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Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Well after I had won this Chrysler decision, I was just so happy. For I couldn't see how Chrysler could have any grounds to appeal. Also it seemed to me that Busbridge would now be totally fucked up, as my registration had proved that I had used the Mark since 1986. How could the Patent Office now allow his application to register, go ahead. Well of course as with ALL BRITISH SO CALLED JUSTICE, COMMON SENSE DOES NOT EVEN COME INTO THINGS. WHAT A MAD FOOL I WAS TO THINK IT WOULD!!!!!

My joy did not last long as by May, Chrysler had formally started proceedings in the High Court to appeal the decision to award registration to me. This was typical of Chrysler as since the hearing they had been sending letters to Kings, trying to make out they wanted to buy the mark. Yet as always it never came to anything. Readers may not know, but my action was brought under the 1938 Trade Marks Act, which changed in 1994, but as my action had started well before 1994 it was done under the 1938 Act, and in that any appeal has to be heard in the ultra expensive British High Court. Something I could not afford at all, and Chrysler knew that.
As it was, some time down the road it all fizzled out and whilst they did not withdraw their appeal, they just did nothing to further the process and this intolerable state of affairs continued until I forced their hand....more of that later on, as many other things now were going to happen
and which I need to relate and comment on. Mostly they concerned the love of my life....Busbridge!!
All the time that Chrysler prevaricated and did nothing Busbridge was just going to carry on as usual. Using my Mark to sell a vehicle that was of my design. I couldn't do anything but wait.
Of course if I were rich I am sure I could have done something as there is always justice for the rich.

As I said already the forthcoming period of time brought me one headache after another, and the first one took place in January 1999. The Police arrived at my door and arrested me for forgery and perjury and perverting the course of justice. This action was instigated in November 1998 when Busbridge went to the Police in London, complaining I had submitted to the Patent Court, during the hearing with Chrysler, a forged agreement document saying it was the agreement between us re an agency. According, once again, to him I had forged this. Also they threw in for good measure another document I had put into evidence, that was an agreement setting out in 1986, who owned the intellectual rights of the chassis designs and the Trade Mark VIPER.

Now I would ask these questions:- I submitted the agency agreement to Chrysler and THEY submitted it into evidence. That was done back in 1992 and it was then that Busbridge said it was a forgery, so why did he not go to the Police then??? No it took him all the way to November 1998.....SIX YEARS LATER!! Also I find it very convenient for Chrysler that he should do that AFTER they had lost the hearing. It is my contention that they put him up to it because it would suit them well if they through him, could prove that that is what I actually did. Then they would have grounds to be able to fight the forthcoming appeal. So far, for over a year they had done noting......why??...... because they had no grounds for an appeal. Indeed a little while later they submitted documents saying that the grounds for appealing were exactly that....that forged documents had been put into the hearing. However even if they had, they had no relevance to whether I had used the Mark since 1986 and I won on those grounds. The grounds for the decision never even mentioned the agency agreement, but only all the documentary evidence of usage. Like copies of adverts and write ups in magazines etc.

Of course all this was serious as I have never had the slightest liking for British Police. After all they belong to the same club as all the other incompetent civil servants we should beware of. Why is is that we all suffer these days from ever soaring crime and the Police are totally constipated about it all. They cannot even respond to emergency calls these days. I had already had experience of my local Police on many a time and I was thoroughly disillusioned with them. This lot involved with this case would just carry on where their mates had left off with me when I had had traffic run ins with them, my complaints about thieves at my premises, and when I had to deal with trespassers into my property, when I had to physically deal with them , then I got charged for assault. So as far as I was concerned these flatfoots were only interested in getting a "result" and not at getting to the truth.

I had to give a statement which I happily did and I outlined the truth of the matter and that it was just a pack of lies brought about by Busbridge to further his case. Do not forget that had I been found guilty I could have faced up to FOUR years inside, and now wouldn't that be nice for
Chrysler and Busbridge? Chrysler would get their Mark registered and Busbridge would get an earner of some magnitude off them. So it was a worrying time as I knew that the Police were capable of anything, and so it would prove. Of course Busbridge knew no bounds as for lying and conniving and forging documents to bolster his case. What he did over the years in these departments defies understanding, as you will see. Quite why Chrysler wanted the Mark so desperately I have never been able to understand, as they only ever sold about 60 cars in the UK, and I can only assume that it was just because they were and are just nasty bastard YANKS, who never like to lose.

Of course because I was now a "criminal" I got solicitors to defend me, but like I said before on legal aid you get the dregs and indeed so did I. I was very fearful of losing because I could have done a better job at defending myself than they did as you will see. We had many disagreements and run ins over the way they conducted themselves. They didn't give a shit if I lost and got prison, as they would always get or lose.
The whole case rested on whether these two documents were forged. The first was a letter that my son and I who were both directors of BL, drew up to show any intending venture capital guys sniffing around that I owned he Intellectual Property and not the company. I signed as did my son. The Police said I had forged my sons signature. Well anybody with the slightest intelligence would be able to see that this was preposterous, we were working together and all I had to do was ask him to sign and he would act as a witness to that. ( They had to drop that one in Court when they saw he had turned up as a witness, but wait until you hear what the Police tried to do, later on in this story) So to the agreement:-
What Busbridge was saying was that I had made out the agreement after the date on it and had
lifted their signatures (Martins and Bobs) off another document, and had put them onto the bottom of the agreement document. This because they were exactly the same as on this other document. Trouble was this other document was not one I recognised and I said it looked like they had made that document up themselves and had done the lifting themselves. Do not forget that I only ever got back a photocopy of the agreement I sent them, so they could have done anything to it. Knowing what I knew by 1999 about Busbridge and his lies and character and knowing through Trevor Sangster Jones that they had been plotting against me in 1990, it is entirely feasible that they were going to do their dirty deeds way back when BRL went out of business. The original that I sent them was NEVER ever produced to the Police or to the Court. Quite how the Police and the Court thought they had a strong case against me, I will never know. But I did get a hint when the prosecution lawyer at the Court said he thought the case was very unusual and interesting. How nice for him and is that what made him decide it was a water tight case and if he won it would be another feather in his cap????? They make me sick these useless bastards running our so called JUSTICE system.
So of course they had to go and find a nice compliant so called hand writing expert. They did this and guess what? He produced a load of nice waffle which said "of course it is forged" (in his opinion) He even said my son's signature was forged, which tickled my son no end.....but it wasn't funny. My solicitors had to refute this and to do this I thought that even a cretin would know that they should get a top expert, so what did they do? They got some amateur local woman who's hobby it was. I did some homework and quickly got to speak to someone in the know and I kicked up a hell of a fuss which endeared me to them no end. But Fuck em all! it was my liberty we were messing about with here. So I got on the net and found out the number one bunch of expert witnesses and I found the Head Honcho of that body. A Dutchman who had been in the UK a long time. I was Glad he was a Johnny foreigner because it meant he just may know what he was talking about. I sent him the "evidence" and he came back that in his opinion it was a joke. My solicitors did not like this at all.
They had taken on a barrister as all cases have to go through this anarchic for the boys etc etc. We had a meeting and boy I did not like this bloke, especially when he started to talk like I was guilty and it was a case of how they were going to get round it. I tell you when I heard this toffee nosed twat talking like that I departed his office right quickly.
My big problem was the person supposed to be dealing with this case of mine was a woman who was not even a qualified solicitor. My case was being dealt with by a learner!! I complained to the head of that company but it got nowhere. They took on another guy from London to do the barrister bit, and I met him ONCE not long before the Court hearing so I was not impressed, but he didn't actually say I was guilty, which was one good thing. But I wasn't overjoyed.
Of course I wanted to show just what a liar Busbridge was and I expected the lawyers to do this too, but I was never sure how they were going to play it. I wanted to get Sangster Jones into the Court as my witness for obvious reasons. I made the big mistake of telling the Police about this guy, telling them he would be my best witness but the only problem was that he had disappeared from London and I could not trace him. In hindsight I was mad, and I would urge anyone who gets in the situation of having to give the Police statements, tell them nothing of importance and never trust the bastards. They are not interested in the truth....just getting a result and if that means stitching you up, so be it, your the sucker, they are the winners with Brownie points to there credit.
This was amply born out by what happened next with this finding of TSJ. They said "Oh don't worry we will find him wherever he is" Indeed they did trace him to Cornwall but did not tell me until after they had had a nice day out to go down there. Now whether they actually met him I will never really know for sure, but I think they did. After they kindly told me were it was he was found, I hot footed it down there. I had no address but knew the locality and knew it was small, so would be able to find him if he was still there. Indeed I traced the house he had rented and spoke to his landlady. He had gone some days before. I found from here where he had been working and went there and spoke with the owner of he premises he had rented. Guess what? He had mysteriously gone quite quickly, and I never was able to trace him.
Well what do you think happened? He had been found by the Police and been given a right frightening. "disappear son or we will do this etc etc" For all I know maybe he had got himself a record back in London and that is how it was easy for the Police to find him and threaten him.

The next thing the PC Plods do is take another nice long trip away from home. This time up to Liverpool where my son was living. Guess what, one of the plods is a Scouse Git, so he got to be able to have a nice weekend away with his family, friends and relatives in the Pool, and all for free. Now why did they go to the Pool to visit my Son???? He was my witness and they were out of order to even interview him. He could tell them to sod off, and that is exactly what I and my solicitor told him to do. The trouble with my son is that he has a big mouth and he thinks he can handle anything. However being young with no experience of the Police he just doesn't know how underhand and crafty they are. He let them into his house and then waffled away to them with a load of God knows what. Thankfully it seems that they did not get anything out of him that they could hope to use. But what it shows is that the Filth will try to bully you as they did him, even when legally they had no right to even question him, and he should even if he was willing to talk to them, have had a solicitor present.

My barrister would still not agree to having my and writing guy present at the Court on the day. He said he wanted to see how things would go and certainly have to see what their expert had to say. Trouble was you just cannot whistle up these guys just when you want, as they have other cases and this guy was in London. I was not happy about this given the importance of showing that the so called forgeries could have been done by anyone. Even if they were forgeries.

After about a year of waiting we at last got into Court at Dorchester for what they said would be a weeks trial. To keep it short I will be brief on the proceedings. Busbridge was cross examined and my barrister did a good job on that but in my opinion he was too soft on Busbridge as I felt he could have savaged him to death. Shown him up for all he was worth, so it was what I call a typical British go softly softly case. The so called expert wasn't brilliant either, and he had to admit that he could not be 100% sure of what had happened and that it could have done by Busbridge, so that was good.
I tried to be calm and clear and positive about all I said, and as I always wore a smart suit I think I came across as a credible witness. Unlike the pathetic Busbridge who was a slouch and looked it with scruffy clothes. I think he came across as a barrow boy type not to be trusted. Certainly he was tripped up endlessly on all his lies and stories. It came down in the end to who did the jury believe. My side was able to produce loads of credible documentary evidence that showed what Busbridge had been up to, pinching my business etc etc. So how could he be believed?
The Judge was a usual Brit type toffee nosed dickhead who waffled on and on, full of is own importance. I knew he did not like me because of some of the remarks he made to me when I was being cross examined. I think he thought I was being too smart for his liking, but I got my own back on him later. Marcus my Swiss agent agreed to come over as a witness, because Busbridge put in to evidence a document he said Marcus sent him, where he sold Busbridge the rights to the Viper name and the rights to the Cortina Viper. Of course no such thing happened and that document was just another one of Busbridges forgeries. Trouble was this Judge was making the trial last longer, and a day for Marcus to appear was proving difficult to pin down. In the end we were told by the Court that a certain should be OK, and Marcus came over, only for us to have the trial delayed again by this twat of a judge. So as Marcus could only stay a day, it was all a waste of time.
Later on I did manage to say to the Judge on this question of that document, that of course if he hadn't delayed the trial, I would have conclusively proven Busbridge was a liar and a forger. Of course the Judge waffled on about how that had to be struck out, but I knew that the jury was with me on that one at least. Shows you what farces British trials are as I could have been found guilty of murder, all for the want of one of my star witnesses not being accommodated by the bloody judge!!!
So after two long weeks it all came to a head and the jury retired for their verdict. Who were they going to believe? I felt I had shown I was not a liar and they could see who was. They were only out for half an hour which I was told was a good omen. So it was, I was found not guilty on all counts. Was I relieved to say the least and especially so when I thought back to the solicitors I had been forced to have to live with. Glory be to juries who save some of us from the iniquities of the British way of bumbling through even our justice system. But how many poor sods get done for things they never did??? How many die in jails innocent because we Brits couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
What was going to happen now to my battles with Busbridge??

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