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Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.


As you will have seen if you have been reading this blog, the IPO have consistently refused to deal with the obvious perjury and forgery committed by Mr Liarman. So in August 2009 I approached my local Police Force....Dorset Police to ask them to take over and investigate these criminal actions by Liarman. If you have read my book which is accessible by the link on this site, you will have seen how I have not got on with them. This makes them as corrupt as the IPO. Firstly Dorset Police said the perjury would have been committed in London, so they asked London Police to take over my complaint. The Met said perjury had not been committed. This despite me giving the police a dossier in which I gave over 200 pages of evidence documents and lists of all the lies told, plus what documents had been forged. Affidavits by Kunzli my old Swiss agent and Martin Busbridge, Lairmans brother. On the links you can see all the documents for this whole story and you will find some of the documents concerning the police. In any case I will soon put on copies of all the recent documents concerning my efforts to get the Police assholes to do the job they are paid for.
These will include my reports to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) about the refusal of both forces to uphold the law. I have at the same time been trying to get the two police forces and the IPO to give up to me copies of all documents about me both on a personal level and to do with the collusion between the two police forces and the IPO. I know that emails and letters and phone calls have passed between these people as I have two of them that a dopey copper, DC Brimicombe left in my dossier when I made him give it back to me after his refusal to investigate.
The lies and excuses these asshole police have made to wriggle out of their responsibilities, beggars belief. From saying that perjury couldn't have been committed as none of the lies in all Liarmans statements were not made on oath, to only the judge who heard the case could instigate proceedings, to they were not done on our patch Mate! and so on, ad nauseum. You will see all this in the link where I will put all their letters and documents that I have not already put on the existing links.
The recent case this week of the Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan who was done for perjury and found guilty will show you how duplicitous the Establishment of this country are. Here you have a well known person who has committed the same crimes of perjury as Liarman and he gets done for it. At a cost of £millions he goes through a long three month trial. Yet Liarman who committed over 200 acts of perjury and four acts of forgery, who is a non entity as indeed I am, has his criminal acts completely ignored by the IPO and now the Police. Now why is that I ask?
The interesting thing, and this highlights how corrupt our politicians and judiciary are, indulging in hypocrisy and lies, is that the prosecuting QC said that his acts which he admitted did not have a victim, had to be prosecuted to the full, "because perjury is a SERIOUS CRIME that cannot be ignored as it cannot be allowed to become the normal behaviour of people" Well Mr Prosecutor why is it that this man can get away Scot free with over 200 acts of PERJURY AND FORGERY, when Sheridan lied once or twice and was not involved in forgery? He did get £200,000 off the News of the World and most of us would not lose sleep over that, whereas Liarman initially lied to the Police to get me charged with perjury in order that he could get me incarcerated in jail and so collect £500,000 off Chrysler. So you tell me who is the bigger crook out of these two!!!
My requests for documents under the freedom of Information Act have been met with the same old lying by the IPO and the two Police Forces that either they can keep them away from me or they don't exist. The IPO tossed me a few scraps of evidence to keep me happy and thus be able to say they had kept to the Act requirements, but I know they are keeping the ones with the real incriminating evidence. Both Dorset & the Met have openly admitted they liaised with the IPO despite my asking them not to as all they would get is biased comments about me and them covering their dirty backsides in order to not be seen to have been at fault in not investigating my complaints that I was being subjected to perjury in ALL the six hearings 2004-2010.
So it is damn obvious that emails between them exist. I have one of them where a Mr Hayward of the IPO lies to the Dorset Police that perjury could not have been committed. Then one that the IPO did give me where he tells DC Brimicombe that I had the temerity to have a blog on the whole subject. THIS BLOG. This prompted the DC to slag me off and tell me he know knew all about me and what I was up to. Whatever that meant. Hayward says to the DC when giving him my URL (and do not forget the IPO knew of my blog because the execrable Liarman gave them the details)"I found some of the entries so shocking and offensive that beware if you read it" Well my answer to this wimp is if he and his other cronies in the IPO had not treated me like SHIT since 2000 and lied and acted corruptly, then I would not have to even have a blog or say anything about what I think of them or their actions, thus upsetting his girly sensibilities.....WOULD I...DICKHEAD!
The other two emails given me showed that as far back as 2004 and before the first of the corrupt hearings,the IPO had formed black thoughts about me PERSONALLY, as I knew they had and have. I am described as being a "difficult" person to deal with and "angry" Doesn't this show anyone that if you feel shat upon by any government department and you will not take it lying down and fight back, you suddenly become a person who is "difficult" and "angry" etc etc. They make me want to puke, these asshole civil servants, for the way they treat their paymasters...we the PUBLIC. If you read like I do, all the horror stories of other members of the Public who also have suffered at the hands of our shit civil servants in many different ways, too many to mention here, you will see my story is only normal for their behaviour.Well others may give in but there is no way I am doing that.
So at present I have reports in with the Information Commissioner about the refusal to give me the documents I have asked for from the Dorset Police and the Met and the IPO. Then I have reported the IPO to the Parliamentary Ombudsman for perverting the course of justice by interfering in my efforts to get the Police to investigate criminal acts by telling lies to them about me and what constitutes perjury. I have a request in before that fat slob Ken Clarke who I cannot stand (as he is a lover of criminals and a typical upper class judicial twit) to investigate why the OJC & JACO did not act against that corrupt judge Hobbs QC.
However I really have NO FAITH WHATSOEVER IN ANY OF THESE BODIES, GOING ON WHAT I HAVE READ ABOUT THEM. ESPECIALLY THE PARLIAMENTARY OMBUDSMAN WHO HAS IN THE PAST REFUSED TO ACT OVER THE GOINGS ON OF THE IPO. The IPCC I have never dealt with nor the ICO, but like I say all such bodies that I have tried over many years HAVE NEVER ONCE UPHELD ANY COMPLAINT DESPITE MUCH EVIDENCE OF WRONG DOING AND LAW BREAKING. In this country there is a concerted effort by ALL such supposedly independent bodies set up to supposedly to protect us....the PUBLIC, from the corruption and abuses of various government bodies and institutions. They are really all smoke and mirrors set up by the establishment just so they can say how caring and good they are at protecting us the people, that put them where they are with their fat wages and bonuses and pensions, on our backs.
So do have a look at my book ( which will soon be published and distributed to EVERY person I feel shoud see it) which details this sad and horrendous story in more detail and look at the supporting documents of evidence, that is if the abuses of us interests you....THE ABUSES BY SO CALLED DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENTS AGAINST THEIR PEOPLE. In reality living in this country is no better than living in RUSSIA or some other despotic dictators kingdom. Only in this country our tormentors do it in a more devious and civilised way, without the bumping off of anyone they have abused. They tie you up in knots of lies and corrupt actions until you give in or go mad or emigrate.

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