Sunday, 30 August 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

It has been a month now since I wrote to the TSol re their Hobbs QC and his antics. Still no action even though they have said they received my letter. SO I have had to send another letter
to demand some action due to the fact that I need closure on my actions against Cobretti/Busbridge and the fact that yet another hearing is coming up which is part of the overall story. I don't expect much out of them as no governmental department is going to admit wrong doing.

My complaint to the CEO of the IPO a Mr Fletcher, I told them to hold on until further evidence I had just got in was formulated into a second complaint letter. I mentioned this in my last post and now I am at liberty to divulge what that new evidence is. Those of you who have read this blog from the beginning will know that Robert Busbridge was originally in business with his brother Martin, when I took them on as my agents. That in June 1992 they split up and since then Robert has been saying he never knew where his brother had disappeared to. All I knew was that he was abroad somewhere. A few weeks ago I was rung up out of the blue by Martin who had returned to this country and he said he wanted to help me to get justice and to have his brother get his just rewards. He said he had had no idea what his brother had been up to regarding all the goings on with the IPO over the years, but now he could see via this blog and my other blogs, what had been going on.
Of course I knew that the split up had been acrimonious as Martin had lost his 50% of the business and had lost his house he had put up as collateral on a loan for the business. Also that his marriage had gone down as a result of all the hassle of the business etc. So we arranged a meeting and at this I was able to swop notes as to what had happened after they had decided to steal my business and trade mark off me. Martin freely admitted his part in it and now he said he wanted to make up for it by doing the right thing by me.
I was able to confirm the following;-
1/ They did indeed conspire to pinch my business off me in order to cut me out and make more profit. (I knew that bit, but now it was confirmed for others to see this too)
2/ That Bob had approached Chrysler and unknown to him had posed as the legitimate owner of my T/M Viper in order to sell it them for £500,000, as I had heard.
3/That Bob had unknown to him had put in the applications to register the mark in both their names.
4/ Had engineered the break up in order that he (Bob) would be the sole beneficiary of the business and the £500K he hoped to get off Chrysler. He had told Martins wife that he was having an affair. (Nice one to do on your brother)
5/ Despite Bob telling the IPO that he did not know where his brother was (after the Landau hearing) and then giving the IPO a false address in Spain as being the last known address of Martin. This so the IPO could send Martin a letter asking if he would sign over his half of the business so that would give Bob the right to change the rectify the records. Of course he knew all along where Martin was living in Spain, only 5 K's from their Mothers house, and he had visited him their on a few occasions.
6/ That an agency contract was indeed signed by the two brothers back in 1989 and that they indeed had been my agents thereafter to June 1991 and had bought my Viper kits from me for resale. Something that Bob had always denied.
8/ That the advertising had been as I had described it to Reynolds namely under my control.

He could confirm many facts that I had told the IPO only to be ignored, and what this now means is that the application to register that was heard by Reynolds back in 2004 was solely made on the back of Lies and Perjury, made to Pervert the course of Justice. This makes Reynolds decision making look as sick and vacuous as I have long said it was, for he ignored my evidence and believed the many lies of the arch liar R.Busbridge. How does that make the IPO look, I ask you all.
I asked Martin if the would be willing to back me up by making out an affidavit stating all the true facts of everything which happened up to the time he left, plus the bit about the perjury over his address. He agreed and this has now been done.
So I have now sent the CEO of the IPO a further letter with the affidavit and have demanded action and have said as far as I am concerned, every hearing that was heard by the IPO: The Reynolds hearing for the application to register, the Hobbs hearing for the appeal against Landau,
The Foley hearing for Rectification, The Annand hearing for my appeal against Foley, where all tainted and should be declared null and void and that Police action should be taken for the perjury, committed by R.Busbridge on each of these hearings. I as I have already said have provided evidence of perjury which they obviously wanted to brush under the carpet.

As I know they will not want to take Police action I have gone ahead and taken it myself. I wonder what our wonderful lazy and inactive Police will actually do. However I am determined they will take action and I will take every step I can to make them act. Just as I will against the IPO, for now my hand is strengthened somewhat. So it is all getting much more towards an end game now, but it will be a battle I know. Keep watching this space.

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