Saturday, 12 June 2010

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

Since my last post I have talked with my lawyer to hear what he now thinks about my appealing
this monstrous latest decision and after he had conferred with a barrister.
Just like appealing against the first monstrous decision made back in 2004 when I lost my opposition against the reptile from registering my trade mark, which I could not afford to take before a High Court, I would have to do the same here to appeal this one. I told my lawyer that I could only do it if it were done on a no win no fee basis.
So he says that he can only do that if a barrister has a look at the facts surrounding this last hearing and decision. He comes back and says he thinks that if the IPO stick rigidly to saying they had to stick to IP law which says that the first applied for registration has precedence over one made after, no matter about the surroundings facts of perjury, and bad faith and the fact that the application was not done lawfully in the first place, then we will lose the appeal. Or at least we could lose, as it would depend of course on some wretched Judge, and we all know how they are in this wretched country.
So the upshot is, like all lawyers who operate on the 'we will win no matter if we win or lose'
syndrome, he will not take the slightest chance and I would have to be willing to fork out maybe £20,000 and the rest. That is out, so the Forces of Evil win AGAIN!!!!! The CROOKS AND CRIMINALS WIN AGAIN AND THE LAW ABIDING LOSE OUT AGAIN. Such is life in this rotten country of ours where only the rich stand a chance of winning, for they can fill the pockets of the fat cat big time lawyers.
However there is one avenue that I can still go down and I am just starting off down that one. But I have no faith in the Brits or any of the government departments you are forced to use and this last avenue will rely on yet another bunch of civil servants. The only maybe, saving grace, is that they have no connection with the corrupt IPO mob. I am hoping that it will not turn out to be yet another case of; 'we civil servants have got to all stick together and cover all our arses'
We will see.
Of course throughout my writing this blog over nearly two years now, I cannot help noticing that if any lawyers have read it, none have come forward to help, probono or whatever. Thus proving to me that they only work on a 'gimmee the money, loads 'o' money mate, or bugger off'
Even though I say it, this story represents a big injustice which ever way you look at it. It is a case of governmental corrution at its highest. When I read of how other poor infortunates who have also had to suffer at the hands of corrupt British justice and law systems and useless civil servants, I have to be glad that many have suffered more than I. For today I have just read of a poor individual who has spent 18 years in jail for a murder he obviously hasn't committed ( and how many have had to do that, I ask?) Put there by yet more incompetent Police and civil servants in the CPS (which is as corrupt and incompetent as the IPO) who withheld vital evidence which showed he was at work when his wife commited suicide. A CPS who lied by saying they did not have files which laid doubt on his guilt, when they did and much earlier than they admitted to. I guess I have to be grateful I at least am not in his unfortunate shoes. I hope he gets out and can sue them for millions....THE BASTARDS, ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!WITH THEIR INFLATED WAGES AND SUPERANUATED PENSIONS AND CORRUPT EXPENSES ETC, ETC.

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