Sunday, 28 June 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

I have long talked about trying to get a Judicial Review, which anyone can ask for should they think a judicial process has been carried out incorrectly. I certainly think most of what the Intellectual property Office has done has been incorrect and perverse, and as I have reached the end of all of the processes, I could ask for one.
However it is not as simple as that as you need to know the procedure for doing so and the case you put forward for one must be legally correct. One can be a litigant in person, but it is not as easy as you may think. First of all you have to get your request in no more than 3 months after the cessation of the last process, and that is not long enough for the amateur lawyer. Then you have to know how to put it all together in a way that will be legally acceptable AND will cover ALL the legal points you think have been incorrectly dealt with. In such a complicated case as this you really need an I/P lawyer to do all this.
As I have pointed out many times, in this wonderful country of ours justice is only available for the rich. The peasants with little or no money can whistle, because how can a peasant afford fees of £300 per hour to £500 ph? Seeing as the Labour Party since it's been in power, has destroyed legal aid for the peasants it was always supposed to represent, it is impossible to get legal aid for such a legal case. No I/P lawyer will do ANY work on I/P on legal aid, so effectively your stuffed.

I did contemplate doing as a litigant in person, but first of all I thought I would get the advice of one that has gone down that route. Some years ago in Sussex a young woman called Georgina Downs went to Court to get J/R over farmer spraying insecticides next to peoples houses and poisoning them. She had lived next to a field and the farmer had done this to her family with bad effects on all their health. I found a website she had and got in touch with her. I spoke at length with her over how she was able to do it and what had happened .
Basically after that conversation it was obvious that what I would have to go through would be a none starter for me. She was a young person when she started (around 20) and it had gone on for 6 years plus and was still unfinished. Firstly it would take up to a year to even get started, then it could get delayed due to the tactics of the opposition (in this case the IPO)and even if you won they could go for an appeal.
Plus she had had the help of a barrister who she found who worked on reduced fees. She had spent untold time researching the legal side so she herself could do all the legal legwork. So it had taken over most of her life. In my case all this, I decided was too much to pay. Being 68 now, I certainly did not want to have this TAKE OVER all of my life and what may be left of it. Hence why I wanted an I/P barrister to do that.
Knowing the way all civil service departments work, the IPO would make it as difficult as possible and as slow as possible, and they of course have a bottomless pit of money they can draw on. The tax payer of course funds them and you just know that if they lost they definitely would use the taxpayers money to appeal. So it costs them nothing and they do not want ever to be found to be in the wrong. So I decided that I would reluctantly have to let the injustices heaped upon me, go. Even if it sticks in the craw to let them and that lying bastard Busbridge get away with the outright theft of my I/P and all the rest.

I will instead use the power of the net to highlight the activities of this rat and other ways to get justice of a sort. For instance he has been defrauding the local Council for 17 years by using his private house as a work place for his kit car business and thus defrauding the tax payers of Sutton out of rates. Business rates are much higher than private house rates. Not to mention him saving on rent for an industrial unit instead of using his house and the workshop he has built behind it. (did it have planning permission?)

Plus I will start another blog highlighting his devious business activities. Hopefully this plus the recess will finish the bastard off, business wise, as kit cars are an outright luxury that can be done without. As most who buy kit cars are working class people as rich people would not be seen dead in a kit car as they can afford the real deal.

Another way I am getting back at him is to bill him for persistently using photos of cars I built or cars that were built by others from my kits purchased off me, on his website. Passing them of as examples of his copies of my car. he will have to answer for that in Court as I have billed him £5K for using those images of my cars. This is the cheek of the man and the way he lies to the Public. Give him enough rope and in a few years, if he lasts, he will be telling everyone that he started back in 1985 by designing the car and I will be airbrushed completely out of it. A complete and utter lying twat.

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