Friday, 26 June 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

As I said in my last post, this pathological liar has lied his way into achieving his ultimate aim of stripping me, with the aid of those complete wankers at the IPO, of my stolen I/P rights. Busbridge, has now reactivated the Invalidity action to have my Registration declared invalid, which he had started in 2003 prior to the hearing when he applied to register my Mark. It was put on hold until all the actions that have gone on since then, which the IPO have seen fit to believe him on each occasion. Now they are all at an end he has been able to ask for it to be reactivated. The so called evidence he put forward with application was once again laughable. However the IPO like most British civil service and justice departments seem always to believe the criminals and discount anything the victims of the criminals, say. If you read his rambling page by page never ending diatribe of lies and rubbish, non of which were backed up by evidence, you would have to wonder just how any hearing officer of the IPO could believe such obvious trash. But as you have read they did. The hearing officer Reynolds who is well known for being a useless twat in I/P circles, unbelievably declared that I had "abandoned" my trade mark in 1990/1991 to Busbridge. This despite all the evidence I showed that I did no such thing. He chose not to even get his head around the fact that no one who half a brain would abandon a trade mark which they had used for 5 years, putting huge effort into building up, who also had entered into a 10 years battle with a huge multi national company, Chrysler, at high cost, to stop them from pinching the trade mark. Why would anyone having done all that just throw it all away in 1990/1991??????? He poo pooed the evidence I showed of all the orders and invoices between me and Busbridge in 1990/1991 showing me supplying the liar with kits and many parts. So by trashing my rights at that point, I end up not being able to retaliate and appeal because I could not afford up to £50K to do so. (who can except the rich....THIS IS BRITISH JUSTICE AT WORK ONCE MORE) So the other endless hearings were a result and which got me nowhere.
So now I am into the SIXTH hearing when I will once again put forward THE TRUTH, backed up by hard documentary evidence, which will be once gain ignored by the IPO. They of course cannot afford to find for me no matter what I say or show, for they cannot be seen to have made any mistakes in the past hearings. To find now for me will do this. However I will just have to go ahead with this.
What this piece of lying trash is saying is that it was I who stole the trade mark off him and the kits I sold amounted to my "passing off" HIS designs and trade mark. One of his many lies is that he has traded with the mark VIPER since 1987. It is well documented that I did not even take him on until 1988 as my agent and during 1988 to 1991 it was I who manufactured the kits and supplied him as my agent. It is not possible, legally, for anyone to claim when acting as an agent, that the trade mark of the company they act as agents for, can be claimed by them. So it is clear that he was NEVER in a position to use my trade mark until the point when he stole my designs and my trade mark in mid 1991, and even then he was not able to manufacture his copies of my product until late 1991 and even early 1992 as it took him that long to set up suppliers of the chassis and body.
So it will be a long slog to write out my evidence to the contrary of his lying allegations, and one cannot help wondering is it all worth it to eventually have whatever I say and show, to be trashed once again by the corrupt IPO lot.

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