Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Corrupt Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

Since my last post after the hearing of the 28th Jan 2010, we are here three months later and still no decision given. Are the IPO scrabbling around trying to think of how they can squirm out of the predicament they have got themselves into??? I mean they have spent the time since 1992 listening to a serial perjurer lying to them ad nauseum and now his lies have been blown and they have been put into the position that they simply have to do something about the perjury.

However of course to do so means they will be admitting that they are dysfunctional, incompetent and have given succour to a criminal and have walked all over a legitimate owner of a trade mark and have ruined that persons life and health, in doing so. AND WE ALL KNOW HOW MUCH CIVIL SERVANTS JUST HATE TO HAVE TO ADMIT THEY ARE INCOMPETENT. Are they scrabbling around trying to work out just how they can get out of the hole they have dug themselves into, hence they delays? Their own guidelines say that a decision
should come within 4-6 weeks adn here we are at twice that time. My solicitor rang them a month ago asking what was going on, to get the answer that they were just starting to put together their decision, so what were they doing for two months after the hearing?? My guess is that they are having problems working out how to give an honest decision and deal with the serial perjury committed by this criminal who has run rings round them. In the meantime he happily is trading on with his copy of my product and using my trade mark, as if nothing has ever happened and he has committed no crimes. On the subject of crimes I have heard that in 1991/2 he did indeed commit crimes which I am trying to find a way of being able to bring to the attention of 'our simply wonderful Police' ??
I just wonder what their answer is going to be, but if it is another one of their whitewashes, they will have another fight on their hands as I do not intend to let them get away with their 19 years of sheer incompetence to my detriment. I will fight them until my death if necessary as I have never been willing to put up with the ruling classes of this rotten country. They walk all over the ordinary folk, all the time and I am just one of hundreds of thousands who have suffered at their hands. Look at how the bastards treat our armed forces when they have suffered dreadful injuries and that is only one example.

Their own guidelines state that decisions should be forthcoming within 4-6 weeks and here we are at a point of time that is TWICE THAT LENGTH OF TIME. My solicitor even asked them a month ago what was happeneing and was told that the decision making was about to be started and we should get the decision in April. SO WHERE IS IS IT?? JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED AND ALL THAT. However the IPO are not interested in justice and I just wonder where it will all go. If justice is not forthcoming they are going to have a real fight on their hands as I am not going to cave into the bastards. I will die first before I do that, so we will see and if it does not come this month then the fight will start

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