Saturday, 30 January 2010

Corrupt Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

The hearing was as I expected. A no nonsense, bruiser type bother boy, hearing officer. He was no doubt hand picked by the IPO to make sure that the Busbridge brothers did not come to blows or indulge in endless slagging each other off. And of course to make sure the hearing was conducted to the good of the IPO.
I thought that Robert Busbridge showed his usual colours of a cringing, snivelling liar, trying to belittle his brother and of course me. He told his usual lies of how he was a saint and saviour of the customers of Brightwheel Replicas after it had ceased trading, when of course by my taking on the brothers as my agent after this event, it gave those customers somewhere to go, and they benefitted beacuse this of course gave Cobretti business. He also tried to pin the bankruptcy of BRL on me, when he knew full well that the company had ceased trading due to my partners closing it down AFTER I had resigned. The hypocrosy of this evil man knows no bounds, for he completely ignores his own bankruptcy and the effects on HIS creditors.
Well I hope the IPO ignored all that kind of irrelevant crap. However they have form for not ignoring it and being swayed by his lies.
My lawyer did a very good job of laying out case law regards the partnership and the non legal way it finished, thus making the application by only one partner, for registration, void. He also gave many reasons why the application for the Invalidity of my registration should fail, all based on law. How the two main reasons Busbridge relied on for this application, namely passing off and he having a prior right to me, where all legally wrong. Pointing out that it was he that was guilty of passing off my product and trade mark not the other way round.
I will attach the skelton argument to this blog soon, so you can all see our argument.
Of course now we have to wait for the IPO to issue their decision, but I have absolutely no faith in them whatsoever, as I have constantly said. They have an agenda which is best known only to them. Once that decision is given, of course if it does go against me, I will appeal it. We will know exactly what had been in the IPO minds all along and we will then have their mindset out in the open and will be able to fight it. I got the impression that their minds were already made up prior to the hearing and the hearing was just window dressing. For they have read the written evidence and as they said have read all the previous hearings, so what was said at this hearing was nothing new.
Of course one big thing that the have to address, and we made sure we made comment on that, and that is the question of all the lies and perjury eminating from Robert Busbridge. We made sure we pointed out that the IPO had specifically said they would deal with that at the hearing.
Of course we made sure that his lying and dishonesty and making applications in bad faith, were highlighted. Of course now we had a second witness to all the dishonesty namely Martin.
I personally cannot see how the IPO can find for Robert based on his obvious lying and bad faith, and partnership law and IPO law that was not adherred to. But as I have said over and over again the IPO have shown time and again they have an agenda on this case that is hard to fathom. So we will see.
In the meantime Robert Busbridge will be sweating it out, and if his demeanour at the hearing is anything to go by, which was not so cocky as before, he will be sweating it out.

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