Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

7th Oct.2008.

I decided I had had enough of them holding me up so decided to send in to their general enquiries and email just asking them how long would one normally expect to have to wait for a hearing officer to come up with his decision. I never told them my name. They came back with what I THOUGHT THEY WOULD SAY, NAMELY AROUND TWO MONTHS! This because the previous two decisions both took only two months.

So now I went back to the manager of the Law Section and reminded them that it was now 6 MONTHS since the hearing and I was beginning to wonder if there was something underhanded going on with the Patent Office, taking this long. This got them going and after continually telling me he couldn't do anything, now he promised a result by mid October.

However knowing the way the P.O works, by not keeping to their own laws and rules, I am not holding my breath as to what the final decision is going to be. As far as I am concerned it is a quite simple situation. He appealed the original hearing decision saying he had no right to the trademark and giving all the legal reasons, and his appeal reasons were dropped and he changed tack and asked for the records of the original application to be allowed to be changed. (this after
16 years) He wanted the original application in the name of the defunct partnership to be changed to just his name. How he can have this allowed I do not know as the previous hearing officer clearly said that as the partnership collapsed, and he did not have his brothers permission to take over his half of the business and it's assets, and that as he had gone bankrupt anyway, so the application was therefore dead. SO HOW CAN THE RECORDS BE CHANGED? especially 16 years later.

I bet the PO will concoct some excuse as I doubt if they want it to be seen that they have ignored my protestations about all this for 16 plus years, and never did anything. So they need to restore my non existent faith in them.

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