Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Yesterday I sent an email to the P.O asking why it was taking their hearing officer, so long to come to his conclusion. To remind you Busbridge appealed against the decision of the last Hearing Officer that he had had no right to apply to register the Trade Mark Viper. He quoted many legal reasons for coming to that concusion.
Busridge appealed but dropped the appeal and then tried a different tack to nullify that decision. It did not work, and so now this hearing officer should complete his report. However I am constantly wondering, what has he got to think about? The previous H/O made his decision, the appeal was dropped, so inevitably the decision then HAS TO STAND!! So what the hell has he got to spend FOUR MONTHS thinking about?? But then the P.O is like that. EVERYTHING TAKES FOREVER.
I wonder if they are up to something, maybe marking time until a time limit is up, or something like that? I don't trust them, for if this guy confirms the last decision it makes the P.O look incompetent as why didn't they come to that decision in 1992/3? The decision of the first H/O
took two months and it's been four now, so watch this space.

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