Thursday, 9 December 2010

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

You can now see for yourself that I have been telling the absolute truth about everything that has gone on in this case. All the lies of Busbridge there for you to see and all the crap he filled the IPO's heads with, WHICH THE BASTARDS BELIEVED. Of course they had their agenda anyway to want to believe him and disbelieve me.
You can also see how Liarman Busbridge is passing off my product on his website as his own creation by showing articles where the reader is told that the car shown is a "Cobretti Viper" when in actual fact it is one of mine being either a Brightwheel
or a Classic Replicas Viper. Some cars are actually cars I built with my own hands like the Red V12 one and the Viper4 Cortina car.
The list of documents is in date order so that if you also read the book which I have written and which details the whole history in minute detail, which you can now also download, the documents are in order of the history as shown in the book.

LATEST EVENTS. Like I have said a number of times, I am not sitting here doing nothing. Every day I am working to bring this bastard to book and to get Justice against him. You will see my efforts in the book, which by the way will be published and distributed in the very near future in the New Year. This will go out to a long list of people, which I have drawn up. Members of Parliament, the media, University Law schools so students can see how the IPO deal with people who create IP and many IP barristers and specialists. The name of the IPO will be shit after it goes out,if I have anything to do with it, so I hope they enjoy it.
I am doing everything I can to get Liarman arrested and charged with forgery and perjury independently of the IPO. It isn't easy but I will keep on until the equally bastard Police get off their overpaid fat arses and do what we the Public pay them to do. Arrest Criminals like Busbridge.
Like I said already there are a number of avenues that I can go down to get Lairman and the IPO and I am going down all of them. I am also trying to get that bastard corrupt IPO, Judge Hobbs investigated for his corrupt handling of the appeal by Busbridge in 2006, against the Landau hearing which went against him. That report is with Ken Clarke, but I a not holding my breath there as he is a fat Tosser anyway and one of the Judiciary cartel Establishment.
If the Police do not act it will be with the IPCC to investigate their corrupt collusion with the IPO to deny me JUSTICE.
I am also trying to get both the Police and the IPO to release copies of emails and letters between their two corrupt bodies. I have already got a couple of interesting documents from the IPO which clearly show that even in 2004 the IPO were viewing me as a difficult person and making personal remarks about me.(thus showing bias) So what they are now thinking about me now after 8 years of hassle with them???? and these will be thoughts that will have had effects on how I was treated in all the hearings. Which is bloody obvious anyway by the unbelievable decisions that they have made. Of course they are not showing me ALL the documents so it will have to go all the way to the Information Commissioner. Thepoint is all their stupid actions in denying me, goes against them anyway as by refusIng to rElease documents ONLY SHOWS THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!!!! idiots.
The same with the Police and here they are refusing to show me ANY douments even though I already have three that show their dirty deeds, and how they are behaving by refusing to investigate criminal acts by Liarman. So they too will be reported to the INF/Comm.
So it goes on 'til the bastard is nailed. Dogged Perserverance is the name of the
game and I have buckets of that and always have had.

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