Friday, 10 June 2011

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


This guy and his office as you will know recently refused to order the Met Police to investigate the forgery and perjury committed by Busbridge at various court hearings and tribunal hearings over 20 years. Their vacuous and whitewashing excuses amount to nothing More than lies.

So here we have two points to consider. One in my case the IPCC behaved in a totally different way by refusing to ask the Met Police to investigate Busbridges forgery and perjury. ( On the lying excuse that I hadn't provided the Met with any proof despite my 3 inch thick dossier full of evidence). Yet here the fact is really that because they know it is in the newspapers and they are under Public scrutiny.
The second point is that on top of this, the man's MP is asking the A/General to look into this case. Of course I cannot do the same as my MP is in on the cover up and refuses to act on my behalf.
So the A/General and his organ grinder monkey, this McGinty bloke, are lying (don't they all and all the time?) when he says the Att/Gen cannot investigate perjury that is committed in Court. When this is obviously a blatant lie as this mans MP would obviously not waste his time going to the A/G if he would not take notice and investigate that case.
With my case where trials had taken place, which were obviously miscarriages of justice and there was plenty of evidence of that because my human rights to fair trials had been trashed, he doesn't want to know as you have seen and that despite all the evidence I gave him.
Then very importantly and I asked him about this: why was it that Busbridge was able to go the Met and allege I had committed ONE act of perjury and two acts of forgery at my hearing where I had opposed Chryslers application to register my Trade Mark and the Met swung into action straight away with an investigation? No excuses that forgery and perjury had to only be investigated on the word and request of the hearing Judge??? Double standards once again and why did the Attn/Gen ignore that question. I will tell you why....because it was too difficult to get round so he indulges via his Organ Grinder and his monkey, by ignoring it and telling porkies.
This shows how two faced he is and how he is willing to protect others in government and a consummate conman, rather than do the right thing. So he tells lies as to why he cannot investigate or ask the police to investigate, which he does all the time.
What an asshole!!

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