Friday, 9 March 2012

Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


Those of you who have been following this enquiry may like me have been appalled by the antics of the various ex Met chiefs who have been interviewed. What a bunch of twisting liars they presented as. Of course two of them who were supposed to be running the Met, when I was trying to get those useless bastards to investigate Busbridge. Stevens was one and he as with the rest, lied his head of about what he knew about the phone hacking.
One of them had to resign because of his involvement in dubious goings on. Now what really hacks me off is the deafening silence we always get when the media expose our useless and corrupt cops. During all these sickening relevations of the past weeks at this enquiry, not one politician has voiced his concern that we obviously have a throughly discredited and corrupt police force in the Met and this force is supposed to be the premier force of the UK. Of course all the different forces are the same but the Met should be a shining example, which it simply isn't and never has been. Except it is a shining example of just how corrupt coppers can be.
No, our pollies don't seem to be in the slightest bit bothered, when what they should be doing is going all out to expose them for what they are and cleaning the filth up. So the bastards just keep getting away with it....the incompetence and the corruption just carries on.
I rarely meet anyone who has any time for the BASTARDS these days and I am talking here about people I know or meet, who like me cannot stand our police and have no time for them at all, not those who are criminals or yobs, as I do not mix with the trash of Brit life in any way. These are all people like myself, professionals or business people and the like. How have we got to the stage in Brit life when so few people have the slightest faith in the very people who are supposed to be there to protect us from the scum of the Earth???

Going back to what I have said in the past few posts as to why did the IPO behave in the way it did over this whole case. Many may think that my thoughts on what was the reasons the IPO did what they did and the possible actions Chysler may have carried out, are too far fetched. Well think about this; in addition to what I've already put forward, Chrysler when they started to export their Vipers to Europe, spent a lot of money in promoting their car. They set up a special racing series for that car and as I've said no Yanky international company will spend what they did only to have some upstart like me get in their way of being able to call their car in the UK, by the name of Viper.
That is eactly what I did, first by stopping them from being able to register that name in the UK after I won that hearing with the IPO in 1996. What Chyrysler did after that was to deliberately try and ruin me with legal costs by saying they were going to appeal it and then dragging their feet for FOUR YEARS until I went to a legal team and FORCED them to give up. They KNEW they had no case, so why did they behave like this......BECAUSE LIKE SO MANY YANK COMPANIES.... THEY HAD NO MORALS.
Even after they had to drop their saying they wanted to appeal, they carried on calling their car, in the UK, by MY REGISTERED NAME OF VIPER. So I had to take legal action which stopped them and they had to pay my costs.
Now what I am trying to point out to you, is that any company that behaves in the corrupt and immoral way like they did for over ten years and over them wanting to own that name, IS PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF PAYING SOMEONE IN THE IPO FROM THE BEGINNING BACK IN 1992, TO SWING THINGS FOR THEM. And of course anyone in the IPO who was part of that corrupt action, would do anything to hide that fact and that would include doing to me what they did and making sure that Busbridge got the T/M, as they knew he was in with Chrysler. They knew that once he got the rego of the T/M he would sell it to Chrsyler and then Chrysler will have got what they wanted. Of course what they never realised at the beginning is that I would put up such a fight which made all the procedures last for going on 20 years.
There will be those of you who will know that long before that period of time was reached, Chryslers fortunes took a big turn for the worse and they very nearly went out of business. Also in the meantime their Viper simply never took off in the UK or Europe as it was a typical peice of Yank rubbish as far as sportscars went and not really the type of sportscar Europeans go for.. They never sold very many at all.
However whoever in the IPO got themselves in the pay and involved with Chrysler had by doing that, carried out corruption and illegal activities which they would have to cover up. It is not such a tall story at all as these things happen all the time in the civil service for if you like me, follow what goes on in British life will know. Civil servants get themselves into corruption all the time and let us not forget......... THAT THE POLICE ARE ALL CIVIL SERVANTS THEMSELVES AND LOOK AT WHAT CORRUPTION THEY HAVE BEEN INVOLVE IN, OVER ALL OF MY LIFETIME AND SOME OF WHICH IS NOW COMING OUT INTO THE OPEN!!!!

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