Thursday, 23 July 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Since my last post several things have happened. I have set out an official complaint to the CEO of the IPO re the behaviour of their Tribunal/Law Sections. Namely a Mr Roaul Colombo and a Mr Allan James ( the head) If you have read all of my posts you may remember that back in 2005 I won in a hearing held by a Mr Landau when he said that Busbridge should not be allowed to continue with the registration of the trade mark Viper. He appealed that before an Appointed Person a MR Hobbs QC. Held in March 2006.

You will see that I was excluded from that hearing and I had great trouble getting the IPO to tell me what was going on after it had been heard and what was the decision. I could see that something was going on. Both I and my MP were pissed around and lied to by these two characters above. It took a YEAR before I found out that Busbridge had dropped the appeal and had moved onto other ways of getting his wicked way. I did not even know what had been said at this hearing.

Well the first thing you will have seen Busbridge did was to apply to Rectify the Register, that's on an earlier post. I lost that one too, and I then appealed it. Before that appeal on a chance I asked the IPO for transcript to see what had been said in the Hobbs appeal. I couldn't believ it to be sent one and I think some unknowing civil servant sent it by mistake. What I read made my blood boil.

So I had been asking the Tribunal section as to why the Landau decision was never enacted. No matter what I said over many months I just kept getting the run round. Them acting dumb and giving me so called answers that were not answers at all. I knew they were up to no good. So I have just reread this transcript and I can now see the wood for the trees, and it has come to me.

These bastards in the IPO deliberately decided that although there were no compelling legal reasons why any appeal hearing person could overturn Landau, the IPO certainly did not want that to happen, because that would mean I would win at last. Why don't they want me to win???????

Over the years I have been a continual thorn in their sides and they know I am so pissed off that I want to sue the bastards to kingdom come. (if only I could afford it and get some non greedy lawyer to help me on a NWNF basis) I want to show their maladministration and sue them to kingdom come. They will like all unscrupulous civil servants, do anything to stop me getting to that stage.

So they had figured out that if the hearing was a sham which really would only give the appellant

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