Friday, 30 November 2018

Corrupt Ministry of Justice & croney Barristers/lawyers

The more I've seen of our alleged whiter than white justice system, the more I see just how rotten and corrupt it is, just like all our politicians are.

My long fight to get justice over how civil servants wrecked my business and life with all their corrupt acts has been thwarted at every turn by endless corrupt actions and some downright criminal. The Barrister Hobbs QC who committed more than 11 unlawful acts in that 2007 bogus appeal hearing needed to be brought to pay for his criminal actions. Yet, unless you are rich how can you ever get justice? For all the avenues I took, going down endless complaints procedures, you will have seen got me nowhere. Similarly going to Tory Ministers and Saint Teresa May also got the same treatment.

So one ends up in a place where you can only try to get some lawyer or Barrister to take on your case
on pro-bono or legal aid and of course non will. But the thing is, that after approaching over 50 law firms the overwhelming feeling you get is that non of them will take on your case because to do so means they will be fighting ONE OF THEIR OWN! and it is quite obvious to me now that absolutely none of them will do that.

I approached a local chambers of Barristers who have offices around the UK and in the first instance I verbally outlined to a barristers clerk what my case entailed, just to see if it had a chance. He thought it had and told me to send in the transcript of that meeting and the legal opinion I have and he would see who would take it on. Just been told that no one could take it on, but no explanation as to why that was. Plus in this case I was not asking for someone to take it on right now, as all I wished is that a barrister would in principle agree to take it on ....WHEN I HAD RAISED SAY A £100K THROUGH CROWDFUNDING. The legal crowdfunding site I'd found would only handle the case if I had someone standing by to take it on and be able to receive funds as they came in as they do not send monies to anyone other than a lawyer. Quite right too.

So now all that means that because we in the UK have a complete law system that is so corrupt that any lawyer and especially a barrister can commit any unlawful criminal act/acts in the full knowledge that they will escape justice. For if they know the person against whom they have committed those criminla acts, has no money, they are safe. One wonders if I did indeed have the money.......

Of course there will be some out there who will say: Well you can take it to the Police. Yet when in 2011 I went to my local Dorset Police about how over 200 acts of perjury and 5 forged documents were submitted in the 2004 hearing and that the IPO refused to act about that, they refused to take on an investigation and blatently colluded with the IPO. As the very same IPO were part of that bogus hearing and cynically colluded with Hobbs illegal acts, how can I have any confidence that the Police will now act when it is clear to all that today the Police hardly investigates ANYTHING !! I WOULD BE WASTING MY TIME.

Not only is all the above bad enough for anyone trying to get Justice in this rotten country of ours, but when you try our illustrious newspapers to look at all this NOT ONE IS IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT INTERESTED! A while back the 'Sunday Times ran a whole front page on how fantastic newspaper they were who were not afraid to investigate anything even if it were committed by government. This was written by their Editor and so I wrote to him TWICE giving a brief outline at what I had had to go through and asking him to keep to his promise and look at my case...DID NOT EVEN REPLY TO EITHER LETTER. SO MUCH FOR OUR NEWSPAPERS AND THE TIMES OF ALL PAPERS, IS AS BAD AS OUR CORRUPT POLITICIANS AND THEIR CIVIL SERVANTS AND OUR ROTTEN SO CALLED 'JUSTICE SYTEEM'

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