Saturday, 5 September 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Well they turned out to be just another duplicitious time wasting buch of scumbags, so they can join the rest of their scumbag cousins in in the civil service. THEY KEEP ME WAITING 5 WEEKS AND THEN SEND A WAFFLING LETTER FULL OF EXCUSES, BUT END IT ALL BY SAYING THAT THEY CANNOT IN ANY CASE HANDLE COMPLAINTS AGAINST QC's.

Now I have to start all over again outlining the same complaint to another bunch of civil service tossers called the 'Office for judicial Complaints' no doubt yet another one of those useless quangoes that are set up to protect all the of the civil service. Want to take bets on what they will do.....close ranks behind one of their own (Hobbs QC) and he will get off scott free.

Of course the TSol gave this Hobbs character a copy of my complaint so he's had weeks now to cover his arse. His comments beggar belief, he obviously thinks I am just a peasant who simply cannot affect his 'Highness' in any way. Him being a big wig in the so called 'justice' world. He has the effrontery to say,' I considered to be conducive to the attainment of a just and fair outcome to the proceedings then pending before me' The high and mighty tossers think they are so high they cannot never be criticised. The last thing his so called appeal hearing was, was a properly conductive, fair and unbiased hearing. As I have complained, it was nothing but a biased cosy talk where the appeal was not heard but ways were discussed how the applicant (Busbridge) could cheat me out of my Trade Mark.

I am not going to repeat what happened in that appeal hearing as it is commented on in previous posts. The the writer of the letter a P.Barber, whoever he is, goes on to list why my complaint had no merit. All rubbish and arse covering, of course. I will just have to go through the motions again with this next lot.

On the IPO front I am still getting the run round as whenever I ask for points to be cleared upwhoever I am dealing with always acts dumb and I never am given the answer I ask for. Like when I asked why Gittings was trying it on with my complaint of inaction when I gave him documentary evidence that Busbrdige had committed perjury in his statement which was put in as evidence at his registration application and my opposition to that, he then says it is part of the Invalidity action, yet to be heard. This he does because even though that statement has nothing to do with the application of invalidity, Busbridge threw it in to that case, to muddy the waters. So now I have gone back and insisted that the act of perjury had already been carried out in 2004, what are the IPO going to do about it, and to stop making excuses. So far SILENCE.

However things have moved on somewhat further on the other front. By that I mean that my complaint letter to the CEO which has been on hold, has now be widened to include an affidavit from none other than Robert Busbridges brother, Martin. This I told you about in my last post, and now the additional letter of complaint plus a copy of the affidavit has been sent out. It will be interesting to see just what the CEO does about this. But one thing is for sure, I am out to really get this shower, one way or the other. They have bent over backwards for this lying git for 18 years now, and now I have shown just how they have aided and abetted him to get away with PERJURY, FRAUD, FORGERY, PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE, OBTAINING A TRADE MARK THAT HE STOLE FROM ME BY THESE METHODS AND THAT THEY UNSTINTINGLY WENT ALONG WITH ALL OF THE ABOVE AND LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT ALL, TO MY HUGE LOSSES OF PROFITS, BUSINESS AND HEALTH.
If the CEO does what I think he will do and rubbishes it all, it will just go on in other ways until I get JUSTICE.
Of course I have now given a dossier to my local Police about all the Busbridge perjury and the fact that his lies got the police to instigate an action of perjury and forgery against me, which cost the tax payer some huge amount only for them to lose big time. SO HE COMMITS PERJURY TO HAVE THE POLICE CHARGE ME WITH PERJURY!!!! 'You couldn't make it up' as the Daily Mail writer is always saying about civil servants and the like. I have no faith in the police at all, and I bet you they will try to squirm out of doing everything. I will not let them get away with it, for it is possible to force them to act. SO THE FIGHT IS NOW HOTTING UP.

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