Friday, 10 July 2009

Intellectual Property Office_How they aided a crook.

After sending the Head of the Law Section several emails asking him to tell me why the decision of the hearing that took place in 2005 had not been enacted and Busbridge thus being stripped of his registration. This is what should have happened, yet to tell me exactly that would be an admission that the IPO had acted wrongly and can you ever see that happening?
He sent me replies which were just waffle and evasion and it was obvious he did not want to answer the question.
I kept on by pointing out how he was not looking at the facts and what that hearing officer had decreed and why, and that I wanted an answer. He then gave me an answer that was pure civil service disengeniousness and totally untruthful. I replied to that effect and all he could say in a final reply was that he had answered my question, and that was the end of it---'Go away pest', which of course he hadn't.
Now I have sent a letter to my MP and more or less told him I expect him to help me for once instead of acting like he couldn't care less, which is what happened when we met a couple of weeks ago when I asked him about a Judicial Review. Telling me in that disinterested way he has, that I should do it myself, spoke volumes about just how interested he was.
So I wait to see how he responds for he could help me if he wanted to by asking the IPO awkward questions.

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