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Corrupt Police & IPO-How they aided a crook.

A lot has happened since my last post and none of it positive for my quest to get JUSTICE against this conman. All concern corrupt actions or should I say non actions by various government bodies and people. These are The Dorset Police, The Met Police, The Independent Police Complaints Commissioner, the Attorney General, My MP Chris Chope, Kenneth Clarke the Minister for Justice.
I will deal with each of these below. Firstly with:-
The Dorset Police.....You may remember I had been waiting for their response since September 2010 to my complaint to their Complaints procedures that they had refused to investigate my request to investigate the forgery and perjury of Busbridge. I had also put in requests under the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. This was to give me all information that had passed between them and the IPO and the Met concerning Busbridges perjury etc. They are supposed to act in definite ways under these Acts and of course they ignored all the rules and so I never got a scrap of info despite my knowing there is info there as I have an email to them from the IPO which clearly states there is, which I am sure I have mentioned in recent past posts.
I eventually got in late Feb their response which was EXACTLY as I expected. You can read our wonderful Police like a book. (One on corruption that is)The copper Brimicombe lowered himself to the floor by engaging in a litany of lying about our meeting when he tried to intimidate me and put forward spurious lies as to how there had never been perjury committed (He studiously ignored the forgery)and saying that perjury could only be reported by either the Judges of the hearings or the Attorney General. When I pointed out that his Force saw no difficulty in charging me with perjury and forgery on the lies of a conman (Busbridge) without recourse to saying to Busbridge that it was the hearing officer or the Attorney General that had to do him. He had no answer to that one but it made no difference to them actually investigating my complaint.
All that is posted in previous posts and now in this knock back letter, Brimicombe shows what an asshole he really is by going into an orgy of lying himself by saying I had shouted and sworn at this hearing and had behaved in an overbearing manner. Of course I am not that stupid to do so at any meeting where I am trying to get the Police to act on my behalf. Of course his cohort copper who was present as the POLICE WITNESS backed him up by also lying. This is the what we the Public have to put up these days with our corrupt, lying scumbags that dare to call themselves Police! The reply by them will in due course be attached in full to this blog as will a number of documents that so far I have not had time to put them on. This will be done when I have the time as there as quite a number to sort out and get them on, so please be......PATIENT.
They ignored my complaints about not giving me the info under the various Acts but that has now gone to the Information Commissioner who deals with complaints under those Acts.
THE MET POLICE.Here their story which I have already recounted but I did complain about them to the IPCC about their refusal to also investigate perjury and forgery by Busbridge. They also refused to show me all their documents etc that went between them and the IPO. You see both Police Forces and the IPO do not want me to see any of these documents because they know they contain valuable information and facts that will show them up for what they are:- Conniving, corrupt and lying bastards who have all conspired to deny me Justice for reasons that they refuse to divulge and the emails will have given me the answer as to why they refuse the deal with BUSBRIDGE AND HIS CRIMES!
THE IPCC. YET ANOTHER USELESS GOVERNMENT CON ON THE BRITISH PUBLIC. My complaints to them about the MET which I did first was as I fully expected.....a typical whitewash so as to protect the Police. How many times have you read that the Police or a particular Policeman has actually been severely done for breaking the law???? They even get away with blatant murder,so they got away with this...easy peasy! No sweat, and they know I am impotent and so they can get away with anything. So my complaint to the IPCC got nowhere as usual, so I never bothered to report the Dorset Police as that too would have been a total waste of time.
THE ATTORNEY GENERAL MR DOMINIC GRIEVE MP. I sent him a letter late last year asking him if what the Police had said as to how perjury can get dealt with, was correct. After many months of waiting got a reply, not from Grieve but one of his pen pushers. I was told I was asking for legal advice. It completely goes over his head that what I am really asking for, is for him to say that what the police had claimed was correct or incorrect and for him to explain what his duties were over the reporting of perjury. Not asking for legal advice at all.
I replied in my usual forthright way to Grieve again and saying I was not accepting that vacuous reply and wanted an answer from him and not one of his minions. Months later.... still no reply.
THE IPO... I asked them in the same way, to release copies of all emails, letters or records of telephone conversations between them and the Met and Dorset Police Forces. They refused to release all of them but did feed me with a few snippets, a couple of them dating right back to 2004, so did not deal with the important up to date documents. They did show me that even in 2004 they had very negative attitudes to me personally and this was way before I had really started on them. So God knows what they think of me know?
THE INFORMATION COMMISSIONERS OFFICE.I have reported both the Met and the Dorset Police and the IPO for refusing to divulge information I knew they held on me and the goings on between them and the two Police forces. I at this moment am waiting to see what transpires, but as my faith in ALL GOVERNMENT BODIES IS SHATTERED I DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO BE INDEPENDENT AND TO FORCE THESE BODIES TO COUGH UP THE DOCUMENTS. All these so called independent bodies that are supposed to help the Public get answers and Justice against recalcitrant, and corrupt Government bodies, are a sham. They have no teeth at all, not one of them, including the IPCC, so the Police are really a law unto themselves. You simply cannot get anyone to bring them in to line.
KENNETH CLARKE MP. SO CALLED JUSTICE MINISTER. I cannot stand this oaf and never have done and that goes back to the last Conservative Government. He is the epitomeof the fat, oafish, upper class Conservative twits found in numbers in this government. His reply to my first letter was not done by him but the very department that I had complained about. So it was a tainted whitewash. I wrote back in last September to lambast it and I tore it to shreds and I emphasised that I wanted HIM to deal with it and answer it. To date many months down the line and still no answer and I know I will not get one as he hasn't the guts to deal with it as he knows I am right.( This was my reporting that a Judge Hobbs QC was corrupt and the facts surrounding an appeal he heard. This asked for by Busbridge as reported by me in past posts).
THE PARLIAMENTARY OMBUDSMAN. I had reported to them the fact that the IPO had denied me Justice by having several hearings where they denied me this justice and a "Fair Trial" as required by the Human Rights Act. They had also denied me Justice by conniving with the Dorset & Met Police to again allow them to stop investigating the Forgery and Perjury as reported to them by me. Also to denying me the documents I had asked them to provide me. They sent me a long winded whitewash which again denied me the justice I seek.


At the moment I an awaiting what the ICO have to say about the FOIA and the DPA Acts being ignored, but I am not holding my breath. I also await my last complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman about their refusal to divulge all the letters etc as supplied to them by the IPO, when I made my complaint to them about the IPO.

Finally MY LOCAL MP, ONE CHRIS CHOPE. MP's are no better than any of their government departments....all utterly useless and self serving etc etc. I have been asking him for a couple of years now to help me over the myriad of departments I have vainly tried to get justice through. He being an ex lawyer (Aren't they all ex lawyers, these assholes in govenment and probably all were useless lawyers and that's why they went into the soft option of being an MP)should have been able to do this easily. Of course all he wants is an easy life with no effort plus all his perks and expenses etc. He's not interested in his constituents.
He has steadfastly refused to help me and he does this by ignoring all my letters asking for help. I will be reporting him to the Chief Whip who is supposed to deal with such complaints, but again I am not holding my breath.
LASTLY, I have now finished my book on the whole of this story which is called "JUSTICE DENIED" A preliminary copy of my early manuscript of this has been on this blog, but that has been edited several times and added to. SO very soon the finished article will be replacing it and the book will shortly be published. It will go out to every Law Professor in the country AND every Minister who I think is remotely responsible for every department I have complained about. I will include the Prime Minister as well.
It will also go to many people in the media as an example of how people in this country are shat upon by government and that this story is but one of thousands of examples, many of which never see the light of day. How criminals in this country are pandered to whilst law abiding citizens like me are treated with contempt and like criminals ourselves.
It will also go to many people that I think would be interested and who are in positions of power and influence, so could help to strike a blow for all of us who get regularly shat on by the Establishment, whom we pay to keep in existence.

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