Thursday, 19 June 2008

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Of course it came as no surprise to me that Chrysler had seen fit to send a solicitor to cover the trial. They would wouldn't they? Even in the months after they couldn't bring themselves to accept that they HAD FUCKIN LOST!! The total bastards.
They were saying to the High Court that even though I had been found not guilty, they (in effect) still thought that documents in that case would still have a bearing on their appeal ( against my registering the Viper name) You wouldn't believe it and it just ground on and on.
Eventually I had had enough of them and started to look at forcing their hand. They had spent all of 2000 pissing about with one time wasting effort with the Patent Office after another. Letters were flying about from their lawyers, Kings, me and the Patent Office. Yet the so called appeal, they still said they wanted to go ahead. The duplicitous Chrysler were also still peddling the offers to buy the name off me, but as with all their others offers it was just all Yanky piss and shit wind. They just made me so mad.
Finally in 2001 I found a company in Guildford to take them on and force their hand. Either get on and appeal OR FUCK OFF!! I won't bore you with all the minutae of what was said, but after about nine months of more British snail-Justice grindings, it all came to an end. More on this later.
My application to register had long been on hold, as had Busbridges. On his application I thought it foregone conclusion that after I got rid of Chrysler, how on Earth could his go on??? OK he had put his application in a couple of years before me, thanks to Kings not doing what they said they would do, and getting mine in, in early 1992. However my case against Chrysler was granted because I had shown prior use to them and coincidently to his use. How wrong I was, once again.
Our wonderful crap Justice system just does not work on common sense and this extends to all the workings of the Patent Office. So beware all you people who think that their Intellectual Property is safe in their hands. They are guilty of stating a pack of lies when they advertise it is safe to register....whatever, with them. (You of course have to pay them to do this) I will deal with this at the end of this story in more detail.

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