Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Corrupt Ministry of Justice & our law system

Today I got more info showing me that our whole law system is as corrupt and dysfunctional as is possible. Certainly it is not designed to give we peasant classes any justice or to bring to justice anyone breaking the law who works on any level within the justice system, INCLUDING HIGH UP JUDGES, BARRISTERS AND EVEN LOWLY LAWYERS and don't forget many Barristers can sit as Judges. It's obvious to me that the whole justice system is set up to allow those within it, to get away with absolutely anything they wish to perpetrate.

When I was trying to make justified complaints about what Hobbs QC did at that corrupt and alleged appeal hearing back in 2007 that I was kept away from, I went down absolutely every avenue of complaints systems that are out there and EVERYONE OF THEM INVENTED EXCUSES THAT ALLOWED THEM TO PASS THE BUCK OR DENY THEY COULD DO ANYTHING. Hence why in the end I tried going to the Ministry of Justice and you can all see in recent posts where that got me....NOWHERE. The same with the Parliamentary Ombudsman which should be renamed the 'Protector of Incompetent and Corrupt Civil Servants', as they sided with the MoJ by saying the MoJ had told them they had replied to my initial Dec 2017 complaints leter to Gauke et al. It was said they had said they 'had no jurisdiction' yet when I today re-read their letter of Feb this year ....they never mentioned that word at and insultingly advised me to get a lawyer, when I'd made it plain I had no money to do so. AND they insultingly also told me to go to the Citizens Advice !!! When they are starved of cash and now have few competent staff and couldn't help you to cross the road let alone help or give advice on such a complicated subject.

So my next step today was to go back to the Barristers office who had given me the advice that I was right about the illegal goings on at that crooked and corrupt alleged appeal hearing, that really was just an illegal 2 hour session of advice giving etc, to my ex agent on what he must do to overturn the last hearing that went against him. (READ THE TRANSCRIPT-YOU CAN SEE IS ON THIS BLOG) Which he carried out to the letter, helped by the IPO and which ended in 2010 with those bastards taking off me, my Trade Mark with no explantion as to how they had the right to do that. That means that justice was perverted, as it ruined my business and life and that is a criminal offence. Now, on talking to my Barristers clerk he gave me a whole load of excuses as to why one Barrister could not act against another Barrister, even if that other Barrister-Hobbs had committed criminal acts.

I was told the only way I could have him investigated was by going to the Police.....after I'd finished choking on my bile, I reminded him that our Police today don't do INVESTIGATING, he then told me that the only other way to report him was to the Bar Standards Board !! ANOTHER CORRUPT SHOWER PROTECTING THEIR ESTABLISHMENT BUDDIES. I told him that it was most certain I had gone to them, but would check with my records.
I did that and I had made a complaint to them about Hobbs in 2014, but of course they had also indulged in a whole heap of excuses not to do anything. Firstly one has to report the bastard within a year of his crimes. Now if you look back at previous posts you will see that IT TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO EVEN FIND OUT FROM THE CORRUPT IPO WHAT HAD GONE ON AT THAT ILLEGAL MEETING IN 2007. So straight away they have you on a plate...."bugger off laddy you're out of time! Then their trump ticket was "IN ANYCASE HE OFFICIATED AT A QUASI-JUDICIAL HEARING AND WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO POLICE THEM........HOW CONVENIENT FOR THEM !!

However what they forget is-that this meeting was not strictly a bona-fide appeal hearing as it was dropped and all he did was give illegal advice at a 'MEETING', so there was NO DECISION MADE WHICH THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN HAD IT BEEN A BONA-FIDE APPEAL HEARING !!!! Of course they obviously choose to ignore that, but more likely they will still insist it was a bona-fide quasi-judicial event even if it was absolutely bent as hell. You see they make the rules up as they go along and twist them and interpret them to suit whatever outcome they want-and that is to stuff you like a turkey.

However I am not finished yet as I am attempting a line of attack that may come off. Also what the lawyers office said, was that only the Police can investigate and charge someone and that is plainly yet a lie. For I know its been done and that is the MoJ caninstitute this happening, if they think-say a Judge has committed criminal acts, instruct the Police to investigate.( this happened not long ago and I must dig out the facts on that)  On top of that there is the oft forgotten fact that a member of the Public can if all else fails as like here, take out a Private Prosecution. Still needs you to take on lawyer if you want to succeed but maybe I can get funding for that? So the CORRUPT CIRCUS ROLLS ON-IS THERE NO END TO THEIR EXCUSES, CHICANERY, LIES AND STONEWALLING ETC????

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