Monday, 21 November 2016

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

You may well ask what have they got to do with the Corrupt Dorset Police. Well no doubt you have not read all of this blog for if you have you will know it started because of the corrupt way the IPO were dealing with me over the stealing off me, of my Trade Mark Viper, by my ex agent and aided by the IPO. The Dorset Police came into the equation when I went to them in Sept 2009 to ask them to investigate the perjury and forgery committed by Busbridge in any number of IPO court hearings. You will see despite my pointing out to the IPO that this was going on and they should investigate and that included me making to their CEO a Formal Complaint that they were ignoring criminal acts and refusing to investigate them, they refused to lift a finger.

So after the final debacle of a corrupt hearing held in 2010 where I was told by the IPO they would deal with these criminal cats.....they of course never even touched on them. So then I was obliged to go to my local thoroughly corrupt mob of criminals in uniform and beg them to investigate.  It was when they started treating me as if I were a criminal that I included them onto this blog.

Well this last week I have suddenly got time on my hands so I started to sort out all the bundles of files on all this very unsavoury behaviour by the IPO  and the DPA. Hopefully when I win the lottery I can  use them to sue the ass off all those bastards who ruined my thriving business and stole all my designs and Trade Mark. Fat chance but I can dream on) Anyhow doing this has brought back to me just how corrupt all these BASTARDS are. Reading all the evidence of that and what they did has once more enraged me and made me as mad as hell. Reminded me just how helpless British people are when trying to fight the ESTABLISHMENT !!!(When they don't have the money to do so, and they tell us we live in a democracy ???)

I read the emails and letters I did managed to drag out of the IPO through the FOIAct. In a couple of them we have two totally corrupt and criminally minded bastards from no less than the LEGAL OFFICE of the IPO, telling the useless and corrupt cop in Bournemouth Police, a Sgt Brimicombe all
the lies and bad mouthing about me, that he could think of. All that of course was done to colour him against me, paint me as being this and that, so he would be put off DOING HIS JOB  and being independent and looking at the reams of documentary evidence I'd given him. So this asshole by the name of Colombo tells Brimicombe that I write this blog and......STATES THAT HE FOUND THE ENTRIES EXTREMELY SHOCKING AND OFFENSIVE SO BEWARE IF YOU DO READ IT.
he then gives him my URL so he can read it which I know he did.
Now, this even now when I re-read it some years on, brings it home to me just how CORRUPT THE IPO ARE !!! and just how they did every dirty trick in the book to stop me from ever getting JUSTICE AGAINST THE ROTTEN, CORRUPT AND CRIMINAL BASTARDS !!!! HOW THEY WERE UTTERLY DETERMINED TO TAKE OFF ME MY IP AND GIVE IT TO THIS CROOK BUSBRIDGE.

You see I pulled no punches in my blog AND I CONTINUE TO DO SO. So why do I do this? Why did I call all those bastards in the IPO that and call them criminals.......because I WANTED THEM TO TAKE ME TO COURT, maybe on libel charge or dream up some criminal charge to heap upon me. That way I would have been able to get legal help, to show up in court just how corrupt and criminal they all are and were. For which I had no money (and they knew this)  to take them to court. Of course they have never done that for they know they would lose.

So here are their names once again for the World to see:- JAMES - HEAD OF LEGAL DEPARTMENT OF THE IPO. ......COLOMBO - LEGAL DPT.....HAYWARD - LEGAL DPT.

I also vainly hoped some legal entity would read all I showed in this blog and would volunteer to help out them all. Of course in this country unless your story gets big and in the have no chance. The papers only want salacious stories and boring stories about some old bloke whose had his life made a misery at the end of it.....just isn't the type of news they look for. I KNOW FOR I TRIED AGES AGO AND GOT NOWHERE.

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