocked to the core to receive this email and what you have said. Your accusation that I have ABUSED him, simply is not true. For a start, it is ages since I asked him to deal with anything.  I do remember complaining that he didn't help me ages ago and complaining is quite different to abusing someone. Maybe you will send me copies via email of the occasions you think I have abused him.  I find it astonishing that you trawl through years of previous contacts a person has had with Mr Ellwood as it's almost like you are trying to find some excuse in order to have him get out of seeing me. That would be outrageous, so what is it? That's if you will tell me,  I'm thinking.

Isn't it up to Mr Ellwood to decide this and not someone he employs who was not part of any long gone contacts I had with him.  My recent contacts did not end in such accusations AND HE PROMISED that when I had got to the point I needed his help, he would help. So am I to take it that he was lying to me?? Now that I have reached that point. Or is it that he now thinks that the subject matter is such that he wants to not get involved.??

On Wednesday, 21 August 2019,15:58:35 BST, Tobias Ellwood wrote

Dear Mr Cook,

Further to our recent telephone conversation (Note no telephone conversations took place) I have since reviewed your cases that you have had with Tobias.  Unfortunately, after reviewing your correspondence to our office mainly Tobias over the past couple of years I will not be able to offer your a surgery appointment.

This is due to the abuse aimed towards Tobias in a number of your emails.  Our office operates on a zero tolerance basis for any kind of abuse and while we are happy to continue to assist you on your case, as advised by our security services, we will not be able to facilitate a surgery.
If you wish for me to resend you the correspondence to which I am referring I would be more than happy to do so.

You are of course welcome to call or email should you have questions.

Kind regards,

Megan Gittoes
Parliamentary Assistant Office Of Rt. Hon Tobias Ellwood - MP for Boumemouth East



From: ken cook Sent: 21 August 201919:22 To: Ellwood Tobias, Subject: Re:


On rereading your email I have several questions for you.

1. Can you tell me why it was necessary for you to review all my contacts via mostly emails, to Mr Ellwood especially going back several years. For this sounds to me that you are conducting a witch hunt in order to find anything you can use against me and stop me from actually explaining my case face to face and why I wish him to become involved in order to help me.
2. Can you explain to me why it was necessary for you to get advice from some 'SECURITY SERVICE. Am I viewed as some sort of terrorist who may harm Mr Ellwood?? Someone who may stab him or assault him?? I am a squeaky clean 78 year old ex marine and auto engineer businessman and EX FORCES POLICEMAN and from a police family. Yet it seems I am some sort of threat. I find this astounding and absolutely out of order - Am I living in a country like Russia where when you are trying to get JUSTICE against how the AUTHORITIES have treated you, you're viewed as a threat to the system and denied even seeing the person who is supposed to help you when the State is trying to shut you up because you are complaining about how a State entity has committed unlawful acts, which has ruined your life and business.
3. Can you explain that despite saying what you have said and intimated about me seeing Mr Ellwood face to face, you are happy to assist me on my case. I cannot see how those who work in an office can help as only Mr Ellwood can help as it is he that has the power to help.

Finally please get to me sooner rather than later, those massively offending emails of years ago as l am not getting younger and wish to get on with this case before I die.

Ken Cook
From:   Tobias EIIwood (
Date:    Friday, 23 August 2019,14:29 BST

Dear Mr Cook,

Thank you for coming back to me so quickly.
I would be more than happy to answer your questions and like my previous email I have copied in Tobias for transparency.   I would like to make clear that this was in no means a witch hunt and I have at no point accused you of the things you claim.  As explained we have a zero tolerance policy of any kind of abuse. That includes verbal`  As requested I will of course forward these referenced emails.
To answer your first question, I did not review your cases to find a reason for Tobias to not be involved.  As previously explained he can be involved.   I reviewed them for further understanding.  As I work for Tobias I have always monitored and followed any cases that come in therefore I already had a brief understanding.   I reviewed your case so I was able to properly advise Tobias on how we can best offer his assistance, which we will still do.
Secondly, I did not get advice from our security services specifically regarding your case or your correspondence. I am sincerely apologise for the misunderstanding.  As I work for an MP, Parliament requires I undertake certain levels of training from our provided security service and operate under their policies. For clarification, these are policies Parliament have in place due to the amount Of threats and abuse Members and their staff receive.  We cannot under any circumstances provide a surgery if their have been any instances of any kind of verbal abuse.  This is not an attack on you personally however, it is non negotiable.
Thirdly, we are able to assist with your case without undertaking a surgery.  So you are aware, our team assist Tobias on all casework and are able to undertake any and all cases on behalf of Tobias. Any work our team undertakes is on behalf of Tobias.  Any letters written would be from the member and Tobias would be present at any meetings.  His team are hired and trained to assist on all cases.
In order to move forward quickly and effectively, we will undertake all requests in the attached letter.  I can only apologise that we did not receive that but I thank you for having sent that now.  The requests include taking your case to the Ministry Of Justice.  As well as this I would like to contact the Ombudsman and enquire of when you should expect to receive a response and why there has been such a delay.
As you are aware, I have all the previous information that Tobias has seen however I would be happy to review any further information you have that you wish for Tobias to consider when writing.   Similarly if their is a specific instruction you wish for Tobias to undertake please of course outline this.
Once again I apologise for any offence caused or that you feel you have not been sufficiently assisted by Tobias in the past but I look forward to rectifying this.  You may not feel the attached correspondence is reason enough to refuse a surgery, but I must advise our position will remain the same.

As ever you are welcome to call me, if you wish to discuss this over the phone and please do not hesitate to ask should you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Megan Gittces

For the attention of Megan Gittoes
From:   ken cook (
Date:    Tuesday, 3 September 2019,19:53 BST

Re your last email. Attached is a letter to Mr Ellwood with supporting evidence documents.
Re your own remarks in your reply,  I am compelled to remark on them:
Whilst you claim you are not conducting a witch hunt against me, the fact you have trawled through and researched the previous contacts I've had with Tobias, even going back to early 2017 (over two and a half years ago) and re a completely different subject matter to my current requests ...... so why was that? lt definitely looks like a witch hunt to me in order to stop me having what any constituent has the right to do.  Is Tobias (the 'Hero`) so thin skinned he cannot face being face to face with a 78 year old constituent?? Where you even employed by Tobias then?? But in any case you are not aware of the facts of why I was so annoyed and upset with him on only one email and quite rightly so.  I had come within an inch of being killed when on my motorbike and was injured and by a horrendous cynical act by a motorist when I was on a mini roundabout and turning with right of way. The PC who attended took witness statements, perverted the course of justice by altering a woman's statement who said I was not at fault and the car driver was, to then read, 'I was at fault'. You cannot get worse than that and as is usual with our police today, they were giving me the run around and protecting their policeman when I complained  re this. All Tobias could say was I should go to the IPPC, who were and still are a complete waste of space and he should have known that, as they were constantly in the papers back then and being slated for not being INDEPENDENT AND FULL OF EX COPS ON THEIR STAFF!!
So I was well within my rights to complain about him to his face and use the words I did.  I AM AFRAID YOU OBVIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE WORD 'ABUSE' REALLY MEANS,  (Look it up in a dictionary) for I was passing judgement on his unwillingness to act against the Police and on behalf of his constituent. I am a straight talking Northerner and what I said was 100% the truth and any constituent has the right to pass judgement on his MP when they are being let down .... THAT IS OUR RIGHT ! and the `words I used were not swear words but rightly very strong and truthful words. You are just using them to stop me being able to conduct a meeting with Mr Ellwood which because of what this case entails, there is quite an amount of evidence and it's complex AND he may have questions?? Plus I want to make sure he UNDERSTANDS THEM ALL. The case would get done much more quickly this way. What you and Tobias should understand is that what went on absolutely needs to be exposed and it is in the National Interest to do so, for it undermines the whole of our justice system and shows it up for what it really is these days. For if a Judge QC can break the law with impunity...WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT OUR RULE OF LAW?? If he refuses to do it, I am determined I will do it and there are some avenues I could use, which the Establishment will hate.  WHICH  IS  IT TO BE??
Anyway I am starting by sending him a letter very briefly outlining the case, together with the transcript of what went on and the opinion of a barrister re that bogus hearing that was dressed up as a bona-fide appeal hearing. All the other evidence I am holding back and will only divulge it depending on what Tobias does, if anything.  Plus will he still be around and still be an MP, judging by what shenanigans are happening right now in our wonderful political system re the Brexit nonsense?
Best regards,
Ken Cook.
From:   ken cook (
Date:    Friday,13 September 2019,16:48 BST

If Tobias found the time from all the TV news programmes he is on these days,  I would hope that he's read my email and evidence documents??
lf he can bring himself to do this, I would suggest he also looks at my YouTube videos, found by searching under my name (Ken Cook)(also Ken Cook Cobras) which will show him how the UK Justice system/IPO has ruined my business and life and how the worst and pivotal part of their campaign was the bogus set up appeal hearing, which you already have the transcript of and the Barristers opinion of that.
He will also see on my YouTube website, what I designed, manufactured and sold until all this happened. Proving that I once had a successful and expanding business, and contributing to export figures, not to mention employing up to 25 people.
But then he has to have the will to give his time and attention to doing this, unlike his previous history.  I look forward to hearing from him in the near future, now he's not on Parliamentary/government cabinet duties.

Kind Regards,

Ken Cook.

Date:    Friday, 20 September 2019,11:46 BST

Dear Mr Cook,

I understand you have previously been in contact with my colleague Megan regarding your case. Whilst she will continue to lock over this, she has asked me to liaise with you for the time being.
I would like to inform you that Tobias has contacted the Parliamentary Ombudsman to ask for an update on your complaint and to find out when you can expect to receive a response, as we appreciate it has now been over four months since Tobias sent off your submission.
Furthermore, upon your request Tobias has also written to the Lord Chancellor and Secretary Of State for Justice, the Rt Hon Robert Buckland QC MP, at the Ministry of Justice to seek the reasoning behind the decision that your case was not within their jurisdiction.
I will of course let you know once Tobias has received a response from them. Please be aware that we allow 20 working days before chasing them for a response due to the amount of correspondence they receive.
Kind regards,
Lizzy Mahon
From:   ken cook (
Date:    Friday, 20 September 2019,13:11  BST

Hi, Thank you for your update email.  I have to set you right on what has gone on between me and the P.Oms. Why I have contacted Tobias is because they have knocked back my request for them to sanction or whatever, the Government Legal Department, for their refusal to answer three simple questions I asked them, and give me the answers. This fact is within the facts I gave Tobias. So he should be asking the Ombudsman:-  WHY HAVE THEY REFUSED TO DO ANYTHING,  RE THAT THE GLD LIED TO ME ABOUT THE FACT THEY SUPPLY APPOINTED PERSONS (A/P's) TO THE IPO.  I GAVE THEM AN EMAIL THE IPO SENT ME, WHERE THEY CATEGORICALLY SAID THE GLD DO SUPPLY THEM WITH A/P'S. YET EVEN THO' I SHOWED THAT TO THE GLD, THEY CONTINUED TO SAY THEY DID NOT. THEN THEY REFUSED TO ANSWER MY LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS ABOUT A/P's, like who employs them, who is their boss and who pays them for their services. (I WANT TO KNOW THIS SO I CAN APPROACH THEM AND ASK THEM TO INVESTIGATE THE UNLAWFUL ACTIONS OF THAT BARRISTER) What either the MOJ or the GLD should be doing, is investigating the fact that a prominent QC broke the law several times including 'perverting the course of justice' !! And on that fact, there is the absolute evidence he did that, which can be seen in the evidence l've just sent Tobias. He needs to read all that so as to see what I am saying ..... is absolutely 100% true and not made up nonsense by me!! The barristers opinion document I sent Tobias showed law breaking. Tobias if he reads what I have said and sent him surely he can see that for some years now all my efforts to get this barrister QC investigated have been systematically rebuffed with lies and denials etc, etc. by the whole of the justice system...THUS DENYING ME JUSTICE. No use telling me to report this to the Police for the reasons I have already given Tobias. They don't do justice these days and constantly refuse to investigate so much. As you should well know.
So what you have said below about Tobias and what he's said to the Ombudsman is on the wrong tack as they have concluded nothing more than excuses to do nothing. Hence my writing to Tobias as l've said.
What you have told me re him contacting the MOJ is right, but he should also have asked why they will not investigate the acts by a Barrister that works for an arm of the MOJ? (The Treasury solicitors/GLD are an arm Of the MOJ and that is quite clear they are, even tho they, the MOJ will have it otherwise) I have already provided proof of that and can do so again if necessary. So now hope you get the right picture on all this and you can ring me ANYTIME if you are not absolutely clear what this is all about. ` .... 07494785828

What all this boils down to is the whole of the British Justice Establishment simply want to bury, wrong doing by one of their own!I!! !!!

Thank you,

Ken Cook


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