Saturday, 19 September 2009

Intellectual Property Office-How they aided a crook.

What did I tell you about our wonderful police? True to form I had to push them to do anything and at the end of it they tried to worm their way out of acting on the evidence I showed them. I don't know who I despise more...the civil servants or our wonderful police. They of course rang the IPO and they sure as eggs are eggs had a good talk amongst themselves about what a pain this Cook fella is. So the local cops end up saying that they were told by the IPO that they were best placed to do something about handling these charges about perjury and fraud.
Well that remains to be seen as what I am getting from the IPO tells me that it is not a foregone conclusion that they WILL deal with all this in the forthcoming Invalidity Hearing, as the hearing officer will have to decide if it is relevant and shows perjury. My interpretation is that any hearing only will take note of the absolute relevant facts to do with that particular hearing. As this forgery was committed in all the previous hearing which were all about completely different is it that they will take on board all my evidence of the fraud and perjury, which was at its most in the 2004 opposition hearing to Busbridge registering my Mark? So we will have to see. However the police did say that if it wasn't dealt with I could go back to them. They obviously were delighted to use whatever the IPO had said to them to give them the excuse to do what all police seem to do these days, when someone asks them to deal with law breakers. It seems to me that it is only when a murder is committed that they actually get off their fat lazy arses. Or when their is a chance for them to play cowboys and shoot someone or play the hard boys at a demo when they can kick someone or push them over etc etc!!

So now it is all hands on deck to get together my last lot of evidence to do with the invalidity application brought on by that bastard Busbridge. Of course I will also have the affidavit of his brother Martin to back me up. However Bob is going to get a surprise at this hearing. IT IS GOING TO BE ABOUT TWO MONTHS BEFORE THIS HEARING TAKES PLACE...MORE
WASTING OF TIME. It is now going on 18 years since this all kicked off, thanks to the slowness of the IPO.

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