Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Corrupt Police & IPO-how they aided a crook.

Throughout this blog I have recounted and just recently too, about the corrupt Judge Hobbs QC and how he behaved and that ruined my life too and how it was impossible for me to get justice against the ramifications of what he did. How I have tried to get newspapers into this story with no luck. Same again trying to find a lawyer to take out a prosecution on a no win no fee basis. Absoluely no one wanted to touch it  and all lied via various excuses etc.

 Just a few days ago it was reported that the Justice Secretary, Liz Truss, who had made it clear she does not like Judges much, either and this especially so after the way they behaved over the Brexit issue when they showed their obvious bias with those two big hearings. Brought about by, I must say, a non Anglo Saxon Brit who made it her job to tell us real Brits how to run our country and get this; by using money she had made by us allowing her to make her good living here. How is that for a kick in our teeth?? (All the Judges denied they were biased even in the face, that the majority were known to be pro EU) Truss made an observation which got up the nose of their head Judge, a Judge Neuberger and he had his pennyworth about what he thought about her and her comments. Cheeky sod as he isn't elected and she is and she is free to say what she wants!! These Judge BASTARDS now think they really rule this country and not our elected Parliament as they are ALWAYS telling Parliament to change the laws they have made as they are unlawful etc and have overturned legal decisions made in courts. This especially to do with immigration matters. No coincidence there when their top Judge is of immigrant stock and so many are, in our justice system these days.  No BIAS THERE THEN !!??

Anyway this has shown me that she has an opinion that may help me. So I have just written to her briefly outlining what Judge Hobbs did to me in direct contravention of the law. How I have irrefutable evidence of that in the transcript of that hearing and how I have found trying to get justice about that, has shown me that there is AN IRON CURTAIN AROUND OUR JUDGES THAT MEANS YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET JUSTICE AGAINST ANY OF THEM. I asked her what she had to say about that. ESPECIALLY AS HER POLITICAL CLASSES ARE ALWAYS TELLING US PEASANTS HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY AND UNDER THE RULE OF LAW...WHAT UTTER BULLSHIT AS THIS SHOWS.  Now the thing is, going on past experiences I doubt if I will EVER GET AN ANSWER, LET ALONE ANY HELP. PLACE YOUR BETS NOW! I will report on what if anything happens.

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